How To Tell A Girl You’re In Love With Her Without Being Rejected

How To Tell A Girl You’re In Love With Her Without Being Rejected

As simple as this sound, it is not always easy to tell a girl you love and getting the positive nod from her without being subjecting to rejection.

The truth is that no guy really want to be rejected after telling a girl that he’s falling in love with her, but only a very few actually get it as expected without much delay. So if you’re scare of rejection from the woman you love to date, be in relationship with and possibly marry her, what you’re about to read here now will definitely help you to get the positive response you most desire from here.

How To Tell A Girl You’re In Love With Her Without Being RejectedSo, how do you tell a girl you’re in love with her without being rejected?

As scaring as it look like, it is actually getting the girl to love you and fall in love with you too is where you’ll need to do the hard work.

If you like a girl, don’t just ask her out immediately, 99% of guys who do such always get rejection from the girl, because the best defence mechanism women have is to give “no” for an answer, that’s very sure. That put them on a safer side because much is not known about you and they can’t entrust their heart into a stranger’s hand.

Here are the tips to go about it without getting the rejection that‘ll scare you

Try to be her special friend to gradually enter into her heart

Just being her friend alone cannot protect you from getting the awkward rejection but being her special friend will let you get closer to her heart and gradually, you can begin to enter into her heart as you begin to build rapport through the special friendship you both shared.

Being her special friend will require spending quality time with her, when she need a hand, your hand is always there to lift her up, have fun and exciting conversation with her.

But don’t get stuck into the friendship zone, which mean you should avoid being her best friend instead of her lover with special friend ability.

Lookout for reciprocal gesture from her

At times, some girls get carried away with your friendship characteristic and enjoy every moment you share with them without even thinking of developing interest in you. If you’re just the only one calling, texting, doing all the visit, and she does not bother about it. Then you’ll need to think twice if she will be actually interested when you will tell her you’re falling in love with her.

One of the best ways to gauge her interest is to allow her to miss you or cut down the number of calls or texts you’re sending her for sometimes, like 2 to 4 days and observer if she didn’t bother to call you and find out what is really happening to you.

If she does call you, it then means she is interested in you and has really missed you but if she doesn’t call you, she’s having no interest in you and you shouldn’t bother yourself to tell her about how you feel.

Flirt with her and talk late into the night

Being a special friend will also require you to flirt with her to get even more closer to her heart. Also talk late into the night with her, and one great benefit you’re going to get when you engage her with conversation into the night is that, you have the opportunity of asking her personal questions, that period is the period when she feels relax on her bed and not thinking much about anything except probably you at that time. [Please read everything you need to know about flirting here]

You may ask question relating to relationship, her personal stories, her experience even in the hands of guys and what she loves in a guy that she admire most in every guys. That will even make things clear for you which will allow you to get closer to a special place in her heart.

Surely, these few tips above is all you need to get “yes” for an answer when you tell a girls you’re in love with her, it is very difficult for her to reject you if you do all of these, she can only ask for some time to think about it and you can be sure of positive response from her.

If you don’t want to waste time waiting for one to keeping in, give me some time, then you need to quickly go through this article HERE. You’re going to learn much more faster on how to avoid things that will frustrate you in getting the girl you want as soon as possible.

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12 thoughts on “How To Tell A Girl You’re In Love With Her Without Being Rejected”

  1. Yes I agree! Boys, don’t get too harsh when getting the girl you like. You should be patient and make sure that girl will also fall for you. Be a gentleman but with a little twist. Be her everything!

  2. Dats rite mico be gentle and dnt rush into it like a piece of cake, gals all round nids love, care from guys at first bt dnt rush into saying “I love u, and I want to be ur boifriend” dat is total trash. Or u meet on social network and all u can ever say is “I love u. watin!! na witch abi na so love dey do u. Anyway learn to be friends at first love her care for her den u approach the matter. ( Girls love pet)

  3. what i want to say is that, i dnt knw how to tost girl, there is this girl in my street she is my friend she alway call me her husband nd i call her my wife, we are just joking with it, but i love her, we have nt been call each other, 2day ago i collet her number, i dnt knw how to tell her, so many girls around i dnt how to talk to them, pls tell me what to do pls,thank u

    1. Face your face and approach her, talk to her how you feel for her, you won’t die for telling her your mind. The funny part of this fear is that, she might even be shivering as you’re telling her how you feel about her.

      There is no any other way than facing it and that’s how to defeat the fear of wooing any woman.

      If you’re still finding it difficult somehow, try to approach other girls you don’t even feel anything for, maybe the ones you consider too ugly and approach them with confident, afterall you don’t have anything to loose talking to them whether they say yes or no.

  4. your articles are not only amazing but educative. am a guy of 26. am attrcated to girls like they’re to me. how can i be a man me dignity, not liking but all the girls they show up to me, not having huge apetite for sex and in all to really love a girl. thanks

  5. dea is this girl i have been admierd for two to three years now i like this girl i have feelings for her befor if she sees me anywhear she will aske me to accopany her to anywhear shis going but last year i almost prepeard to tell her but i was afriad dat she may turn down my request since den i culdent tell her again befor i noticed she had feelings for me befor but now all doas tings am not seeying it again but i steel love her but i dont no if she steel have feelings for me but my sister said she steel have little feelings for me cos she sometimes aske her about me what shuld i do to get her back

  6. Type here..plz sir there’s this girl I love in my class but I find it difficult to tell her how I feel
    She’s occupied with her friends, I don’t know how to call her and talk to her in private
    Whenever I want to approach her I feel she will turn down my request.

    1. Sum up the courage and approach her, even if she turn you down, heaven will not fall and that attempt will give you more courage to approach other girls without entertaining any fear.

      Since she’s in your class, which mean you see her almost every day, you can just excuse her from the friends and tell her you’ll like to discuss something with her alone. If she doesn’t mind, she can tell you to start the discussion now or you can both fix time to meet and talk about your heart desire for her.

      The first thing is to overcome the fear of approaching her.

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