Wanton Girl: 3 Reasons You Can’t Help Falling For Her

That full throaty laugh that seemed to bubble from deep within her core might have attracted you to her in the first place. The laugh that promised a lot including visions of you two alone in a idyllic Island paradise. She had everything that excited all your lustful dreams. The perfect girl for a night in a Las Vegas motel. But she is the classic wanton girl.

wanton girl

The word wanton sounds ancient. It is the kind of word that should be expunged from the English dictionary. In this age of political correctness, wanton girl or woman is not a pleasant word to use. At least in my view. In my mind wanton girl is irrevocably linked with James Hadley Chase’s ‘Eve.’

It is the story of a wannabe writer who dug a mighty hole and fell in as he became entangled with a wanton girl named Eve. There are several words used to describe such women: slut, lewd, promiscuous, shameless, wayward. To be fare though, you can apply the words on men too. In spite of those derogatory words, men fall for women like that all the time.

I fell for a girl like that once. I cannot guarantee it won’t happen happen.

The first time I saw Dami, I knew given the time, I would have an affair with her. I got the time and I fell for her and fell so bad I even thought she was the one I would spend the rest of my life with. She came complete with that amazing wild, deep, throaty laugh. The twinkle in her eyes challenged me to be a man and be bold.

Those eyes did things to me and  I wanted to prove to her I was worthy of those eyes. As usual, I got emotionally battered. It had nothing to do with money. With girls like that, it is never about the money even though you get to waste the stuff trying to get them under your control.

We parted because I had to leave town. I think leaving town was the only way I could have survived that affair with my head still screwed on right.

However, given the opportunity again, I can’t say for sure I’d do things differently. Wanton women have that sort of effect on guys. And the question now is, knowing all that about them, why do we keep falling for them as if our lives ain’t worth it until they are completely ours.

See what I think, and tell me how you think about that in the comments section. Alternatively let’s meet on Twitter or Facebook and see if we could save a poor soul or two from wanton girls.

The Thrill Factor

wanton girlWe men are by nature adventurous and we love to try out new things that are necessarily safe. And a woman who dares that spirit in us is basically appealing to our basic nature. We feel a sort of kinship with women like that.

We’d love to know why they are so different from how we knew (or thought we knew) girls are supposed to be. I mean, who is this female playing in the exclusive territory of men? So you sort her out. The more you are with her, the more you discover she’s like an onion.

So many layers to peel off. Each layer inviting you to or daring you to take a peek at the next layer. The thrill of finding out what lies underneath each facet of her personality keeps you helplessly enthralled with her.

A wanton girl is a classic trophy

wanton girlThere is something I would never forget about my time with Dame. I liked showing her off to anybody. At the time, I though I was doing it as my way of showing how much I loved her. But with the perspective that comes when we put quite a distance between ourselves and a dicey situation, I realized I was just showing her off as my prized possession.

The trophy I won that all others had tried and failed.

The sad part for us poor sods is this: the harder you work to win your trophy girl, the harder you’d be forced to work to keep her by your side always. Reason is chucked out of your existence as far as your affair with her is concerned. You might even part ways with your best friend if he dared told you the truth about the kind of miserable hole you’d dug for yourself.

Our need to Dominate

wanton girlI don’t know about women, since am not one. For men, one of the things that keeps us going is the need to be the best. To subdue everything in front of us. To be masters of our environment and we never stop until we achieve that.

For a man, life is a series of unending battles against new problems, some of which we create for ourselves.

A wanton woman, brings out that desire to dominate. To conquer.To solve. Apart from the fact that men desire beautiful women, it tickles us no end if apart from her beauty, we see a battle that needed to be won. A pretty charming woman would bring out that war instinct in us and by the time we discover she is a wanton girl, it is already too late. We are already neck deep trying to unravel her.

I think foremost psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud dedicated most of his work to understanding that sad fact about men in general. When you meet your wanton girl (there is a wanton girl for every men. Consider yourself lucky if you never meet yours), nothing under the sun is going to stop you from making an almighty fool of yourself. Nothing.

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