Are You in Love Or You’re Attached in Your Relationship; Here is How to Know

Are You in Love Or You’re Attached in Your Relationship; Here is How to Know

Our lives begin to get more interesting when we allow love to flow in us to other people around us. Love has become such a complicated necessity in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves getting wrapped up in the moment and find ourselves in deeper than we had thought. In relationships, there are two possible outcomes. It is either you fall in love with someone or become attached to someone. Attachment, although it may feel like love, is the beginning of a long terrible relationship. Below are some important point to determine your relationships whether you’re in love or you’re in the midst of attachmentAre You in Love Or You’re Attached in Your Relationship
1.  If you’re unhappy in your relationship but feel that you can’t possibly leave for one reason or another you may be attached, this is because a relationship is meant to keep you happy and not the other way round.
2. Do you obsess over where your partner is, what they are doing and who they are talking to even when there is no outward reason to doubt them? Being attached often makes you feel uneasy about the others intentions and makes you question their every move. Often, you will try to control your partner
3. In your relationship, do you honor and appreciate your partner? Or do you demand make unnecessarily, and try to posses them, and surround them with negativity? It’s very easy to be attached and feel negatively towards your partner. Instead of allowing each other to grow, you try to hold each other too closely.
4. Are you capable of having your own life outside of your relationship? If you’re unable to do anything without your partner you may be drowning yourself in them. Instead of finding ways to your own happiness you reach for it through your partner. Even though your partner can love and support you, it’s another thing when you lose yourself in them.
5. If you were able to read this and find that you are in fact in love, beware of your love becoming an attachment. The two are very closely related with two completely opposing outcomes. Try to remember that separating love from attachment is a conscience effort. It’s something you have to work for. To love someone you must be selfless and love them for whom they are, not what they can do for you.
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