16 Human Personality Types: Which One Are You?

I usually spend a lot of time wondering about human personality types. And I am sure most people do the same too. Stumbling on the different human personality types was like having flood lights shone into some dark corners of my mind.



human personality types

It was illuminating. I felt I got closure on what had bugged me for a while now. I know many people also face the same problem of defining who or what they are and why they tend to behave in a certain way all the time.

Before we go into the different human personality types, a brief word on the creators of the various categories.

The human personality types were created based on the works of renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers, a writer, who is famous for actually codifying the personality types with her mother Katherine Briggs.

Human Personality Types

human personality types

There are 16 human personality types differentiated by a combination of 4 letters for each personality.

There are eight letters in all, each representing a personality trait. The letters are combined in such a way that an individual cannot have two contrasting traits.

For instance, you can either be an Introvert (I) or an Extrovert (E). You cannot be both. Or you can either be Sensing (S) or Intuitive (N). Never both.

Other personality traits pairs include Thinking (T) vs Feeling (F) and Judging (J) vs Perceiving (P).

In which case ENTP, for example, means your personality is powered by the following traits: Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving.

Let’s now look at the 16 personality types, denoted by a combination of the above letters and how they might help you understand important aspects of yourself.


human personality types

This personally is full of ideas. Ideas germinate constantly in their heads. They might seem restless to others because they are constantly talking-up new things and trying to get others to buy into their ideas.

These are the kind of people you need in a brain-storming session because, from the cocktail of ideas bubbling inside them, great things do happen.


human personality types

These sorts are the ones some refer to as alpha males or females. They love being in charge. Even if they are not the smartest cookies in the room, they won’t mind one jot about leading a pack of smarter individuals.


You are an ENFP if you are compassionate, warm, bright and see potentials in almost everything.

ENFP easily become very passionate about something once they see the potential of that idea. Impossibility is not a good word in their book.


human personality types

Do you sometimes feel you are the type that can easily make lemonade from lemon and want to teach others how to have the same skills? Then you are an ENFJ.

ENFJ are natural mentors who want to teach others how to be the best version of themselves.


human personality types

I call people of these personality type, ‘Lords of the Manor.’ Give them a job to supervise a group of people and they would do it excellently. They have the ability to pay attention to detail no matter how complex the operation is.


This personality trait are the sort you need in your corner all the time. They tend to be very supportive and love others very much.

They are the classic definition of altruism.


human personality types

ESTPs are one of those human personality types people refer to as brash and blunt. You might take them to be insulting because of their forceful personality. Let’s just say they don’t like taking no for an answer.

They are very hard workers though.


Think of actors that love acting. Think of singers who just love singing. These are ESFPs. To them, every chance to be in the spotlight is an opportunity not to be missed.

They love illuminating others with their stage presence.


human personality types

These are seriously intelligent folks who have somehow integrated the ability to generate ideas with the vision to make it happen.

Most people with this personality can be found in a quiet corner contemplating the chaos around them. Basically, mapping out how to bring order to chaotic situations.


human personality types

This is one of those human personality types you don’t want to come up against in a chess match. Or in any sort of situation where somebody might get bruised.

They are very good at taking a bird’s eye view of a situation and coming up with a winning strategy. They work effectively in the background and only become leaders when they feel it is inevitable.


These are the dreamers. The idealist. They never stop wondering about things around them. Everything to them is amazing and magical.


human personality types

As a man, an INFJ is the sort of woman I won’t mind spending the rest of my life with.

They are the sort of people you can confide in and know your feelings would be respected.

Because they are caring with a high degree of empathy, they are very rare in the world. So if you find one as a mate, better hang on tight to them.


These are the sorts of personalities that would make great judges. They place much store in integrity and honesty.

Sometimes friends and families see them as mean because they always insist on doing the right things all the time.


human personality types

This is one of the human personality types you don’t want to mess around with.

They can easily become super spies or very good detectives because their personality is all about observing and storing pertinent information for future use


These are the workers. Their personality is wired towards seeing everything as a task that must be completed in the easiest and shortest possible time

Give them a fire to put out, and they do it in record time. Or tell them about your relationship problems, you’d be surprised how smooth their solution would be.


human personality types

They are the artists of this world. They are very creative. To them anything can be presented or done in a way that makes it look different.

They just want wow people with their abilities. Money tends to be secondary to them.

If you want to know your personality type, you can head over here and do the test. I did it and came out on the other side with an ISFJ. I can’t say I am happy with the result, but I guess I have to accept it that way.

Go ahead and take the test and tell us your personality type in the comments section. Share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter so they can also take the test. At least, you’ll get to know what sorts of personalities your friends are. Cheers.

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