Dress Code Tips For Your Pear body Shape

Different fashion magazines may offer different dress code tips for your body shape but overall what you need to consider is how the dress makes you look and feel. If you put on something that you are not comfortable in, that will not be a suitable fashion for you.

Fashion style is all about being yourself and yet looking good in your appearance. The entertaining thing about fashion and what we put on is that plainly anything goes so long as you feel good and look good on it.

Your first dress code tips to putting on material forms that will bring out your God-given inner beauty is to discover the form of body type you have. When you have discovered the type of body type you have, you’d be able to display your best feature correctly.

dress code tips for per shaped

How to determine and grip unto your body type’s dress code tips

Body shape is just all about proportion, and fashion is just about dressing those proportions to appear in their best form. When considering on your body types, you don’t need to focus on your height and weight; you have to focus rather on your shape. 

If you are a skinny girl, you can posses the same form of body shape with a curvy girl. In the same way, a petite woman can possess the same form of body shape with her very tall friend. That means both of you can follow similar dress code tips.

Body shape is not all about working hard to thin down your body; it’s about boosting your shape and highlighting your key features through what you put on so that you feel and appear your best in every clothes you purchase.

Each individual is unique and so are our bodies. However, our body shapes are commonly narrowed down to five broad categories: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple and hourglass. You may discover that your body shape fall into one category or it may be a blend of two or more categories.

As soon as you’ve found out your type of body shape, you can start to consider which fashion trends are suitable for you and which ones aren’t and which you must avoid. You ought to go in front of your mirror, spend some time and do a just and sincere evaluation of your body.

When you have discovered your type of body shape, then go for the dress code tips for your body shape form.

Dress code tip for Pear body shape

Examples of celebrities who are Pear-shaped are Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Katherine Heigl

Pear body Features:

If you have pear body form your lower body is wider than your upper body. This means that your hips are wider than your shoulders. Your bottom is round and your waist is properly-defined.

Your best features:

Your shoulders and your upper body

Your fashion targets:

Your target should be to lay emphasis on your waist and arms and add volume to your shoulders and upper body.

Generally, necklines for dresses ought to accentuate the shoulders and waist. Thus, play roughly with sweetheart, scoop-neck or plunging. Go for visually appealing hemlines on clothes that slim the hips and thighs like hi-lo trend or a tulip skirt.

Dos and don’ts of pear dress code tips

  • DO go for A-line skirts
  • Do go for and hems of pants, skirts and dresses that are broad enough to balance the hips.
  • For contrast experiment with brightly colored tops and dark-colored bottoms for contrast.
  • Go for boat neck tops, square and cowl necklines.
  • Put on strapless dresses to emphasize your arms and balance out your proportions.
  • Put on styles with ruffles on top.
  • Go for wear jackets that touch just above your waist.
  • Opt for pointy-toed shoes to lengthen your legs.

Now you have known what works and what does not work as dress code tips for your pear body shape, go out there, look and feel your very best. That all about fashion for you!

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