How To Increase Your Relationship Happiness By Avoiding This Communication Trap

How To Increase Your Relationship Happiness By Avoiding This Communication Trap

Have you been bothered why your partner is no more listening to you in your relationship? If your answer is yes, then let me tell you the real reason why your partner may not be listing to you anymore.

If your mouth is wide open and flapping away all the time, you heart and your ear will find it difficult to open to any discussion. I don’t know why many people don’t get this, you can’t continue talking and expecting to have an open mind. More often your heart can’t conceive and it’ll remain shut unless you learn to talk less and listen more.

Increase Your Relationship Happiness By Avoiding This Communication TrapYou need to learn to put your agenda in one side, talk less and listen more to what your partner really want, you’ll be more compassionate and what you’ll get in return is that, your partner will be inclined to listen to you more.

Your ability to talk less will let your partner feel you’re available and more open to him or her. I’m aware that sometimes, it is difficult to put aside ones agenda in other to listen more to one’s partner. The reason for this is that, the ego of our mind oftentimes takes over when we speak especially from the agenda we’re having within ourselves. At this point, we’re not able to feel some empathy when we are trying to prove why we are right.

What we don’t realize is that, we let our partner shut down, close their mind and ear and stop listening to us any longer. Our partner will feel the discussion or conversation is pointless, so why would they continue to listing to a pointless conversation.

Obviously, when you talk less, you’re giving room to more understanding from your partner. So, you need to be mindful of what you talk about, it will help you to be more conscious about what you say and again, you need to ask yourself this question;

Is my talk going to constructively enhance my relationship?

If it is not, then, there is no point blabbing about it, since it has no value. When you’re conscious enough, you’ll be able to relate with your partner in a more constructive ways, thus paving ways for good communication and an active listening which will enhance your relationship happiness. [Read; Men Secrets Erogenous Zone You Need to Always Makes Him Desire You]

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