5 Top Reasons Women Cheat From A Woman’s Perspective

The way I see it, Yvonne is the perfect girl to ask if I wanted answers to why women cheat on their partners. I honestly can’t presume to know how the minds of women work. They so are complicated to folks like me. Yvonne is the kind of girl you can boldly say has being there and done that.

In other words, she has seen it all.

women cheat

We are close in a very strange sort of way. Strange because, we are not having an affair in spite of the fact she is dead drop attractive and sexy.

As far as she is concerned, men cheat on their partners because they just want to get laid. All the reasons we men give are just subtexts to the main heading of just wanting to get laid she insisted. To her, men are rather simple when it comes to what motivates them.

Women on the other hand, don’t do it lightly. Yvonne is talking about the average women here. She concedes that some women can be as bad as the men folks. But on the average, why women cheat is much more complicated. And is not just about getting laid.

I think I should leave it to Yvonne, my resident expert to lay it out for us.

Reasons Women Cheat

women cheat1. Women cheat due to lack of attention and intimacy

‘I know this sounds like the kind of excuse men give to cheat. Generally most reasons women cheat can be applied to men. But the difference is that, for us, it is not an excuse. It is real.”

You guys can be mean. You neglect us for a long time without any reason at all. Chances are you are out there having a ball while you expect us to just bear it.”

We need to be touched from time to time. We need to be reminded we are beautiful. And when that is missing from our partners, the probability of looking for somebody else to get intimate with becomes higher.”

2. Revenge

“The revenge thing happens if we catch our man cheating on us. But even so, it takes a brave girl to actually cheat to get back at her man. And when we finally do it, after along time planning it, it is with somebody we feel something for. ”

The average women just doesn’t saunter into a bar, catch the eye of any random guy and take him home to get laid. That is a guy-thing.”

And the truth is that, we hardly ever feel better afterwards. But on some level, we feel a bit of satisfaction. However, the guilt stays with us for a long time. That is why I advise my friends not to cheat if they can’t handle the guilt.”

women cheat3. Women cheat to get good sex

“You know what, good sex is hardly at the top of a woman’s priority check list. For you guys, the bottomline is to stick it in a hole and get off. That is what good sex means to you.”

For a woman, unless she had had good sex before in her life to know what she is missing, she won’t be bothered about cheating on her partner because of sex. Generally, you guys suck at sex.”

But if she had a taste of it before, she might become tempted to do it again. Just to experience that heavenly feeling that comes with a good orgasm.”

4. Financial independence and Power

women cheat“This is the main reason women cheat on their partners. There is this almighty feeling of power and confidence when you have your own money. And you can do just about anything.”

Haven’t you noticed that one thing all cougars have in common is lot of money? Money is a big aphrodisiac for women, especially those who had lived a long time financially dependent on some insensitive man.”

For a women, lurking underneath that soft radiant exterior is a constant fascination with the idea of dominating a man in ways only us can possibly imagine. Only money and power can help us live out that fantasy.”

5. Self-esteem

women cheatWhat you guys don’t know is that many of us suffer from low self-esteem. I suppose when you see the exterior beauty and charms, it never crossed you mind it is just a nice cover for a psyche full of self-doubt.”

Women cheat on their partner with a man they feel makes them whole again. A man who gives them confidence about themselves. A man who can make them lose that feeling of insecurity. Maybe it is our own way of saying ‘thank you’ to the man before heading back to our real partner.”

All that sounded suspiciously like the reasons men cheat. Yvonne reminded me again that these are genuine reasons why women cheat. Not just because they want get laid. It still felt like splitting hairs to me though.

If you feel the same way like me, please help me tell Yvonne and some girls out there that in the final analysis, women are not so different from men. Drop your comment on our Facebook page or Twitter. We also welcome your thoughts on the comments box below. Cheers.

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