Certain things a guy should not do when trying to win a girl’s heart

It is certain that there are a lot of things a guy would do in order to win a girl’s heart and what makes this possible is love.

A man would sometimes go the extra mile to make sure the woman he loves is happy no matter how much it costs him.

Are you also aware there are some things that should not be done when trying to win a girl’s heart?

At times men feel some of the things they do in the act of love are right but in the true sense of it, they should be avoided.

Those things are:

Don’t put pressure on her:

win a girl's heart

Some times the approach men use when trying to win a girl’s heart can be over whelming.

As a man, if you want to win a girl’s heart, it is not advisable to apply too much pressure.

This is because this pressure can push her away from you and even if she was attracted to you initially, she can lose interest in you.

For me personally, I get discouraged if a man who wants me puts pressure on me just because he wants to date me.

You may want to know what pressure I am referring to. If a man overly does some things towards you, it can be termed as pressure.

Calling too much, texting too much, showing affection too much can be over bearing and choking and I don’t think anybody likes such.

Don’t talk about sex:


You may wonder at what point a man should bring up this topic.

It’s not wrong for two people who are dating to discuss it but it should not be brought up when you are trying to win a girl’s heart.

How do you think she would feel if all you talk about is “sex?”

I once met a guy who claimed to like me and in our first week of getting to know each other, the bulk of his discussions with me was on “sex.”

I felt not only disgusted but disappointed.

Once a man starts this way then it shows he’s not really interested in you but in what he can get from you.

As a man, if you really want to win a girl’s heart; for the love of God don’t begin your discussion with her on the issue of “sex.”

How do you expect to win a girls heart if you do this?

Don’t expect her to reciprocate all you do:

If you want to win a girls heart, do not expect her to do as you do.

It is the duty of the man to “chase” her and not the other way round and I believe until she says yes, you have to do all you can to win her heart.

Since you need her love, you have to show her all the love you can give so she can be yours.

So when trying to win a girl’s heart, do not expect her to reciprocate all you are doing for her.

Don’t expect she’ll accept you immediately:

This is one thing some men do; they make assumptions.

They think the girl they are trying to woo will just accept them.

One thing men should know is that women always play hard to get and even if they like you, they will still give you a hard time before accepting you.

So do not assume she’ll give you a “yes” almost immediately you ask her out. If you do this, you may not be able to win a girls heart.

Don’t bring your past relationship up:

When trying to win a girl’s heart, you may want to be honest by talking about your past relationship.

No girl really wants to hear things like this from the guy who wants to have a relationship with her.

You can talk about it later on in the relationship when you are closer but not in the beginning.

Bringing this up can lessen the trust she might have for you.

It is best you leave this discussion for much later.

All of these are things men should not do when they are trying to win a girl’s heart.

Put yourself in the shoes of ladies, if a man does all these while asking you out, would you accept him?

Adhere to all these, and in no time you should be able to win a girls heart. Good luck.

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