Does Snoring affect relationships? Find Out Here

Snoring affect relationships, learn how to deal with it

Snoring can lead to blame games, denial and eventual termination of a relationship. Surprised? Well, snoring is one of the primary reasons for disturbed sleep, and if left untreated, it can easily cause cracks in your relationships.

If you are a snorer who has a family, then there is, even more, need to be worried because not only will your sleep schedule get affected, your shoring will cause extreme disturbances for the rest of the family. Read on to find out harmful effects of snoring in the context of relationships.

Snoring affect relationships

Dozing off in the Middle of the Day

On the assumption that both of you have a busy schedule throughout the day, if your snoring interrupt’s your partner’s sleep, then the chances are that the next day, not only you but even your spouse will be dozing off in the middle of work. Now, this will do two things – a) Disrupt your and his or her professional life b) Create differences between the two of you because you will be responsible for your partner’s professional hindrance.

Sleeping on the Couch/Different Room

Thanks to your snoring, either one of you will be either sleeping on the couch or in the guest room. Research has shown that Sleeping beside each other makes increases the bond between you two and paves a way for intimacy.

But, the very fact that every night each of you will be sleeping apart as a negative effect of snoring makes it impossible for you two to establish emotional and physical intimacy with each other. And, it increases the chances of you two seeking help from a marriage counselor because let’s face it no health marriage has two partners sleeping in different rooms.

Growing Resentment

Often, the snorer tries to downplay his or her snoring issue and says that it will get solved by itself eventually. Now, no matter how much patience the non-snoring partner has, it is inevitable that he or she will eventually lose their cool, especially if the latter has done everything in their power to solve the problem. The bad news is the differences between the two partners tend to aggravate even further if the snorer takes it personally.

Tackling Snoring

It sucks when snoring is the only thing that is keeping the two of you apart. Know that; things have taken a serious turn when a temporary solution (you or your partner sleeping n another room) becomes the norm. Either cold war will follow this or there would be a very ugly fight, which has the potential for ruining your relationship forever.

Both of you need to keep your cool and not let the effect of snoring get in the way of your relationship. The non-snoring partner should sit down with the snoring partner and talk about it and either seek medical help to get rid of the problem for once and all or try out other remedies and see if the snoring gets reduced.

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