6 Things To Expect When You Are Dating A matured Lady

For some guys, dating a matured lady is non-negotiable. This is not necessarily a case of the lady being older, it is about how far the lady has developed mentally and in other aspects.


dating a matured lady

In that respect, age is just a number in some instances. For example, a twenty year old girl or younger might be seen to carry herself in society far better than a lady who is over a decade her senior. The 20 year old is basically more matured than her older counterpart.

However, the age thing most times works against younger ladies in determining maturity. The classical requisites in dating a matured lady are a combination of these factors:

  1. must be above a certain age, at least 28
  2. must be working or have a source of income to be able to support herself
  3. must be through with school and
  4. must know how to comport herself publicly

For men of a certain age, those are the four non-negotiable factors when dating a matured lady.

If a lady ticked all the boxes, the advantages are numerous for both parties. That is a story for another day.

For today, the question is why a preference for dating a matured lady? The answer is obvious if you look at the question from a different perspective. What do men expect from dating a matured lady?

Things Men expect from Dating a Matured Lady

Self-assured and bold

dating a matured ladyMatured ladies give you that and much more. As a man, you know that what you see is what you get. She is not scared to tell you things to your face.

And Conversely, she expects the same from you and know how to handle all sorts of uncomfortable truths, no matter how hurtful they might sound. She is the kind of woman you won’t mind having by your side during a crisis or when times are tough.

Her head is screwed on properly.

They know what they want

Since they are bold and confident, they don’t dick around playing kiddy games. If you’re dating a matured woman, she is into you because you actually tick the most important boxes of the sort of man she wants to be with. Whether short term or in the long term.

Even if she later discovered she might have made a mistake about you, she handles the problem impressively. She knows a solution can either be any of these two: she splits from you or makes lemonade from lemon.

Either ways, you know it is not just a frivolous decision for her.

They have little personality issues

They are not confused about who they are and what they are capable of. Dating a mature lady basically means you have a partner who doesn’t have time for a make believe world.

She has stopped dreaming that one day she’ll be the next Beyonce. Or expect that a George Clooney kind of guy is just around the corner to run off with her on his dazzling white stallion.

Nope, she is way beyond creating impossible personalities or expectations for herself.

dating a matured ladyDrama Queens? No way

You need to have dated an immature lady to understand this perfectly. Guys easily get fed up with their ladies blowing a small issue way out of proportion. The energy used to deal with girls when they are in that mood drains the mind and body.

With matured girls, one thing men are spared are unnecessary dramas which sometimes boils down to needing more attention from you, the guy.

They don’t hide it if they are hurt

Because they know one of the important aspect of a good relationship is to be open about their feelings.

You hurt them, they don’t rush to their private corner and sulk about it while plotting revenge. They deal with the issue head on. They tell you about it and how they expect you not to make it a habit of hurting then whimsically.

And when they are hurt, know this, they are really hurt.

They don’t mind boredom

dating a matured ladyThey’d know what to do when they get bored. They won’t have to wait on you to spice up their lives. That is another way of saying, if you don’t feel like going out, they won’t pout and tell you how stale you are.

Ladies with little or no maturity always feel life is drifting by them if they feel totally bored. They hardly know that life is mostly boring. We just put up with it the best way we can.

For every man who has been into dating a matured lady before, the experience is different. But one thing is always spot on, matured ladies are the reason men behave themselves properly. Yeah, they have a way of molding us into better human beings no matter whom we are.

When you start dating a matured lady, you’d know it’s time you begin thinking of taking your life and your future more seriously. There is no middle ground with them.

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