How a man can guide his heart from the lies of women

The fact that men lie also means that women lie too.

And if a woman knows how to guide her heart from lies, a man should also know how to guide his heart from lies women make.

It would interest you to know that just as men deceive women, some women equally know how to deceive men.

As such, it is good if a man knows the best way he can guide his heart from heart break, heart aches and disappointments.

If a man wants to guide his heart from the lies of women, find out those things he can do below.

Be macho:

guide his heart

Some men look tough on the outside but they are actually soft on the inside.

Such men are the ones who fall prey to the lies women make.

In other for a man to guide his heart, he has to toughen up and not succumb to the wiles of women.

Love should not make you to be any less of a man and just because you love her does not mean you must be all mushy on the inside.

Don’t believe everything she tells you:

guide his heart

I sometimes pity some men who believe everything a woman tells them.

One thing men should know is that some women are dramatists who can act out any emotion they want you to see.

If you understand this fact about women then a man will be able to guide his heart diligently.

Women know how to twist words so they are believable so as a man do not blindly believe all you hear from a woman.

It can be hard to decipher what is true or false but over time you should be able to tell when she is lying or saying the truth.

Be smart:

Some women like money a lot and know how to tease a man to get what they want.

As a man, how often does she ask you for money and when she does, does she tell lots of stories?

When a woman wants to lie, she comes up with stories that will make you believe her.

Be sensitive and know when those times are so you are not deceived.

Do not be too nice:

Women sometimes take men for granted when they notice that they are extra nice to them.

This happens especially when the woman does not love you genuinely.

It’s good to shower love on someone you like if you want to impress her but watch it.

If you go all the way to be too nice to her, she might just take you for a ride.

Be nice but not too nice so you don’t get hurt in the process.

Some men believe women too much and end up giving them all they want to their own detriment.

Put her to the test:

One of the ways a man can guide his heart from lies of women is to test them sometimes.

There are lots of tests a man can give a woman to show if she is real towards him or not.

You will have to determine what kind of test to administer.

The test will reveal her intentions ultimately.

Give it time:

At the beginning of a relationship, some women pretend to be who they are not but if you are patient enough you will get to know who she really is.

If you have this at the back of your mind, I am sure a man will be able to guide his heart from lies.

Hearts get broken all the time and while it may not be easy to detect when a woman is lying, these tips should guide you in your relationships.

It is hard to mend a broken heart so prevent your heart from that.

If you are a guy reading this, I would like to know how else you think you can guide your heart from lies women tell.

Do share!

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