Types of Women you’ll meet when Dating

When men are dating, they definitely come across different types of women they spend time with before making the final decision.

Before delving into any relationship, its best you know that there are lots of women out there who possess different qualities and character traits and this article will show you just who these ladies are so you are not caught unawares.

How many men really know what they are in for when it comes to relationships?

How many of them know the type of lady they will end up dating?

God has done it in such a way that no two persons can be exactly alike in every way and you will see that from this article.

I have put together in this article some likely types of women any man would possibly meet when in a relationship.

They are:

The gold diggers:

These types of women are out there to get your money.

They would pretend that they love a man just so they can lay their hands on his money.

Such women will do all they can to be rich even if it means lying, or stealing.

These types of women may not be interested in settling down; they are content with just having cash.

Take home to mama ones:

Types of women you’ll meet when dating (3)

These types of women are the type any man would want to start a home with.

They are motherly, caring and have all the features any wife should have.

They treat you as if you are already married to them.

The childish ones:

These types of women behave like children and don’t hesitate to act like one.

They find every reason to complain so that you can shower them with so much attention.

Such women equally cry so that you can pity them and give them what they want.

The loving ones:

Types of women you’ll meet when dating (4)

Such women can do anything for love. They know how to spoil a guy to a fault.

They don’t mind inconveniencing themselves as long as their man is happy.

The tough looking ones:

These types of women behave like men and work hard enough to make ends meet.

They do not rely on any man for any kind of help but rather do things themselves.

Such women have come to this realisation due to certain circumstances they must have gone through.

So they feel they have no need for a man in their life.

The wreckers:

Such women do not know how to manage a home. Instead of building one, they destroy it with their own hands.

Such women have no value for family.

The dependent ones:

These types of women rely on men for everything.

They cannot make decisions on their own but need the assistance of men to do so.

The nagging ones:

Types of women you’ll meet when dating (5)

Such women nag and complain about everything. They are never satisfied and always look for ways to throw blame on someone else.

The submissive ones:

These women are very obedient and know how to give respect to a man.

They are well cultured and know the rudiments of respect.

The flamboyant ones:

These women like to show off with what either they have or their partner has.

Such women like to be flashy and don’t hesitate to let every one know who their latest catch is.

The housewives:

Types of women you’ll meet when dating

These types of women have their work cut out for them. They know how to maintain and keep a home.

Their main job is taking care of the family and ensure it is run properly.

These women may or may not have other jobs doing aside caring for the home.

Types of women you’ll meet when dating (2)The Sex freaks:

These women will do anything for sex.

As a man, which of these types of women do you imagine being in a relationship with?

Let us know which of them you are currently dating and if we haven’t listed some of them, do tell us some you are aware of.

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