The 10-Point Grading System In Deciding The Girl To Date

Before I go off on my epic rant, it’s only fair to explain what the 10-point grading system is in the context of how dudes decide whether to date a girl or not.


10-point grading system

Put simply, the 10-point grading system is an unofficial, unwritten scale where girls are rated on their suitability as a date. Mostly, the scale is based objectively on what the male eyes see.

For the records, the word ‘objectively’ is used loosely here. Because my 8 rating could be another dudes 4.

In the 10-point grading system, a score of 1 is defined as the sort of girl you’d never ever date even in your dreams. As a matter of fact, dating a girl like that in your dreams is the stuff nightmares are made of. To be charitable, these sorts are simple not beautiful.

A 10 score on the other hand is your perfect physical specimen. She has everything all men need in a woman. She is stunning to put it mildly.

Why the 10-Point Grading System is so Sujective

From the definition above, it is immediately clear why the 10-point grading system cannot be relied upon as a general way of gauging if a particular girl is right or wrong.

The system works well in a clique of friends who basically have agreed on some sort of rule on how to judge girls based solely on how they look.

10-point grading systemHowever even among close friends, serious dispute do broke out on where to fit some girls on the scale. But it is wise to just give all pretty actresses, singers and models a 10 on the scale.

For instance, I am very sure no right thinking dude would give Beyonce less than a 10. Or even Alicia keys when she first burst into the music scene. I saw her recently in some episodes of Empire, all I could say was, ‘Gosh, what happened to that stunning girl?’

She’d added on weight and it wasn’t very flattering. At least to us that knew her when she was the world’s number one innocent-looking diva.

Anyway, to be on a safe side, the women at the top of the 10-point grading system have to be those types.

At the bottom? The women we give 1? The sort of woman you’d only pray for your enemy to date? That is where issues really begin to pop up.

10-point grading systemThe purist would insist there is something as a truly ugly girl. While many on the other side of the fence would self-righteously claim there is nothing like an ugly girl. All girls are beautiful in some ways they’d say. And besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Okay, I guess it’s only fair to pitch in about my personal thoughts on the sort of ladies that score a 1 on the 10-point grading system.

Have you ever seen a girl you told yourself you’d never be caught dead dating? Or a girl who looked so ‘off’ you’re sure she’d make a good living as a circus freak? That is my 1.

Again, remember, we are not talking about a girl’s character or how suitable she is for a wife; what we are on about is what you see when you first set eyes on a girl. Simple.

The 10-Point Grading System at Work

10-point grading systemMost girls I know and have seen fall between 4 and 7 on the chart. And I think that is a good thing because that way, we dudes have a large pool of girls to chose from when we decide to date a girl.

The 10-point grading system is very flexible. It has to be. Or else you’d find yourself with mud on your face if it wasn’t adjustable like that.

For instance, the girl you met previous the day at the party and you rated an 8 could be a 4 when you see her in the harsh light of the morning sun on your bed the next morning.

Seriously, if you have never been in situation where the way a girl looks in the evening is markedly different from how she looks the next day, I’d advise you to date more. That should be one of the things dudes should experience before tying the knot.

Also, when scoring a lady, you should be careful about giving her a high score.

A high score like a 9, meant you’ve put her in a position where you and your friends would constantly pick her apart to find faults. No girl, no matter how pretty or how much time she spends taking care of her body, would survive that kind of brutal examination from the guys.

10-point grading systemTo be on the safe side, always tell your friends your newest catch is on the average end of the scale. That way, nobody would questioned your judgment and make fun at you too much if she isn’t even up to average.

On the other hand, if it turns out she is way better than average, you friends would think you were trying to be modest. And been accused of modesty is a good thing right?

I know some dudes out there would scoff and say they don’t do stuff like that. Or some ladies would be horrified to learn men indulge in such; but come on, ladies, I know you grade us on some sort of scale.

As for the men who claim they don’t do it, I dare you to put your words where your mouth is and tell us how you pick the girls you finally decide to date or chose to a have relationship with. Do tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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