Fashion Tips: Hourglass Shape Dressing Code Tips

The majority of women die to have hourglass figure popularly known as figure 8. We have provided in this article, Hourglass Shape Dressing Code Tips. Women with hourglass shape have bust and hips that are perfectly balanced. Their waist is also magnificently distinct and properly defined.  Hourglass shapes have lightly curved shoulders that are adequately in line with their hips.  As an hourglass shaped woman you have a waist that is clearly defined and elegantly arches away to your hips. Your bottom is rounded and your side is equally beautiful like your front contour. Hourglass body shapes have upper body parts that are in proportion lengthwise with their well formed legs. You are adorned with hourglass body shape and are epitome of beauty. Your body shape is a depiction of equilibrium and harmony from top to bottom. Lucky you!

Hourglass dressing code
Hourglass shape Dressing code tips

Hourglass   Shape Dressing code tips

The major tip to hourglass dressing is to appear proportionally dressed from top to bottom while boosting up your waist. You can show off your waists by wearing broad belts over shirts and dresses. To produce a more curvy effect, add some sort of volume proportionally to your upper body part and as well on your lower body part. Try not to disorganize the proportion and the body equilibrium so as not to ruin your figure while trying to add volume. Since your legs are proportional and perfectly formed, you can try different lengths of skirt.

Hourglass shape dressing Code tips:upper body parts

The following Hourglass shape dressing Code tips will guide you and ensure you always appear in your best dressing.

You need to always go for tops that will emphasize your waist line while at the same time maintaining the proportionate appearance of your shape. Look for:

  • Belted tops.
  • Tops with banding or nipping at the waist.
  • Form-fitting tops.
  • Wrap-style tops.
  • Tailored shirts and jackets.

Your figure is best in form hugging tops. You can further enhance your waist line by using a belt with basic tops: tube tops, knit tops, sleeveless tops; to mention a few.

Tops with that add volume to the bust and shoulders with a snug fitting empire waist create a dramatic hourglass effect when paired with a proportionally voluminous bottom.

Wrap-style tops accentuate your waist and enhance your hourglass figure.

Flowing tops that are banded at the waist, showing off your amazing curves, create a dramatic hourglass effect.

Wear fitted dress shirts with darted waists that conform to your natural shape. Stay away from boxy styles.

Choose either form-fitting jackets or jackets that nip in at the waist with a flare at the hip. The flare should be balanced with a structured or princess shoulder.

Hourglass bottoms dressing code tips

Your hourglass bottom can wear any form of bottom. You need to match them up with the right top. The following tips have been provided as a guide:

  • Wear broad-waisted pants and pencil skirts.
  • Wear skirts that emphasize your great legs
  • Put on Skinny jeans and pants matched up with a balanced top
  • Wear pants that are straight legged and boot cut
  • Cargos or flap pocket jeans paired with a balanced top.

Pants with broad waistband compliment your body shape very well. Match up straight-leg pants with a form floating top or cargos with a jam-packed top to retain your hourglass proportions.

Skinny jeans with band, belt or not-too-tight body floating tops goes well for your body type. Boot cut jeans suits the majority of our suggested tops.

Figure floating and pencil skirts of short, medium or full lengths are nice on your stature. High-waisted skirts are especially suitable. Add a stomp around the bottom to stabilize fuller tops and jackets.

Full skirts are flattering when matched up with a top that adds flavor to your bust and shoulders while emphasizing your waist. This type of appearance produces a very spectacular hourglass result.

Swimsuits Hourglass dressing code tips

The majority of swimsuit types suit your hourglass figure. The solution to

Hourglass dressing code tips is to ensure that any choice you make bales of your proportion. Try the following tips will guide you:

  • Go for tops with straps that sit in the middle of the shoulder.
  • Look for colors and patterns of top that goes with bottom.
  • Balanced rumples, padded clothes and ornamentation can augment your curves.
  • Go for bottoms that cut directly crosswise your hips.
  • Tops without straps or bandeau tops.

Go for strapped tops that assemble in the center of your well proportioned shoulders. Match pad-less tops with plain bottoms and tops that are padded with blown up bottoms.

Bandeau tops are suitable for hourglass shapes. Match simple bottoms with plain bandeau tops or embroidered/windswept tops with blown up/ruffled bottoms.

Wear simple bottoms that cut crosswise your hips with simple tops. They look amazing.

Windswept or blown up bottoms will improve your hourglass figure when matched with equivalent tops.

Sectioned bathing suits with a bind or banded waist will augment your hourglass figure. Ensure you stick with suits that have similar blueprint or color across the bust and hips.

Select tankinis with full top and bottom. Match simple tops with easy bottoms and match full tops with blown up bottoms. Wear matching color across your busts and hips.

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