From Mountains to Oceans – Five Active Multi-Sport Holidays for Families

Planning a family holiday is always a challenge, especially when trying to find activities that appeal to everyone. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to laidback explorations, multi-sport holidays allow parents, foster carers, and children alike to try new things together. Read on for five multi-sport holidays guaranteed to entertain all ages while creating priceless shared memories.

Active Multi-Sport Holidays for Families

Before You Go

Foster carers should remember to get permission from their foster agency, such as Orange Grove Foster Care, before taking kids away on holiday, as there may be rules. Families should also make sure passports and travel documents are in order well in advance of the trip. Packing sunscreen, motion sickness medication, and first aid kits can help families prepare for any situation. Now let’s get to the destinations.

Hiking and Rafting in the Rockies – Canada

The majestic Canadian Rockies provide a dramatic backdrop for an action-packed holiday. Begin with moderately challenging day hikes amongst alpine meadows and glacier-fed lakes. Then switch gears and brave the rapids on a whitewater rafting adventure along the Kicking Horse River. Kids and parents will be thrilled by the breathtaking vistas and adrenaline rush. Back at the lodge, unwind in the hot tub or with fun family games before enjoying delicious local cuisine. This Canadian Rocky Mountain high will give the whole family an appreciation for the great outdoors.

Surf and SUP in Costa Rica

For a tropical twist, head to Costa Rica where surf lessons and stand-up paddleboarding await. Start by learning to ride the waves on the warm waters of Playa Jacó with patient instructors. Kids can play in the shallows and build sandcastles while parents take turns catching waves. Next, explore the coastline on a stand-up paddleboard, spotting colourful fish and turtles along the way. End the days jumping waves at the beach, playing beach volleyball, and enjoying delicious local cuisine. The laid-back surf town vibe will have everyone feeling like one big happy family.

Biking and Kayaking in Norway

Experience Norway’s majestic fjords actively with a multi-sport adventure for the whole family. Get a true taste of the terrain by renting bikes and cycling along cascading waterfalls to get back to nature. Stop often for photo ops and picnic lunches together. Then take to the waters by kayak, paddling through the breathtaking fjords with options for beginners and experienced paddlers. Younger kids can ride tandem with parents while older children kayak solo. Afterward, recharge with a dip in the refreshing waters, followed by a delicious salmon dinner back at the lodge. Children and parents alike will be awe-struck by Norway’s glorious landscapes.

Trail Rides and Snorkelling in Hawaii

For families who want a dash of luxury with their active escapades, Hawaii delivers. Start your days riding horseback through rainforests and macadamia orchards, taking in exotic wildlife and tropical views. Then cool off snorkelling amidst sea turtles and bright tropical fish in the crystal waters offshore. Trade off childcare so parents get turns doing both activities. After working up an appetite, savour flavourful local cuisine like freshly caught fish and tropical fruits. And family-friendly resorts allow plenty of time to lounge poolside or stroll pristine beaches together. With so much natural beauty, Hawaii offers an unforgettable family adventure.

Making memories through multi-sport adventures has never been easier. From the Rockies to the tropics, destinations worldwide cater to families, offering a range of activities suitable for all ages. Bonding through activities, all while surrounded by natural beauty, will bring families closer together.

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