Best 6 Conversations Starter with Woman Even If You Are a Shy Guy

Best 6 Conversations Starter with Woman Even If You Are a Shy Guy

Have you ever stuck when you’re trying to converse with woman in a date and it makes you look like you got no idea on what next to say to her to keep the conversation going? Maybe not, but it happens to guy especially if you’ve not master the game and you’re trying to get yourself into the conversational master with any woman of your choice.

Best 6 Conversations Starter with Woman Even If You Are a Shy GuyYou know, when you’re in the presence of gorgeous girl, sometimes, you get tongue tied and you begin to wonder how to break that silent moment and be a smooth talker.  Using these best 6 conversations starter will make your conversation really look interesting and not getting bored by your inability to take what you’ve asked her further.

Without much delay, let get into the six magic conversations starter that make you look like a smooth talker even if you’re the shy guy. These words are; ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘why’ & ‘when’. Sound simple? Let’s see how they can help your conversational skill with woman better.

First of all, you should be able to ask her questions about her interest, hubby or school she attended or even games she likes playing either now or when she’s was still in school. Can you do that? Good! I know you can do it, and to help you further with that simple question you could ask her, let take a look at a typical scenario of a shy guy asking a beautiful girl any of the question suggested above.

Here is the shy guy question for the girl, and please take note of how I use the 6 conversations starter with woman to keep the conversation progressing.

The shy guy: Do you love cooking?

The beautiful girl: Yah, cooking is my best hubby.

The shy guy: Are you serious about this?

The beautiful girl: Yes of course.

The shy guy: Hmnnnn (at this point, the shy guy can’t figure out what next to say to keep the conversation going and nervousness begins to show up)

Here is the rescue with the best 6 conversation starter with woman.

Who taught you how to cook?

Where do you learn the cooking?

What is the favourite food you cook?

How do you prepare it?

Why do you even chose cooking as your best hubby?

When are you going to learn cooking local food?

You can see here, how I applied the 6 conversation starter with woman, to make it more interesting, don’t just keep asking the question without you saying one of two thing to whatever she said as the answer to your question. Doing this will not make it look like a question and answer interview but rather a conversation between two lovely people.

It is time now for you to go out there, and show your conversational skill with the beautiful ladies out there.

What do you think about these best 6 conversations starter with woman? Please feel free to comment using the comment box below and don’t forget to share this post using any of the social media icons below. I’ll be waiting for your comment. Cheer!

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  2. Hello Mr Anthony o have learnt a lesson now the problem is that the same girl that I want is Aldo shy so what can I do about that fast update thank you very much

  3. Hello Mr Anthony I have learnt a lesson now the girl that I want is also a shy girl now what should I do about that update me as soon as possible

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