3 Techniques To Get Over The Fear of Approach Any Women Of Your Choice

3 Techniques To Get Over The Fear To Approach Any Women Of Your Choice

It is a dream of every guy to approach any woman he loves to talk to and probably ask her out for a date, but that dream is not just that easy for some to bring it into reality. The fear of approaching women has always been one of the number one questions I’m being ask everyday on this blog.

Everyone has fear, it might not be the fear of approaching women, it might be some other fears, but all of them remain fear and if you can’t overcome it, it will continue to terrify you until you’re bold enough to say enough is enough. In every fear, your best bet is to face the fear head on knowing fully well that, you’re going to conquer it, without which you’ll never enjoy what the fear is preventing you from getting.

3 Techniques To Get Over The Fear To Approach Any Women Of Your ChoiceThe fear of approaching a woman can sometimes be a daunting task because of the rejection that you might get. But never allow the thought of rejection to creep into your mind and continue to hurt you whenever you see any gorgeous woman you’ll love to approach.

If you’re in this kind of situation and you really want to get over the fear of rejection from women when you approach them, you’ll have to read this post to the end and understand what’s preventing you from actualizing your dream of approaching any women you’d love to approach.

1. Get holds of the situation with the right perception

Perception is everything, if you have a wrong perception about anything, you will never get it right and the same thing is applied to approaching any woman. If you see yourself moving forward with confidence and approaching her without entertaining any form of fear. You’re likely not going to be intimidated even if you’re being rejected.

If you see a girl so hot and you think, she can’t possibly like to even listen to person like you, you’re never going to approach such girl. The fear has already entered into you and you’ll love to avoid being embarrassed based on your own imagination.

If you see a girl and thought to yourself, I’m going to approach this girl here and now, she’ll be more pleased to talk to me and if perhaps she doesn’t want to response to my satisfaction, I’m never going to let that let me down as there are many other girls out there waiting for me.

The more you use to approaching women the better your confidence level and the less nervous you’re going to feel about it.

Once you’re able to have a good perception about approaching any hot girl and also put in mind that, failure to get the girl’s approval does not mean you’ve failed but another opportunity to press further and approach other gorgeous looking ladies. You can never know which of the girl is just waiting for you to say hi first and the rest is just going to surprise you all the way

2. Communicate with women everywhere you go will improve your skill

If the fear of approaching women is giving you lots of sleepless night, then you’ll need to learn how to talk to women in every place you find them. You don’t have to feel any kind of attraction for them, just talk to anyone, whether in the bus, place of worship, school, on the street, party, just anywhere.

The more you talk to women, the better you’ll understand that they love talking to you and once you’re use to communicating with them, the fear of approaching any hot girl will never give you any muscle wrecking moment. Just practice it and you’ll get use to talking to women.

Start your talk with little small talk and build it up from there, especially if both of you are completely strange to each other. Don’t ask any personal question from her, remember, both of you have not known each other before. Try and ask question about the society, her achievement and things anyone will probably be open to discuss with anybody who want to listen.

You may not even need to ask about her name in the first place, as some ladies don’t want to give you their name if they don’t know your intention. But after talking with them for some time, you now introduce yourself and ask for her name. She will be eager to give you her name straight away.

If you’re able to get on a topic that she likes, try and stay more on that topic. As both of you talk more on something interesting to her, you’ll be building up rapport with her which is something very positive on your part.

Compliment her genuinely on something you really observe about her why both of you communicate. Women generally enjoy compliments and they’ll really appreciate it when coming from men. You know, it takes lots of effort before applying their makeup and put on dresses that’ll make them look beautiful, appreciating them show that you notice the effort they put in making them look good and this can really help your success rate with woman.

But don’t overdo it, as much as women like compliments, they won’t feel happy when your compliment is coming at the wrong time or falsifying your compliments where you shouldn’t even have said anything even if you perceived something wrong in her makeup.

3. Follow the footstep of others who have done it right several times

When you follow people who have approached women successfully several time, and learn from how they are doing it, it will help you to reducing your fear of approaching women. Look for someone you’re comfortable with to learn from him, it could be your friend, mentor, class mate or any other person you can easily learn how to approach girls without entertaining any form of anxiety or putting yourself under unnecessary pressure, thereby sabotaging your effort. [Read; Who else want the no rejection approach system]

If you can gather courage, ask your female friend about how do ladies like to be approach by guys and what are the things they will not want guys to say when approaching them? You might be lucky and get some tips from your female friends that you’re comfortable with. Lots of female are eager to help guys out in this regards, though, some of them may want to make guess of you but there’re several of them that’ll love to assist.

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