Why Long Term Courtship is Not Good For Women

Why Long Term Courtship is Not Good For Women

Courtship is a period for both man and woman to get to know one another for a period of time, it’s the period that precede marriage where both of them make use of the opportunity to figure out if it’s going to work between them. Often time we see courtship extending for a period of 3, 4, 5, 6 years and above and at the end of it all, there was no joining of hands in marriage. Why it may be fair for the men, long term courtship is not good for women, the disadvantages of it outweigh its merits.

Long Term Courtship is Not Good For WomenBefore the age long argument, let me make it clear here that I do not support short time relationship as well. Relationship or courtships that span a period of 3 to 6 months even 9 months may not be enough for courtship. The appropriate period for courtship should not be less than a year and at utmost should not be more than two years because at this time, there is nothing your would be husband or wife want you to know that you will not have known. Most characters come out only after marriage but are hidden throughout your courtship period, both man and woman are guilt of this attitude.

Reasons why long term courtship is not good for woman

  1. Women don’t have that much time on their side in courtship and should not be held down by unfulfilled promise by men.
  2. If the courtship could not go according to plan, women suffers the most for it after long term relationship in which, she would have been used and resulting in dumping.
  3. Staying in long term courtship without actual date and plan for your marriage has other side of the story, find out if you man is not cheating on you.
  4. A long courtship going nowhere strips a woman of her dignity and self-esteem. Because she is hoping that tomorrow will persuade him to make an honest woman of her, she shoos off other eligible males. Because she thinks he’d propose at the next valentine dinner, she discourages the real Mr Right.
  5. That your man does not marry you now does not mean you’re not a wife material, he just want to waste your time and beauties thereafter dumb you for younger woman. You can’t remain his plaything forever while he enjoys the best of both worlds – you play wifey at weekends, he plays the field all week.

Ask you man now when is your marriage and be convinced with his answer, lots of hopes have been dashed and lots more are being dashed every day. In order not to reach your side, get convinced if you’re either heading for the altar or the rocks. If can can’t smell any form of seriousness in him, it is time to re-evaluate your presence in his life, cut your losses and take a walk rather than let someone waste away your most charming period of your life where other responsible men are outside waiting for you, the earlier is just the better for you. Most ladies in courtship that cannot guarantee them marriage have an idea of what is it, they are just too afraid to cut loose; you know all that nonsense about ‘where do I start from, how will people look at and all that stuff like that. If you don’t end a bad relationship while time is still on your side, you are liable to end up a lonely touchy old maid.

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