The Older You’re the Better Your Dating Game

The Older You’re the Better Your Dating Game

As you grow older, you get wiser with age and see things better in dating game or relationship. There are several reasons why this is like that; those reasons are what we want to share with you here and now, especially the major ones.Dating game

  • The very first reason here is that you know what you really want, when you’re still young, you see every reasons why you should just try as many as possible dating, finding out which one will suit you and most times you end up not just being a player because as that younger age, you don’t want kids neither do your dating game partner want them. But when you are more matured, you see what you want and go for it, cutting down all the wasted time, energy and money trying to play the dating game. With more age on your side, you’ll be wiser in investing your emotion and money, this is a proven fact.
  • You are solvent at this period, although material things shouldn’t be so much important, but you will agree with me that, dating somebody who got enough money to fed himself, and at least pay for own apartment will be much more preferable to dating someone who is just a student, still collecting some pocket money from parents and who still wears 12 years old trainers.
  • No more hangovers at the bar or other public places as you use to when you’re still younger, at this stage, you will be able to make better decision or suggest to take a nice walk to gallery or take a trip to museum and other places where you will be able to see the real person earlier on, instead of wasting your time at the bar with beer or bottle talk which lead nowhere.
  • With age comes experience, you have more to talk about because you’ve done much in the past, is just simple arithmetic. You would have traveled to some amazing places that you’ll always remember and the awkward ‘silence on a date experience’ is a thing of the past.
  • It’s all about your perspective, after several years of going through break-ups and make-ups, you should have a healthy dose of realism. Not cynicism. Just a bit of perspective on how important it is, in the grand scheme of things, that someone texts back within a day or puts two kisses or one at the end. A few scars on the heart doesn’t make you battle weary, it makes you battle sensible.
  • You only meet the A-list friends. In the nicest way, certain friends tend to fall out of favour as life goes on. You realize friendship isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. Thankfully, anyone you now date is likely to have realized this too, and instead of being forced to meet every annoying workmate or old college friend, you only have to spend time with the pick of the crop.
  • Meeting someone latter in life has much to offer, though you still fancy them but that’s not the major priority unlike when you’re still younger.  It’s the inside that really counts now, you realize someone being kind, funny, intelligent and friendly is more important than wearing the latest clothes or having the right hair-cut. It’s not about settling for second best, it’s about seeing what should come first.
  • Some dating game rules are no more feasible, you have to get rid of them, ‘The three day texting rule,’ ‘The never go without make-up rule,’ ‘The wait a year before moving in rule’. Finally, you’ve realized all rules are made to be broken. You’ve seen and experienced that playing by the book doesn’t necessarily work out, and you’re brave enough to go with your own gut feeling, rather than what other people might say.

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