7 Signs She Completely Controls You In The Relationship

If or when you cede power to a girl in a relationship, three things might happen. Firstly, she completely controls you.  Secondly, she might use that power judiciously to make the relationship work.

she completely controls you

There is the third group who might not know how to use that power. That is rare though. Because, consciously or unconsciously, most people love power and tend to use it for good or evil.

Wrapping you around her little finger is another way of saying she completely controls you in the relationship. How that happens has a lot to do with your character and how your self-esteem.

A dude with a highly developed self-esteem would hardly find himself in that situation. Most often though, what leads to this unfortunate situation is you are desperate about getting into a relationship.

In which case, when you finally get the girl you desire, you’d do everything in your power to make sure you don’t lose her.

That attitude is a poison chalice that never ends well for anybody I have known. The long and short of it is that the girl would take advantage of you in different ways.

So, here are the signs to know she completely controls you or she’s got you wrapped around her little finger.

Signs She Completely Controls You

You seek permission before doing anything

she completely controls you

Like an employee who lacks initiative or cannot work without supervision, you are always seeking approval from her before you do something.

Because you desperately seek her approval and are scared of losing her, you tend to use the words, ‘Is it OK if I do…..’ You can insert any words to complete that statement.

You see, a self-assured guy would never do that. It is either he is going to do it or not. That depends on how reasonable her requests are.

Asking for her permission before you do anything is a sure way for her to think you are not man enough for her.

Nothing is too much to do for her

she completely controls you

If you find yourself unable to say ‘No‘ to your girlfriend no matter how ludicrous her demands are, then she’s got you completely wrapped around her little finger.

The is a situation where it is safe to say that your common sense had disappeared.

Trust me, if you give in to all her demands, there won’t be a limit to the things she’d ask you to do. She knows she can get away with anything. She’ll keep on exploring the limits of her control on you.

The bottom line is that you would be made to do humiliating things. Of course, only concerned friends and family are in a position to tell you the rut you are in.

You would believe anything she tells you

she completely controls you

Because she completely controls you, she knows she’d get away with anything. You would believe anything she tells you.

She might even tell you stuff like she loves you more than her mother. Now, that is one thing a reasonable dude never expects to hear from his girl.

However, since she completely controls you, her words are gospel truths to you even if they are blatant lies. The audacity of the lies are just meant to control you more.

You would tolerate any melodrama from her

she completely controls you

It is normal with girls to get into a situation that completely confuses us men. That is why understanding women is one of the world’s holiest Grail.

You could be laughing and having a good time with a girl and the next minute her mood changes in the opposite direction. If she completely controls, you’d put up with that nonsense all the time.

For a guy in your position, you’d be thinking it’s all your fault she is putting up that attitude. You would take it with bowed head and even beg her to tell you how you can make everything right.

A guy in charge would either leave her alone, walk out in disgust or give her a deserved talking to. He just won’t tolerate any useless drama from her.

Her calls and texts are more important than anything

she completely controls you

I see this again and again and it makes me sad. So many men have lost their mojo to domineering girls.

This reflects in how you treat her calls to you. First of all, you assign a special ring tone to her. When she calls, you drop whatever you are doing and rush to answer. Something you don’t do for others.

If unfortunately you missed her call, you immediately call back because you are scared of her. The same thing applies to text messages from her. You immediately reply no matter how innocuous her message is.

You are at her beck and call

she completely controls you

Picture these two scenarios: you are with your guys having a nice chat about things that matter, a call or text from her saw you rushing out to meet her wherever she is; leaving you friends unceremoniously.

Or, You are having an important meeting at your work place or doing something important at work, her call comes in. You create an elaborate lie, then rush out of the office to meet her.

These two situations can get replicated in so many other ways. It just boils down to the fact that she completely controls you.

She talks about other guys unceasingly

she completely controls you

In a normal relationship where their is mutual respect, you girl would never talk about her troubles with other men non-stop.

She would only do that to you if she completely controls you because she is acutely aware you won’t do anything about it.

The worst case scenario for you is you might not even see anything wrong with your girl talking too much about the other men in her life.

So are you in this sort of situation? Remember, this power play by your girl is mostly as a result of your inability to put things in proper perspective.

It is always dangerous to fall in love when you are not ready psychological. Letting her completely control you is one of the fall-outs of being psychological immature for a relationship.

The overt reason is of course the fact you are scared of losing her. And you think you can never get another girl as beautiful or as apparently wonderful as her.

That is patently false of course. Just get you game on and you can do anything I promise you.

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