Delay Motherhood Effect On The Quality of Baby; A Must Read For All Women And Men Who Love Them

Delay Motherhood Effect On The Quality of Baby; A Must Read For All Women And Men Who Love Them

Not everyone is lucky enough to get into marriage at the earlier part of their life, especially at the early age of 20 to 25 years. Some love to get married early but the economic situation of the country is hampering that possibilities, while some love to get older to some certain age before getting married. At the same time, most ladies get worried after the age of 25 years when not married.

Delay Motherhood Effect On The Quality of BabyThe fact remain that, majority of women love to have babies early so that, there will be more time to nurture their babies when growing up from childhood to their adolescent age and then progressing to the early adult life.

For every female, there are millions of eggs in them at the early age when they have not reached the puberty and started their menstrual period.

Immediately they get to the puberty stage and the menstrual period started, the numbers of eggs will begin to reduce.

What this mean is that, when you start menstruating which is normal biological process every female will go through when the age is right, the numbers of egg inside of you will begin to reduce as you menstruate every month.

By the time women reach their puberty stage and start menstruating, half a million of the eggs would have gone through menstruation. And as women are growing older, the qualities of the eggs in them get reduced.

Please note: The numbers of eggs you have do not equate the quality of eggs you have in your ovary. It is just that, as you grow older, the quality of the eggs you carry will be on the decline as a result of the processes your body is going through and more importantly, what you do, what you eat and the environment you live in. All of these have effect on the quality of eggs you carry in your ovary.

Don’t be dismay, as there are things you can do to improve the quality of eggs in your ovary. I will reveal them in this post before you finish reading it.

Your eggs is as old as your age, the remaining eggs will stay inside the ovary until they are activated by hormone and release during the monthly menstrual cycle.

The eggs of a 20 years old woman are of better quality and freshness when compared with that of 35 years old woman. The better the quality and freshness of the egg, the more easily fertilization will occur on them.

A better quality eggs will be able to respond to the hormone that triggers ovulation when trying to conceive. If your eggs are low in quality, the possibility of the egg to develop internal defect is on the high side, and this defect can make pregnancy a complicated issues.

Should if pregnancy occurs, the following complication might be an outcome.

  1. Miscarriage,
  2. Abnormal growth,
  3. Premature birth,
  4. Down syndrome,
  5. High blood pressure & gestational diabetes,
  6. Complicated delivery which may be in form of excessive bleeding and prolong labour.

How to boost your fertility and increase the quality of the eggs you carry in your ovary

There is no doubt about the effect of ages on the quality of eggs, but the fertility can be greatly improved which will allow you to have better quality eggs and increase your chances of delivery a healthy and happy babies.

Here are what you need to do to boost your fertility;

  1. Eat food that are reach in folic acid (Vitamin C)
  2. You need to quit smoking cigarettes if you do smoke.
  3. Put your weight under check and ensure you exercise regularly.
  4. Ensure you avoid exposure to environmental toxins and pesticides
  5.  The amount of alcohol and caffeine you take must be greatly reduced.
  6. Ensure you manage any health conditions you may have; conditions like; diabetes, hypertension and thyroid diseases.
  7. Don’t run away from frequent sex, in fact, have it more frequently.
  8. Tracking your ovulation and taking advantage of your “fertility window,” which is two weeks before the first day of your menstrual period.
  9. Stress is very dangerous, ensure you greatly reduce its level. [Please read; Safety checklist; A new and expecting mom’s best friend]

Fertility does not involve only you, there has to be a partner involves, so let your partner also take note of the aforementioned list above to boost your fertility which will also give his sperm more quality to fertilize your eggs.

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