How to be a Fast Flirt and Get a Girlfriend in 5 Steps

Traditional methods of flirting can take too long to get a girlfriend. Discover how to become a fast flirt and get a girl in five easy steps.

1. Know what kind of relationship you want

Before you get too involved with someone, you have to know what kind of relationship you’re looking for. You don’t want to whip out your fast flirt skills on a woman before you know where you want it to go. For example, maybe you are ready to settle down. You use some fast flirt techniques and attract a woman’s attention.

You think everything is great until she tells you that she doesn’t want anything serious. Ouch! When you have an idea of what you want out of a relationship ahead of time, you can better tune your fast flirt techniques to attract a woman who wants the same thing.How to be a Fast Flirt and Get a Girlfriend

2. Know what kind of woman you’re looking for

There are billions of women out there walking this planet. You can’t possibly hope to meet someone and win her heart without knowing what kind of woman you want to meet. There are plenty of fast flirt experts out there that might tell you that when you meet the right person, you’ll just know. Hogwash! You’ve got to have an idea of the woman you want to meet first!

3. Approach the women you are interested in to

Now that you know what kind of relationship you want and what type of woman you want, now you have to go out there and find her! More often than not, guys will meet a woman he’s attracted to, get that fast flirt mojo going, and then realizes he doesn’t want to date her.

Instead of going for any woman who will pay you the time of day, we suggest you approach women you actually like. You’ll find dating to be much more enjoyable this way.

4. Get the girl’s number

When you do approach the woman you like, the most important fast flirt rule is to get her number. This doesn’t mean you should ask for her number right after you make an introduction, but you should ask for her number before you two part ways.

If you meet a girl online, you should always ask for her number before you meet up for the first time. You can tell a lot about a conversation and it may help you decide if there is any chemistry between you two or not prior to meeting.

5. Ask the girl out

So you asked for her phone number and the conversation was going good. Great! Now you can do one of two things—ask her out right then or wait a day or two and ask her out then. Either way, you should always ask her out! The fast flirt technique would say that you ask her out right then, but if you’re a little shy, you can wait a day or two.

If you do go that route, call her up and tell her that you’ve been thinking about her and would love to grab a cup of coffee together. It’s a short date and if everything goes good, you can ask for a second date. If not, you can part ways without wasting too much of each other’s time.

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