Could You Resist Having An Affair

Could You Resist Having An Affair

Adultery is a phenomenon which we all hear and read about. It is at the centre of many romance novels, it is the pivotal point of many TV dramas and is an essential ingredient of our favourite soap operas. As much as some of us fantasize this scenario, most of us will never dare having an extra-marital affair. This is because we are all too aware of the potentially disastrous consequences this could have on our existing relationships. However, as nasty and calculated as they may appear, not every affair starts with bad intentions. More often than not, they can indeed be seen as a moment of weakness triggered by a prolonged period of unhappiness.

An unsatisfied marriage

Being part of an unsatisfactory marriage where everyday life feels like an inescapable nightmare is often what pushes people to find love or fun somewhere else. In fact, there are many reasons why people become unhappy with their day-to-day married routine.

Could You Resist Having An AffairBeing stuck with a partner which is too busy working is often what will start creating distance between us and our loved one. Even though we knew what we were getting in, the loneliness involved with having an absent partner can really takes its toll over our mental state, pushing us to look for the company of other people.

Getting stuck into the family routine can also be too much for some. As all the efforts and attention get placed towards building the family, we suddenly start feeling that not enough attention is being directed towards us. This can potentially make us feel unwanted and undesired.

Also, having a busy family house means that it is hard for couples to get some ‘us-time’, which can lead to extended periods of no sex. This can leave us feeling unsatisfied, creating a void in our lives as we are missing on one of its very important aspects.

Walking out is not an option?

There are many other reasons why an unsatisfied marriage might tempt us to have an affair, but would it not be easier to be honest and split up if we are that unhappy? The truth is that as communication decreases, it gets really hard to talk about the problems we are having.  Also, some relationships are just not possible to walk out of for many reasons. It feels hardly appropriate to walk out on our family because we feel unhappy, and there is often too much at stake to abandon the ship.

Damage control

So up to this point, you might have considered having an affair, or at least a one-off fling to get some of that unhappiness out of your system. And if you feel that being appreciated by someone else might make your coupled life a happier one, then you are at the point where an affair will probably happen. There are however ways to limit the damage this might potentially cause. The best thing to do is to make sure that no-one finds out, and the ideal way to do that is to try your luck on married dating sites. That way, you are keeping out your direct environment away from your affair by not hooking up with someone you know. Also, using this method means that you will hook-up with someone in the same situation, therefore more likely to have the same agenda, so no extra lies will be needed. Cheating is never morally defendable but if it is going to be done, it should be done with the least possible damages.

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