Nigerian Wedding Song Choices to play on your Wedding Day

How much do you love music and how much do you love Nigerian music? Do you have any idea of some Nigerian wedding song choices you can play at your wedding?

One thing that makes a wedding ceremony interesting is music and also the choice of music you select for your wedding.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mix of some very cool Nigerian songs played at your wedding?

It would interest you to know that your choice of songs for your wedding is really important as it sets the tone at your wedding.

If the songs played at your wedding are boring, your guests and the atmosphere will also be boring but if your choice of songs is interesting and lively, people will be full of life.

This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the songs you select before your wedding day.

One thing you will gain from reading this article is knowing the various Nigerian wedding song choices you can make and can be played on your wedding day.

They are:


Nigerian Wedding Song Choices to play on your Wedding Day

Guess who sang this song? Yes! Banky W.

I am so much in love with this song for not just its lyrics but everything about it.

It is a song that can make me move my feet anytime I hear it. It is well sang and properly articulated.

It is one Nigerian wedding song amongst others that your guests would love to listen to and also dance to.

It is equally a great dancing song for the couples getting married.

Psquare’s No one like you:


Nigerian Wedding Song Choices to play on your Wedding Day


This Nigerian wedding song is ideal for any wedding ceremony. Its lyrics are exclusive to lovers and would be a perfect song to usher in the couple at the reception party.

Psquare’s I love you song:

What better day to play this song than on your wedding day. The lyrics alone are enough to express how the couples feel for each other.

I would say that this is indeed one of the best tracks you can play on your wedding day as it explains the reason people are gathered together.

If you’re looking for some really fast pace Nigerian wedding jams to play, here are some choices you can select from:

Skelewu by Davido:

This is a fast moving song sung by our very own.

There are times in a wedding where couples have to dance to slow music and also times they need to really move their bodies. This song is one they can dance to.

Another of such is Godwin by Korede Bello.

We all know how popular this song has become and how frequently it is played in weddings. It is also fast pace and can be danced to by all.

Also, Personally by Psquare is a cool and fast moving song both guests and couples can step to.

Timi Dakolo’s Iyawo Mi:

Nigerian Wedding Song Choices to play on your Wedding Day (2)

This Nigerian wedding song has resonated so much in Nigerian weddings conducted nowadays.

It’s perfect for the couple’s first dance on the dance floor and a declaration of love.

Just imagine looking into your spouse’s eye and holding each other’s arms while dancing to this tune. This song is sure to light up the love or spark you feel for each other.

Tosin Martins Olomi:

This Nigerian wedding song is also a song that talks about love. This song can be played when the couples want to dance because of its slow rhythm.

Friends and well wishers can also join the couple in dancing to this song.

Davido’s Aye:


Nigerian Wedding Song Choices to play on your Wedding Day (3)

For fans of Davido, I am sure you’ll agree with me that this particular track of his is ideal for a wedding ceremony.

Its main theme is that of love, it is pleasing to the ears and can be danced to.

Nigeria is blessed with talented singers so when next you’re piling up your wedding song list, do consider some of these wedding songs.

Which of these Nigerian wedding songs did you play at your wedding?

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