Wedding Suit Style and Colour: which of these would you rock?

For a groom to be, your wedding suit style speaks volume about you and your personality. On your wedding day, attention is fixed on you and your appearance matters a lot. This is why a lot of importance has to be placed on your wedding suit style and colour. But before going shopping for your suit, it is necessary to first know what you want. Since there are lots of wedding suits and various designs, you would have to decide what exactly you want.  Are you aware that there are different colours of wedding suits? Aside the occasional black coloured wedding suits we normally see men wear in weddings, new innovations have actually come up as grooms now style themselves in other colours of suits.

In this article, we are going to dwell on the types of wedding suit style there are and also the various colours that are available.

Wedding Suit Style:

The Black Wedding Tuxedo:

Wedding Suit Style

This tuxedo is just like the normal black suit which can be worn on your wedding day. It can also be used even after your wedding. With a bow tie and a white shirt, you should look just lovely in this tuxedo.

Italian Wedding Suits:

Wedding Suit Style (2)

This wedding suit style is unique due to the features it has. The white colour on the flap gives it a cool look and the red waist coat gives it an extra look you’ll want to have on your wedding day.

Designed Wedding Tuxedo:

Wedding Suit Style (3)

I particularly like this wedding suit style for its colour combination. The white colour mixed with the black colour is simply awesome. It’s so detailed that the colour of the bow tie, flap, button, and pocket complement the overall white colour of the suit. This white wedding suit is rare as you hardly see men wear it on their wedding day. I once attended a wedding ceremony and the groom wore a white wedding suit; it looked so different compared to the usual black colour suit we always see. This groom particularly looked smart and sharp. If you decide to not follow the bandwagon, then go for this wedding suit style.

Stand Collar Grey Wedding Suit:

This grey coloured wedding suit is also good looking. With a matching tie and a cream coloured waist coat, you are good to go.

New Style Grey Suit:

This is another well designed grey wedding suit which comes with a purple tie. As you can see, its waist coat is the exact same colour as the colour of the suit. One thing I love about suits is that you can alternate the colours of the tie. You can choose to make use of different colours of ties for a distinct look.

Dark Grey/ Blue Wedding Suit:

Wedding Suit Style (4)

I so love this wedding suit style. Its colour mixture is one of a kind. Its lines are symmetrically designed to accentuate the entire look of the suit. The bow tie is also mixed with both colours.

Simple Navy Blue Suit:

This simple easy look wedding suit is just okay for someone who just wants something formal. It has a dotted tie which complements the colour of the suit.

Off white wedding suit:

Wedding Suit Style (5)

This off white wedding suit is also not commonly worn by men. I love the way the dotted bow tie match with the belt and the patterned shirt worn inside makes it stand out from other suits.

Shawl Collar Blue Wedding Suit:

This wedding suit style is equally cool and mixed with little details of black; it does make a fashion statement.

These wedding suit styles are various options you can choose from to finally make that all important decision of your life. Choose what works best for you and looks good on you. What makes a wedding suit stand out is its style and colour so choose wisely.

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