6 Ways To Avoid Getting Dumped By Your Girlfriend

Getting dumped by your girlfriend is never a pleasant experience no matter how prepared you think you are. In extreme cases, the emotional fallout can be dire for your family and friends.

getting dumped by your girlfriend

If you play the dating field like every normal guy, sooner or later, you’ll get dumped by your girlfriend. That is as inevitable as flies getting attracted to nasty smells.

However, it is not written in stone that you must get dumped by your girlfriend even if you deserved it. There are many things you can do to avoid finding yourself in that hell hole.

The assumption here is that your present girlfriend is the girl of your dreams and you really can’t imagine life without her. Basically, she is the type of girl you’d always imagine sitting by your side when your are very old.

Because I know for a fact that some dudes actually welcome being dumped by the girlfriend for many reasons we won’t go into today. This piece is not for that kind of situation.

The underlying key to avoid being dumped by your girlfriend is all about manipulating that endless well of kindness I know almost every girl has. That kindness is what makes every woman a natural nurturer or an instinctively good mother.

I know it is bad to manipulate anybody. But hey, in this game of love and life, sometimes you need to use all the weapons available to you to be happy.

How to avoid getting dumped by your Girlfriend

Feign illness

getting dumped by your girlfriend

Your finely tuned radar is pinging warning signals that your girlfriend is about to dump you? One sure way to postpone that miserable day is to make out you are very sick.

This requires you to be a good actor. It would help if you have a doctor friend to prescribe some fancy, fearful looking drugs for you.

Trust me, when she sees you in that state, the last thing on her mind would be to compound your woes with that bad news.

The nurturer in her would kick in. Just watch her buzz about making sure you are comfortable. You know, just generally taking care of you with the love and affection a sick dude deserves.

Since you can’t keep up that act for ever, use this grace period to meditate deeply on how to get her back.

Family tragedy

getting dumped by your girlfriend

Again, you want to tap into her empathy, to make her shelf the idea of ditching your dumb ass on the street.

When coming up with a family tragedy, make sure it is not the sort she can verify easily. If she is close to members of your family, this can only work by being very very creative.

Your family must also be living quite some distance from you. You don’t want her to take a short trip to see things for herself okay.

So assuming she is not close to your family, and your family live in a far off town, just manufacture a sad story about the dead of close cousin she never heard of. Make it look like the cousin was a soul mate while you were growing up.

Again, you need to play the part of a bereaved dude. Crying is allowed. After all, what you need is tender, loving care from her. Nothing melts a woman’s heart as much as a shamelessly crying man.

There are many ways you can spin this message to avoid getting dumped by your girlfriend. Just be creative.

Work issues

getting dumped by your girlfriend

This is something you can easily pull off. All you have to do is put on stoic, determined face. The sort of look that gives the impression you are prepared to fight to the dead, all the evil forces determined to pull you down at work.

In this case, the evil forces is your boss in connivance with some malicious colleagues.

Trust me, she won’t leave you alone to fight that battle. Any good woman would stick by her man in his time of need.

Again, you should know how to spin a good yarn to get the full benefits of a stay of execution.

Fortunately, when talking about work place problems, it is easy to pick on any issue and spin it to look as if your boss or colleagues are determined to get you because you are too good or because you refused to compromise on certain standards.

If you are a student, make it look as if your lecturers and some students are out to get you. This would work perfectly if the girl is not in the same school with you.

That way, she won’t be able to verify your manufactured issues.

Okay, we are done with using subterfuge and underhand tricks to avoid getting dumped by your girlfriend. For those who want to keep it real, here are some routes to take to avoid getting dumped by your girlfriend

Heart to heart talk with her

getting dumped by your girlfriend

This had worked for me several times.

Having this session with your girlfriend is almost like trying to win her for the very first time. Only that this time around, you are doing it with somebody you already know.

Heart to heart talk means logic would sometimes get thrown out of the window. Your pride and ego must be buried way deep not to interfere in your attempt to save your relationship.

What I am talking about? This is a situation where you might need to go on your knees and beg her like your life depended on it. Shed a tear or two if possible. Don’t overdo the tears though, or you might just look like a pathetic dude.

Don’t stop until she agrees to give you another chance.

Go for counseling

getting dumped by your girlfriend

If you have a feeling she is about to dump you, you can preempt that from happening by telling her your fears and suggesting you two seek advice outside.

The good thing about preempting her is that it would take the wind out of her sails. It would make her pause and wonder if you have more tricks in you, seeing that you were able to read her mind.

The only trick you have is of course to seek counseling for both of you. Tell her how you don’t like the path the relationship is heading and how you wish to make it better.

You priest or pastor should be a good relationship counselor. Her parents, that is if they like you, could be a pretty good suggestion as counsellors.

The idea behind using her parents is that she’d be free to say what is on her mind. Besides, it would give her a warm feeling knowing you value her parents opinion that much.

Start doing the right things

getting dumped by your girlfriend

This should be obvious from the beginning. Unfortunately, some dudes are so thick they don’t even know this.

Doing the right things boils down to loving and respecting her the way she deserves. You want to start fulfilling all those promises you made to her. You want to start taking her out to all those nice places you know she loves.

Basically, you want to start being a new couple in every sense of the word again. Just think of all the things you guys did when you started dating.

Now is the time to repeat those things and some more.

So these are the things you must do to avoid getting dumped by your girlfriend. A note of warning though: the situation might be too far gone for you to salvage the relationship.

In that case, nothing you do would save you from getting dumped by your girlfriend. But hey, at least you know you did your best to save the affair.

If you know of any more tricks or straight up way to avoid getting dumped by your girlfriend, please share it with is in the comment section below.

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