3 Types Of People Never To Take Relationship Advice From

Do relationship advice experts actually exist? Something in the mold of an expert professional driver or like a top nuclear scientist. Are their courses in the University or some sort of school where you go to learn how to give top-rated guaranteed-to work relationship advice to some girl suffering from a heart break?

relationship advice

The answer to the last question is arguably no. As for the first, there just might be experts out there in giving relationship advice. My take is, we are all capable of being good advisers; the trick is to spent a lot of time doing some real introspection about your life and that of friends and family.

Basically, never take any experience for granted.

However I’d definitely never take any sort of advice from a man or woman telling me to come to a hall packed full with other distressed people. You know the type: The motivational speakers and many church pastors.

I can see the flyers. ‘Ladies Night’, ‘Singles Virgil’, ‘Bachelors and Spinsters Soiree’, and what not. These events are normally packed full. I don’t know how any same person could ever belief events like that would solve their emotional short comings.

If you come back five years later to this same events, you’d still meet the same people that were there half a decade earlier. Meaning, five years down the line, they are still stuck in some kind of limbo of their own making.

Suffice it to say, I won’t advice my enemies to solicit for relationship advice from anybody using one religion or the other to validate their pitch. Come on, they are all gimmicks to make you part with money. Money you could invest somewhere, like buying a wonderful gift for the girl you really desire or love.

Guys, brothers, apart from those people using religion to cover their hard-nosed business acumen, never take relationship advice from the following:

Relationship Advice from a Lady

relationship adviceTo be honest, ladies don’t have a clue what it takes to be a guy. Going to them would be just like getting advice from a cannibal on how not to kill and eat a man. And what the bleep are you doing going to ‘your lady friend’ in the first place?

Unless you don’t have grand designs on her (which can be difficult at the beat of times), you cannot objectively listen to her because your mind is seriously bogged down by ulterior motives. Before you know, you might start thinking she must be the best girl to date since she is so smart giving all those wonderful advice.

Besides, she is likely to approach your issue from the point of view of a lady. And you end up hearing all the things you are not doing right. And the many good things you can do for the girl. In other words she is telling you, ‘All the right things you can do for me, the wonderful chick dishing out all these awesome relationship advice to you.’

Relationship Advice from an Ex

relationship adviceThere are people out there who can successfully be good friends with their ex: to the extend of confiding serious emotional issues to them.

Guys, please don’t do that. Apart from the fact she is a woman who knows next to nothing about guy stuff, there is the presumption on her part that she knows everything about you. That is patently false.

And how can you be sure she is not still secretly bitter about the break-up between you two. In her mind she might be thinking, ‘So you want to have a good time with some other girl after ditching me? And you want me to help you out on that? The nerve of it all.’

That thought is never far from her mind. Especially if she is yet to hook up with some other guy. Or if her current relationship is not what she’d hoped for.  Either ways, you’d never be advised properly by her.

relationship adviceMarried Guys

Married people have this all-knowing wise look about them. The worst are those that  got married in that big society wedding that was the talk of the town.

If you are not ready to get married, keep your relationship problems far away from them. All you are likely to get from them is how it’s best for you to quit bachelorhood. You get the distinct feeling they envy your freedom.

It doesn’t matter if they are in good marriages or if their partner is openly cheating on them. All they can offer you are tips on how to join the marriage train and have a wonderful ride with them.

Like I said before, if you are not ready to get hitched, never go to them for relationship  advice.

relationship adviceI guess this is the point where I tell you who to meet to advice you on your issues. Fair enough. The best person is your best buddy. Simple. And please don’t tell me your best buddy is a woman!

But the absolute best relationship advice you can get are from your experiences. Learn from them. Never shy away from getting caught up in emotional issues or awkward moments. How do you think all those relationship advice experts got to be so good?

If you don’t agree with my list or you think I should add more people to that list, tell me all about it here in the comments section. Or click any of our social media icons to take you to our excellent Facebook page and Twitter. You could set me straight there.

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