9 Ways To Make You Awesome On The Phone With Girls

I’d witnessed several conversations between a guy and his future date to know that many  guys need tips on how to be awesome on the phone with girls. If your phone game is already tip top, you might find most of the these very familiar.

awesome on the phone with girls

However, reading this might teach you a thing or two about how to manage a chat with a girl.

Of course, the first trick is to get the girl’s phone number, right? Some might get the impression that getting the phone number is the toughest task. But that is not true.

There are so many ways how to easily get a girl’s number. The problem is what to do next so that the number nestling in your contacts list doesn’t go to waste.

Calling her  is the logical next step. Which sounds rather easy. Most of the time, guys spoil their chances of getting dates or relationship because they have no freaking idea how to be awesome on the phone with girls

Ways to be Awesome on the Phone with Girls.

Saying ‘sorry’ too often is bad

awesome on the phone with girls

It is understandable that you want to date the girl and therefore would do anything to be in her good books.

The worst way to do it is to come across as a guy who tends to quickly apologize for any apparent infraction. Many guys do this a lot with a girl they are trying to toast.

It is bad. That is giving the girl the feeling you are soft and weak.

Never back off from a little fight

awesome on the phone with girls

This is another mistake guys make and it is closely related to saying sorry often.

To be awesome on the phone with girls, you need to show them you can hold your own no matter what the subject is.

Never be quick to concede a point to them because you are scared of annoying them. On the phone, intelligence is measured by how you keep a chat on tract without having to agree to everything she says.

Fact is, normal girls want their guys to be intelligence. The first place to make a good impression on that front is over the phone.

Ditch the nice guy routine

awesome on the phone with girls

It is a known fact that girls prefer men with nasty streaks in them. Coming across as a nice guy on the phone would score you points on the negative side of her male-grading scale.

The idea basically is that nice guys are boring. And boring is what you must avoid in the initial stages of a potential affair with a girl.

On the other hand, don’t go overboard in trying to prove you are not a boring, nice guy. Show her respect and use your discretion to know what lines not to cross.

Call at odd times to surprise her

awesome on the phone with girls

Most phone conversations occur at nights. To show her you are full of surprises, breakaway from the norm and call at odd hours.

You can do that during lunch breaks or in the morning on your way to work.

Just be creative in the times you choose to call her. She’d be delighted with your style I bet you.

But hey, don’t call at 3am in the morning, or other weird times. That is taking it too far.

Don’t take too much time

awesome on the phone with girls

Sometimes I feel like tearing out my hair in frustration the way dudes spend too long on the phone with girls.

Don’t put everything out there on the phone. Make the conversation short and interesting.

If she wants to hang up, let her go. Never prolong a conversation that is going nowhere.

A big advantage of short chats is the it gives her something to think about with a smile on her face.

If you take too long, there is the danger she might get bored and irritated. And won’t be looking forward to your next call.

Don’t be surprised if girls refuse to pick your calls because of that. 10 minutes should be the maximum you should be talking on the phone with a girl.

Avoid talking if you don’t have anything to stay and just listen


awesome on the phone with girls

Sadly, many guys believe that they have to say something not to look daft.

In this day and age, the strong silent type guys are even more appreciated. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, keep your mouth shut.

Allow the chat to flow by allowing her to talk. Ask her questions that would bring her out of her shell. Girls, generally, like to talk about themselves.

This is one time listening to her is a big virtue.

Be informal and playful

awesome on the phone with girls

Another tip to be awesome on the phone with girls is never to be formal. You are not interviewing for a job you know.

The person at the other end is not your scary head teacher back in school. She is just a girl looking to be happy and perhaps have a relationship with you if you get it right.

So try to keep the conversation light-hearted by recalling funny anecdotes in your life or day. Show her you can take a joke at your expense.

That would make her comfortable with you and open up more to you.

Don’t be scared to flirt a little

awesome on the phone with girls

Flirting a little is a way of testing the waters to see just how she’d react to the idea of a romantic relationship with you.

Her reaction would tell you where you stand. If she immediately responds well, you know you are on the right track.

But if her reaction is not good, it is either she thinks it is inappropriate to say something like that so soon in the budding affair or she is not just used to that kind of conversation.

Either ways, at least she now knows where you stand. And I can bet my arm she’d think about your flirty moves a long time after the conversation.

Finally, ask her to call you

awesome on the phone with girls

This is one tip not many people know or utilize. Asking her to call is one of the ways to find out if she is really into you.

If she complies and calls, know that she is really interested in talking with you. If she doesn’t, it could mean anything including the fact she doesn’t like you enough. Yet.

The bottom line is never to give up. Call her back after a few days and without showing your disappointment; talk normally to her.

Of course, you might chip in a sentence or two on how you waited for her call. See how she replies.

But never take a negative reply too personally. Nobody said getting a good girl is an easy task.

With these tips, I guarantee that you would become awesome on the phone with girls.

However, you must always have it at the back of your mind that glitches might occur along the line. So you must be flexible enough to deal with these unexpected hiccups.

So what do you think? Let’s hear your take or even more tips on how to be awesome on the phone with girls.

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