Guys, Never Put Up With A Girl Who Disrespects Your Apartment

Your apartment is your sanctuary. The place you feel the safest. The only place you molded to reflect your character. So, any girl who disrespects your apartment is practically hitting a button that is very sacrosanct to you.

 Girl who disrespects your apartment

Generally, dudes love to make girls feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit. And they expect her to show decorum and be at her best behavior all the time. But how about a girl who disrespects your apartment because she is too comfortable?

Do you put up with such a habit and gently (or forcefully) prod her into changing her ways? That could be the best approach in a perfect world. But, a girl like that didn’t become the way she is overnight.

It is highly possibly the underlying reason the girl disrespects your apartment owes much to a lifetime of bad behavior; a lifetime of friends and family putting up with all sorts of nonsense from her.

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why not read some of the reasons you should never tolerate a girl who disrespects your apartment all the time.

Girl who disrespects your apartment was badly brought up

 Girl who disrespects your apartment

All kids can relate to this: our mothers freaking out because we did not tidy the room before rushing out to play with friends. Or our mothers simply telling us about the huge consequences of not keeping a neat house.

We all relate to that aspect of growing up. We must have hated it then. But with hindsight, those were some of the things that made us the responsible adults we are today.

A girl who disrespects your apartment likely never heeded her mother’s advice or was the product of bad parenting.

So, it is unlikely you’d be able to change her especially if she is headstrong or believes she’s got you wrapped around her little finger.

With a girl like that, having her for a girlfriend would mean picking up after her all the time. Sooner or later, you’d snap and the consequences can be awful.

She is unlikely to make a good spouse

 Girl who disrespects your apartment

Seriously, if a girl cannot do something as easy as keeping a house tidy, what are the chances that other aspects of her life are organized?

The short answer to that is, ‘Highly unlikely.’

And if that is the case, you are starring at a girl who is wife material. This is not rushing to judgment.

The fact is, girls are generally at their best behavior before they get married. So perhaps, disrespecting your apartment is her idea of not doing anything wrong.

In which case, be rest assured that under that beautiful body, there is a whole mess of wrong things waiting to be unleashed on you once you get hitched to her permanently.

She would constantly embarrass you

Girl who disrespects your apartment

At this point, you understand the point about a girl who disrespects your apartment is about making a clean break from her, right?

Well, I won’t pray for the affair to evolve to that point where your friends or family come visiting. And she is supposed to be the hostess.

Perhaps, her manners would win them over at first. But with girls like that, the telltale signs are always around everywhere. The bathroom could be dirty. She hides dirt under the chairs. Don’t even talk about the state of the kitchen after she prepares a meal for you or your visitors.

The list of the number of ways you’d be embarrassed by her attitude is endless. Just because she doesn’t think your apartment is worth her time.

I bet your family and friends would give you an earful when they have the opportunity.

Her carelessness can have dire consequences

 Girl who disrespects your apartment

I guess if you are unfortunate to fall in love with a girl like that, you might decide to hire a maid to help you organize your home.

Here is the thing though; this is a girl who disrespects you apartment constantly. Even if the house help puts thing right all the time, what about things that cannot be put right?

For instance, she could inadvertently misplace or destroy important office documents because that is how she rolls. Even expensive gadgets can easily be destroyed by her because she doesn’t care enough for your things.

At a point, the cost of having a girl like that would become just too much even for an angel.

You are always worried

 Girl who disrespects your apartment

There are few things in life as awesome as knowing that you can leave home for work knowing that your girlfriend would take proper charge of the home.

If your girl disrespects your apartment, that kind of joy would never be a part of your life. You would always be worried about what she is up to while you are not home.

As a matter of fact, the idea of living her all alone at home fills you with dread and a sense of impending disaster.

As a man struggling to make something of yourself, you simply don’t want that kind of stress in your life.

So, there it is. That is my hatchet job on girls who have no inkling on how to take care of the home. I have the feeling I didn’t even do a good job of it.

The bottom line though is this; any girl who disrespects your apartment in anyway is not worth your time. Just give her a wide berth. You are better off without a girlfriend.

So, feel free to comment on this issue. Tell us your experiences with girls who won’t lift a finger to keep your apartment tidy.

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  1. nice one! wat of a close friend coming to pay pay visit whenever u give her call but she is engange with someone else, she always feel comfortable whenever you guys are together but note nothing is going on btwn you guys! so my question is that as a guy will you continue watching her or charting with her whenever she come over to your side?

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