Ultimate Guide To Creating A Perfect And Sexy Cat Eye

Creating sexy cat eye effect is as trendy as a foggy eye effect but it is not as complicated as obtaining smokey eyes effect. It can also be achieved through fewer steps and with a smaller amount makeup. What this entails is absence of meltdowns, even when the temperature turns very steamy

There is nothing that attracts more attention outside gorgeously painted lips like a very-sharp sexy cat eye or winged eye. Liquid liner, though, can be awfully unreliable. If your hand is even somewhat unsteady, one incorrect move can be devastating, and it appears like the creation has this wolf-like perception that may create a nervous looking effect.

When you create the perfect effect on one eye, the second eye ends up not matching up. You will either need to start all over again or thicken both lines until they begin to look alike.

sexy cat eye

As funny as it could be, going the opposite way, that is creating the wing before lining the top lid helps you to get a more homogeneous effect.  We how provided in this article precisely what you need to do to create a perfectly looking sexy cat eye without having to go over and over again.

See how below:

Curl your lashes

If you wish to create a gorgeous looking sexy cat eye effects sexy stare, first of all curl your lashes and then dot a small
layer of eye-shadow primer or oil-free foundation
from your eyelids to your eye brows. They equally hold unto makeup and prevent color from drifting.


Create a slight flick up  for sexy cat eyes

Obtain a liquid waterproof eye liner pen that stays all day and produce an upward brush from the external corner of your eye.

By carving the outer end of the wing first, you get a more perfect sexy cat eye effect on both sides. Softly pull your lid upward to enable you to see it’s inside rim.

Line the edge with only some coats of jet-black waterproof pencil. Then, line the internal edge of your lower lash line.

Pull your eyeliner’s applicator in the reverse direction at a descending angle until it touches your lash line. This assists you to create the sexy cat eye by producing a triangular looking effect.

After this, make use of the same pencil to line the skin exactly above your upper lash line. Mix the color together into lashes with a sloping brush.

Layering your liquid liner over pencil is the solution to a more stable and enduring effect. The liquid dries and locks down the first coat of color. With a black liquid-liner pen, make four uniformly spaced dashes over the pencil line, then, join them together.

When you have done this the next thing you need to do is create the winged-out edge of the sexy cat eye effect. Keep your eyes closed and trace your finger beside your upper lid’s fold, making an outward movement.

When it connects with the bony part of your eye, blot the spot with a mark of make up liquid liner.

Put the tip of the liquid-liner pen on the mark, and pull it to the outer curve of your eye, making the line thicker as you move on.

When the liner has dried up

After the liner has dried up, daub your lid with a cream colored liquid eye shadow, and after that, put a metallic type on the part immediately above your crease line and inner corner. Like creams, liquids catch slightly but last better to the heat. Complete with two coats of black mascara.

Revisit again and fill up the unfilled space, and clear out the entire shape, ensuring you taper the end of the wing to a sharp point. Go over on the other eye, and finish off the effect with a little thrust of the lash curler and a liberal quantity of mascara.

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