4 Of The Best Places To Meet A Wife Material

Are there really best places to meet a wife material? I  got thinking about this question when my cousin was giving her younger brother, John, tips on how to get a good girl since he is seriously thinking of settling down.


places to meet a wife material

Though I have my reservations about her prying into the young man’s affairs, I guess listening won’t cause any harm to him if his head is screwed on right and tight.

You see, the problem isn’t that John is too shy to approach any girl. It is simply a case of lack of time to socialize.

He works hard six days a week as a hands-on supervisor at various construction sites around the city. Evenings, he winds down by going to his favourite club for a beer or two. That is the only time he gets to socialize.

places to meet a wife material

What about Sundays? He stopped going to church a long time ago. So he spends the day doing his laundry and catching up on movies.

His life is simple as you can see. Like a regular clock working perfectly. Basically, he is a prime candidate that needs to be told the best places to meet a wife material.

I didn’t tell him anything that day; mainly because I’d never given the issue a thought. But subsequent days have led me to make a small list of the best places to meet a wife material.

If you have any thoughts on my list, I’d be glad to hear about them in the comments section below.

Church is one Of the best places to meet a wife Material

places to meet a wife material

That was the only place my cousin recommended as one of the best places to meet a wife material.

I was skeptical at first because it didn’t seem proper to start going to church with the aim of looking for a wife. But thinking about it, I guess it wasn’t a bad place to start.

Almost all girls would tell you one of the qualities they look out for in a husband material is a God-fearing man. The nice, homely girls especially.

So by going to church, you’d already ticked that box. But you have to do it regularly until you finally tie the knot; then you can consider reverting back to your default habit of not going to church regularly.

Another thing about going to church to look for your dream girl is that girls tend to be at their best in church. Physically, they dress to look beautiful. Socially they are at their best with a ready smile for you.

After all, this is the house of God; nobody is allowed to be rude. So you can walk up to a lady in church and start a conversation knowing that she’d never be rude to you in church if you behave yourself.

And of course, if you bring your ‘A’ game with you on how to get a girl, you are on your way to getting a nice girlfriend.

A Wake or a Funeral

places to meet a wife material

This is my absolute best place to meet a wife material. For some reason, people are very friendly to each other in a house where somebody just died.

It is truly amazing how even enemies sheath their swords at the home of a bereaved family. Maybe it is because of the fact that we are reminded forcefully about our mortality.

There is nothing like the fact of death to keep a man humble and thoughtful about how everything in life is just transient.

The ladies are even more compliant in this sort of setting. They get so emotional at these occasions. It is even better if they are close to the departed. The closer the better.

Your task is to be that shoulder she can lean on. Console them with all the right words. Basically, you are there for them at a time of need.

I assure you, if you play your cards right, the nice homely girl you met there might one day become your wife.


places to meet a wife material

Wedding are notorious for being a place where you meet girls who are desperate to get married.

At the same time, it is also a place where you can start something with a genuine wife material.

The atmosphere around weddings is about happiness and love and newly weds vowing to love each other forever. In this setting, a nice wife material is psychological primed to give you the time of day.

At the forefront of her mind is the feeling that she won’t mind having this sort of wedding for herself too. And suddenly there you are, all decked in your fine clothes, and with your best manners, sending out the right vibes.

It is a no-brainer. But the stars have to be aligned in your favor though. One important factor is that she must not be in a serious relationship. Nice girls don’t go around dumping their men for a new man on a whim.

Going to see a new born baby

places to meet a wife material

Just like in weddings, visiting the home of a new born baby is one of the best places to meet a wife material.

Granted that you won’t meet as many girls as you’d meet in a wedding, but the atmosphere is just as good. Love is in the air. A loving couple had just been blessed with a lovely child. Everybody is all smiles and happy.

What are the chances the nice girl you coincidentally met there is not seriously wishing she was the lucky mother gushing at the new baby?

Or to put it another way: it is almost a certainty the single girls that come to see the happy couple are also thinking about building a happy and better family.

This is the right time to be confident and insert yourself into her space. Don’t be bullish though. Your manners must be perfect.

I assure you, all things been equal; you’d be walking down the aisle with her in a future that is not too far off.

I know there are other places to meet a wife material. For instance, at conferences and at work. But as far as the best places to meet a wife material are concerned, these are my top four.

So what do you think about my list? If you don’t have any thoughts for now, why not share this on Facebook or Twitter with your friends. They might have a few things to say about this. Who knows, we just might discover the next best thing from all that lively discussion. Cheers.

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