Physical Attributes Men Love The Most In Women

The physical attributes men love in women can be graded from the most cherished to the least. More often than not, the grading system is very subjective; just like most grading system we employ in deciding the girl we eventually date or have an affair with.

physical attributes men love

Many guys I know would say in the cold light of day, the physical attributes men love pale into insignificance when you really want to settle down with a woman for good. I get what they mean.

Intangibles like good character, humility, trustworthiness, compassion, etc, should count more. But since they are things that can’t be seen, men are left to try their luck with the things they can see and measure in a manner of speaking.

The physical attributes of the lady would therefore be like the reception area of a company. The place where clients get the first impression of the firm. And I know some people do business based on how the front office treats them.

To be honest, I also think that in the long run, the physical attributes men love in women are overrated. But the fact is, these are the things that make us take that first decisive step.

The list of physical attributes men love in women below are arranged from the most desired to the least. But take my word for it, the order is very subjective to me and my close buddies.

Yours could start from the last item on my list.

Physical attributes men love in women


physical attributes men love

I know many men who would jump up and acknowledge this part of the female anatomy as the most attractive.

The obsession with booty among men is so pervasive there are even academic studies to understand the phenomenon.

On my part, I just know I love checking out a woman’s ass. The bigger the better. The more streamlined it is to the waist and how it fits with the top of the thighs the better.

And some women, just on the strength of how endowed they are with their booty, can bring a room full of men to dead silence as they all gape at the physical specimen.

What goes on through each man’s mind as they stare fixedly at the lady’s backside is no one’s business

But I tell you this, no man is thinking about her abilities in the kitchen or whether she snores too loudly at night while sleeping.


physical attributes men love

As far as physical attributes men love in women are concerned, the face is one of the most subjective.

At least for the booty, it is either you have big ones, small ones or a flat ass.

But for the face, you got to admit that the phrase, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder‘ was coined to settle this lingering argument about what constitutes a beautiful face.

However, no matter ones definition of beautiful face or what makes a face beautiful, it is one of the first things you notice in a girl before anything else.

You might decide the combination of her smile and almond shape eyes are things to die for. And you would figuratively die to make sure those pearly white teeth and succulent lips are the first things you see before going to work each day.


physical attributes men love

Like booty, men tend to like boobs bigger. Up to a certain point though. I mean there is always a point where it becomes an anomaly because of the size, right?

Psychologists claim we men are seriously attracted to boobs because at the most vulnerable stage of our lives, boobs sustained us. They were our only source of nourishment.

Whatever. Making it sound as if females kids did not suck boobs too.

Boobs are nice to look at. Especially in young ladies. But boobs being boobs, they tend to disappoint us as the ladies get older. The cute things just sag and leave the obsessed dude stranded with nothing to pine for.

Could a wish for younger boobs be the reason married men leave their wives at home to run after younger girls whose boobs haven’t suffered the stress of multiple births?

Women also understand our fascination with boobs so they spend lots cash for surgery to make them bigger.

For those who don’t have money for that, they just make do with padded brassieres.

Long legs

physical attributes men love

Sometimes, I think it was the novelist James Hadley Chase that introduced the idea of long-legged beauties into our lives.

I know for a fact that from my pre-teen years, I got used to the idea of a woman’s leg from reading those novels. Since then, I have always being fascinated with how long a ladies legs are.

There must be a reason only tall leggy girls win beauty contests.

However, as one of the physical attributes men love, the length of the legs doesn’t figure high up on many dudes’ list. Though short legs on girls would definitely count against them in a big way.

Anything in skirt.

physical attributes men love

There is a select group of guys who would confidently tell you all girls are beautiful with a smug look on their faces.

To them, the physical attributes men love count for nothing. As long as she is willing, men in this group would go for the lady in a big way.

I have to admit I sometimes envy men like that. Let’s face it, they have a larger pool from where they can make a choice on who to go out with.

On the other hand, guys like me with fixed sets of physical attributes in mind have to compete with many other guys with the same mindset, for a small pool of ladies. It is tough I tell you.

It is all about survival of the most resilient.

So how would you order your list of the physical attributes men love? Are you in the, ‘Anything goes‘ category or perhaps you think a girl’s toes should count as one of the foremost physical attributes men love. Do tell us what you think in the comment box.

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