Relationship Phobia: How to get over it

Relationship phobia is one thing most young people have when it comes to dating. This phobia arises from a lot of factors which people tend to consider before embarking on a relationship.

Just like people who want to get married develop cold feet so also those who want to go into a relationship develop relationship phobia.

While it is completely normal to be scared of certain things, how well do you as an individual handle relationship phobia when it does occur?

People get scared of a lot of things and uncertainties but how it is handled is what of the essence.

If you are one of those who has relationship phobia, here are some ways to get over it.

How important is love to you?

I can admit that one of the reasons of going into a relationship is for love. If you do not have any atom of love for the person you want to date, then what is the need for that relationship?

If you therefore have feelings of love for that person, you should be super excited to be going into a relationship with that person.

It is true that you may be scared of some things like compatibility, acceptance, rejection but do not let all this cloud your mind.

Love is such a wonderful feeling and from experience once you are enveloped by it, it is quite difficult to get freed from it especially if you are madly in love with him or her.

So I ask you again, how important is love to you?

Take a bold step:

You have relationship phobia, right? So, how would you be able to judge how far the two of you would go in that relationship if you do not give it a try?

How will you be able to determine how well the other person loves you if you do not begin the relationship?

How will you be able to experience the importance of what falling in love really is?

If you do not take that bold step, you will never know.

Watch those signs:

You cannot completely know a person in one day neither can you know someone in months and I think this is one thing that gets most people scared in relationships.

The thought of dating and trusting one person can be scary but if you have taken out time to at least study him or her to know some things about them; you should be fine.

Just spending some minutes with a person can tell you one or two things about that person.

From the male perspective, if you are with a guy who fools around you will know and from the female perspective, you should be able to sense if she is into you or not.

People lie and pretend a lot but watch out for those signs which should either convince you or discourage you from dating that person.

Have an open mind:

relationship phobia

If you go into a relationship having this kind of phobia in mind, you will not really enjoy that relationship because your actions will be guided by that fear.

Nobody is perfect so believe that you are in that relationship for the other person while him or her is there for you.

Fear is a bad thing and can destroy what is supposed to be pure and loving.

Believe in yourself:

relationship phobia

I believe you do know what you want out of that relationship so make the best out of it.

Nobody should be able to break you so go into that relationship head strong and confident.

Set standards:

It is true that rules and standards can be broken but it is not a bad idea to set them from the onset of that relationship.

This is sometimes good so you are not taken for granted. I know that if this is put in place, you will feel more confident going into that relationship, right?

Relationships are not easy but it takes working together to make it work well. Do you still have that relationship phobia? I believe the tips in this article should stir you in the right direction.

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