What Type Of Girlfriend Do You Have As A Lover?

I get asked this question a lot: can the type of girlfriend you have be a reflection of your personality? Unfortunately, there is no ‘one-answer-fit-all‘ for this important question.

type of girlfriend

Studies have shown that the types of girls dudes are attracted can be traced to their experiences in life. Not in all cases though. But for the most part, we men tend to want girls that fit certain unconscious criteria.

Some of these criteria include going after girls that remind us of our mothers; and on the other side of the coin, avoiding girls who remind us of our mother; sometimes what we look out for is a girl with the characteristics of a beloved film or entertainment icon.

Some guys have no specific boxes to tick before being with a girl. They just hang out with anything in skirts. To them, one girl is just as good as the next.

For guys like that, the type of girlfriend they end up with cannot be predicted at all. They are a class apart.

However, for most of us, the type of girlfriends we end up with must meet certain prerequisites. In that respect, one can boldly say, yes, you can judge a man by the type of girlfriend he takes as a lover.

This though is not a judgment on men’s personality and their predilection when it comes to girls. It is about the types of girlfriend you find in any relationship.

Read on to see which category your girlfriend falls into.

The shadow

type of girlfriend

This type of girlfriend leaves no one in in doubt you are her man. She is with you anywhere you go. If that is not possible, she would closely monitor you movement remotely.

It is not beyond a girl like this to put a GPS tracker in your phone and on your car. She has to know where you are at any one time.

Their attitude could he suffocating. But maybe the reason some dudes end up with them is simply because they need somebody like that in their lives.

The controller

type of girlfriend

Some might refer to them as psycho girlfriends. She is the type that wants to have a say in everything you do.

She checks your phones for texts and messages you get from people. Your browser history too is trawled with a fine comb. With girlfriends like this, a cleared browser history or deleted messages on phones drives them insane with suspicion and jealousy.

If your girl is like the controller, what dudes like me would love to know is how you manage to stay in that relationship. I know I would find a way to break up at the first sign my girl exhibited such habit.

The loose type of girlfriend

type of girlfriend

They are the female version of playboys. Call them ‘playgirls’ if you wish.

The big puzzle is why they bother to have boyfriends since they like sampling any dude they find interesting.

You might think, given their lifestyle, they would be okay with open relationships. Hell no! They would take you to the cleaners and back if you dare hang out with another girl.

They believe, in a funny sort of logic, that they have the exclusive right to cheat without diluting the love they have for you. Unfortunately, some guys buy that logic. Weird isn’t it?

The laissez-faire girlfriend

type of girlfriend

She is the quintessential cool, calm and collected lady. Even a tornado would find it hard to ruffle her.

However, her laid back attitude has several draw backs. She might be very dispassionate when you need passion at certain times. Or she might not show the seriousness required in certain situations.

With her, the pace of the world is a non-issue. She has her own personal clock. Nobody can rush her to do things. Basically, she does things her way all the time.

Some men wouldn’t mind a girl like that though. At least you can trust her never to lose her head and collapse with hysteria in dire situations like many girls I know.

Ready-made housewife

type of girlfriend

From the first time you started dating her, she would take charge of your home the way her mother does. She would leave you in no doubt that she is a classic wife material.

She is the kind of girl that would become best buddy with your mum just to get tips on how to take care of you.

We all know the type don’t we? She does the dishes, goes to market, does your laundry and cleans up the apartment. Generally, she’d make life easier for you.

All this type of girlfriend wants from you is to come to your senses and marry so she can live her dreams of being a perfect wife. Officially.

The alternate mother

type of girlfriend

This one is almost like the ready-made wifey. As a matter of fact, they are interchangeable.

The alternate ‘mother-girlfriend‘ is your mom with an added benefit. You get to sleep with her.

Now think of how your mom treats you. With this type of girlfriend, the love for you is unconditional. Warts and all.

She doesn’t want anything except to care for you. She’d cook your meals; make sure you brush your teeth; remind you to be good as you live home for work; and even take it upon herself to decide what you wear at any given time.

In short, dating her is a throwback to your childhood.

The before-and-after girlfriend

type of girlfriend

I am sorry to say many men fall for this type of girlfriend all the time.

Before she became your girlfriend officially, she took the time to make herself nice and pretty. She’d observed every social etiquette perfectly. She seemed like the perfect girl.

But after she has successfully worked her way into the life of a man, she becomes a totally different animal.

All the bad habits she’d conceal would now be her default habits. These habits could include laziness she hid from you, a knack for eating all kinds of junk as food and ignoring her looks.

Some men would say they love the girl the way she is. But that is a load of nonsense as far as I am concerned. I won’t be surprised if the rate of cheating among such men is high.

Let’s face it, if your girlfriend is this type, you have being scammed.

I am the man

type of girlfriend

This type of girlfriend is most likely a gym buff. She doesn’t do the gym routine because she wants to keep fit. No way.

Her attitude is dominant. So the gym thing is simply a means to build up her strength so she can do manly stuff.

She doesn’t need you around to do the heavy lifting in the house. And of course, because she is also most likely stronger than you; she would intimidate you with her strength into a whimpering fool if you dare cross her.

The good thing though is that she is very fit and you’d have no complaints about excess fats in her body. Another plus is, her commitment to the gym might encourage you to register with a gym too. Now, how can that not be a good thing?

So what type of girlfriend are you currently dating? Or would you say your girlfriend is the perfect type? Tell us why you think she is perfect in the comment section below.

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