Tests Every Woman Must Do Before Marrying Any Man Part 2

Different people have their own definition or opinion about marriage. For me what matters is not the definition. What matters much is that at the long run, a man and a woman destined for each other  is able to meet, relate and  finally get joined together in a marital union as a family.  Before marrying any man, it is very essential to be well informed and be fully prepared for the challenges of married life. Unless you are fully prepared, it won’t be long before you meet with serious challenges.

marrying any man
Marrying any man

Marriage entails coming together of two people with entirely different characters, behaviors, likes and dislikes

Yet, for the sake of the love they have for each other they chose to live together in conjugal union. It is therefore, not a child’s play but a very serious thing that needs serious preparation.

To get you fully prepared, we have provided these pre- marriage tests to help you check if you are making the right decision. Follow this link to read the first batch of the article.

 4. Your true husband must not be inflexible

The man that truly loves you must be ready to shift ground or compromise when necessary. The spirit of marriage should not be to get the other partner to follow and do things your own way but to work together as a team in everything to discover what is best for the both of you. Before marrying any man, check that he passes this flexibility test.

He must be ready to drop his desire and wish if it will not be to the good of the both of you and accept that which is contrary to his will, desire or wish because it is going to be to the best interest of the both of you. Your real husband is also humble enough to accept his mistakes and apologize when necessary.

For all these to be possible there must be true love and a deep and profound respect for you. On the contrary a man who must go his way for any type of relationship to be established is likely not your man.

For a healthy relationship to be achieved, there must be flexibility to ensure that the needs of both of the partners are met. Everything doesn’t have to be according to the idea of a partner or his timing but must be resolved and established through dialogue.

5. Before marrying any man,  check that he knows your real worth and respects it:

Sirach 36:24-25: “When a man marries, he gets the finest thing he will ever have-a wife to help and encourage him. A man who has no wife is a sighing wanderer”

He knows that you are a gift God has given to him to assist, help and encourage him and would value you greatly. If the last time your man complimented you was the day you first met, then he is a guy who does not value you the way you deserve.

It doesn’t not mean that a man would be falling all over himself to compliment you, but he ought to show signs that he is proud to be yours and through unmistaken terms show this to you every now and then.

If your guy values your opinions, praises your character, celebrates your achievements, pays attention to details, and even accommodates your odd habits, then you’ve got a man whose heart has been stolen fast and hard by you.

Therefore, a man who truly loves you would tolerate your characters that he doesn’t like so much and help you to grow into a better person both physically, spiritually, behaviorally and academically.

He is willing to do everything in his power to see to it that you become the best you could be in all ramifications.

A man who truly loves you would through his union with you – mind, spirit and body, works with you to ensure the best in you is harnessed, nurtured, trained and developed to the best it could be.

A healthy relationship is based on identifying the good in the other and making him or her feel proud and good about it. This is natural to the feeling of love.

If your potential mate does such things, the only reason is that he is not into you but only fooling you around. If you don’t allow him to go and move on with your life, you would be giving him the permission and certificate to obstruct you from getting to your true love!

6. A man who is truly in love with you would stop getting text from other girls

Girls only text guys that text them back, right?

So,  if they are no more texting, it means that he too has stopped texting.

A close friend of mine at one time had a girl who kept texting him late at night when he’d already developed feelings for another girl.

He had to muster courage to tell her to stop. Although, he confessed that it a hard decision to take but he had to because he actually loved the new girl.

So, before marrying any man, check that he doesn’t have another girl he is servicing out there.

When your guy is in love he would reply your text messages in seconds.

You just texted him “hey honey, where are you?” and within seconds, you got the answer with the full address of his location, who he is with and when he is returning.

He then caps it up with; “I miss you’ which is very much welcomed.  The only reason why he could reply to you that fast is that he loves you.

That guy is actually on fire for you and can’t take his eye off his phone because he always wants to hear from you. He respects you and treats you with a lot of respect. Check to ensure that your guy passes this test before marrying any man.

He doesn’t value other girls as much as he values you. You’re the last person he speaks to or texts at night. If he loves you, you’d be the first and last thing on his mind every time he wakes up in the morning or goes to sleep at night because communication is a key to a thriving and lasting relationship. Before marrying any man ensure that he loves you to the point of being completely engrossed with taught about you and that he passed this test.

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