What Do Women Want In Relationship?

What Do Women Want In Relationship?

This post title seems simple yet lots of men get it all wrong. What do women want in relationship? Do men know what women really want? Even the men that know what they want often times fail to give it to them. Is it to say their requirement is too much for men to bear and make men easily neglect what actually women really want as a companion? If men primarily want respect, sex, and companionship as I earlier posted in what do men want from women, it is not too cumbersome to give to woman what they want as you will understand in this article.

What Do Women Want In RelationshipIt is not enough to be the bread winner of the house and believe that is all what women want or that is the most important thing they desire. I quit alright agree that woman demand lot of thing from their husband or boyfriend as the case may be, but their demand shouldn’t be overlooked because there is inner fulfillment that every women desire to have from men.

At times, it is all about perspective, women are like plant that you need to wet every day in relationship unlike men that are like cactus that only demand watering maybe once in every month. That is exactly how women feel their relationship should be and that is how it should really be.

A woman will want to know that she is your number one priority and no any other person in your life do take such position. When you hold her hand even in public display of affection and say you love her, she want to be sure you said this from your heart and not from your head.

Women will love to know what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling because they crave for intimacy and you too will get to understand this when you grow up to some certain age. [Must Read; Top 3 need of man and woman for a successful relationship life]

So, men don’t be clueless about what woman want. You need to first of all understand who you really are and love yourself. Look inward instead of focusing your energy on the external world. Gain more insight about yourself and as you become more enlighten, you will become more capable of genuinely loving and cherishing a woman. And you will see that the purpose of a relationship is not to find someone who completes you, but to find someone you can share your completeness with.

The fact remains that when you truly cherish a woman, all those complain you get when you’re away from her will stop. You may even stop hearing the four little words that strike fear into every man’s heart: “We need to talk.” Why? When a woman knows she is truly cherished, she won’t act out of insecurity and fear. She’ll know she’s deep within your heart and that she can trust you with her life.

Now is the time to show your understanding to her need, stop whatever you’re doing, sit down with her and ask what you can do together today to make her feel cherish.

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  1. Good point. Women really do need to be watered like plants. They need to be cared for so they’ll feel appreciated. And that most of the time is all they need to be happy in a relationhip.

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