5 Signs You’d Find The Right One And Get Married Within A Year

Finding the right one can be as hard as trying to hit the target blindfolded in a game of darts. Hell, it is even hard to hit the bull’s eye with your eyes wide open. The ladies think it is a walk in park for us to get the right girl to marry.

the right one

Apparently, they think for us it is just a matter of picking the nearest available wife material when we decide we are ready. Being ‘ready’ for a guy is the big deal. Deciding when we are ready can be just as complex as quantum physics. Many of us take the easy out and use ‘age’ to give us that last decisive poke to walk down the aisle.

I sometimes wonder why churches and motivational speakers hardly organize events for single men. All we see or hear are announcements about this or that power packed event to help women find the right one within a time frame.

the right oneAnd by gosh, these events are always crowded with beautiful, sultry, women just ready to show some lucky man what a real wife is about.

So that begs the question, if there are so many single girls desperate to settle down, shouldn’t these events be targeted at young men who are apparently scared of just picking one girl and settling down? Go figure.

I think we guys need more of these motivational events to prod us into taking that final decisive step with the lady we somehow decided is the right one. Remember I said picking the right one is almost akin to gambling? Yes, it is a shot in the dark with a huge prayer on your lips.

So, while pastors and motivational speakers are busy praying for our ladies, let me tell you the signs that should convince you you’re ready to settle down within one year tops. All things being equal.

You don’t Care about Dating the Hottest Girl

the right oneSure, a beautiful attractive girl would play a part in that important initial contact. But finding the right one would dispense of beauty as an important criterion.

Don’t be surprised if you start giving more than a passing thought to the girl a few houses down the street who always had a nice smile and a greeting for you anytime your paths crossed. You never bothered about her before because she was, well, not your type.

When you start paying more attention to single ladies like that, you know you are ready to find and hook up with the right one

You’re Ready for the Right one when your Friends are Getting Married

the right oneThis sort of peer pressure is good for you. You don’t even have to be advised by your buddies to leave the bachelor club. You sort of want to do it because it is becoming awkward for you.

You feel the pressure more when you visit your best buddy. You see him paying more attention to his wife and you are like, ‘Must he throw that affection for his wife in my face? Okay, I’ll show him I can get an affectionate wife too.’

That’s how the pressure is applied. Sometimes you get the feeling your married friends are doing these deliberately to shove you into settling down with someone, anyone. Hey, try and make sure she is the right one though. Don’t rush.

You need Somebody to Share your Good News with

That is one powerful motivation to look for the right partner. The kind of person who knows how to celebrate your joys and how to show empathy when the news is not so good.

If she is the first person you call when anything good happens and you feel like blurting it out, then my friend, you better start thinking of organizing that grand wedding you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid. You are likely to get married to her within one year. Unless your financial position is standing in your way.

Which takes us neatly to another important reason you are likely to find the right one in the next 12 months.

You have a Stable Job and Income

Most of the time, this is one of the most decisive factors for men. Of course there are cases when the lady can and would bankroll your life with her as a married couple. But we can’t all be that lucky.

For regular men, getting a good job and stable income is the last piece of the puzzle in finding the right one. You know you are now ready to meet all your responsibilities as a husband and a father.

You are Tired of Hangovers after a Night Out

the right oneWhen you start thinking you need to reset your life and one of the things you are thinking of binning is late night parties, then know you are on the path to looking for the right one. At this point, one of the reasons you love partying is because you are single and are just living the life to the hilt.

Going out is an excuse to meet and hook up with interesting people. If you’re figuring that sort of life is a drag, then brother, that is a short hop to thinking about perhaps getting really serious with that nice quiet sister you see in church every Sunday.

So guys, what do you think? If you have different views or think I left some important variables out, do enlighten me in the comment section below. Remember, you can also continue this discussion on our Twitter handle or Facebook page. Cheers.

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