How To Talk To Girl You Never Met Before And Impress Her

Talking to a strange girl could be tense or tension soak at times because she is someone you’ve never met before and you can’t be comfortable around her if you don’t know some clues on how to talk to a girl you never met before and impress her. How To Talk To Girl You Never Met Before And Impress Her

It is not something that cannot be done by anyone but it requires you to learn a few things that will make you look comfortable and be a smooth talker.

Ways to talk to a girl You Never Met Before and impress her

There is a difference between talking to a girl someone introduces to you and talking to girl totally strange to you with no introduction from anyone.

The formal is much easier because the first brick has already been cracked down for you but the latter requires you to crack down the brick by yourself which will put you in a tense position if you’re not a master of the act. If the girls are in a group, this is how to approach them and win them over

How do you talk to a girl you’ve never met before and impress her to win her over? The following suggested ideas have been very effective in talking to girls not known before that present time.

1. She needs to know you’re interested:

Walking up to a lady and start talking without her having a hint of your approach can’t walk in most situations. You may have watched that in the movie happening but in real life is not going to happen that way.

A girl needs to know that you’re interested in her so that she can assess you. Bumping on her will make her remember what her mother told her about guys to be on the defensive and that’s exactly what she is going to do if you don’t let her know you’re interested in her.

2. Staring Game should come in:

When the girl is aware of your presence, it is time to play the staring game, staring at her now and then to arouse her curiosity, if she glances at you back smiling to herself, then you’re good to go but if she stares at you back with a dirty kind of looks, there is no point approaching her because most often such scenario ends up in disaster, just avoid her, simple.

3. It’s Advisable not to use a pick-up line but make use of pick-up circumstances:

Pick-up lines will fail you in how to talk to a girl you never met before and impress her, though pickup lines are smart and cocky but not in this kind of scene. Use picks up circumstances in case of the pick-up line.

What I mean by pick-up circumstances is that looking at the situation around her or the place where you find her, just look for something that is relevant to that surrounding and say it from the blue.

For instance, maybe she is an usher in the church, you can use her role as the circumstance, ask her how she manages to play such a role well without annoying the other members of the church and standing for such a long hours.

She will feel so much interested because you’ve been able to relate your talk with the situation around To Girl You Never Met Before And Impress Her

4. Ask her vague question to open her for your introduction:

Vague questions are the types of questions that make girls wonder for few seconds but still respond to your question. When she responds, you’re both in a talking mood.

She could have just answered you and looked away elsewhere but you just have to keep the conversation going by introducing yourself to her or asking more questions before the introduction, what is more important here is to make it lively and exciting.

Be frank, tell her you have a confession to make, that you’ve been waiting to meet her for a long time or all evening.

She obviously knows you’ve been staring at her, so why pretend like you’re picking her up? Telling her the truth may flatter her instead of making her feel like she’s being picked up.

5. Smile often and limit your time:

Making her comfortable should be one of your goals because that is when she will be happy to talk with you for long. How do you do that? Just ensure you smile a lot when conversing with excitement.

She will be willing to let the talk flow and you can use the opportunity to flirt with her while making it humorous.

Don’t forget that she has her time and there is something that brought her into such places, don’t try to use your own to waste her time away, when you talk too much she gets annoyed when she remembers that she’s there for some reasons.

You have to limit your time and let her do what she wanted to do before your appearance. One of the best ways to avoid getting her annoy is to ask her if she has to go somewhere and flatter her at the same time.

Saying something like “I’d really love to stay here and talk with you for a while. Would that be alright with you?” Try it, you’ll see the difference.

Yah! That’s it. You’ve got it now, so, how to talk to a girl you never met before and impress her shouldn’t be a thing to worry about anymore if you can follow this guide.

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  1. Dis is helpful, bt if u both met in a vehicle n there is notn 4 u 2 coment about wht r u gonna say (eg. If in a church u can coment on her role in d church) pls i need a reply.

    1. There Must be something to say, you just have to think about something you can use to compliment her even if the dress or shoe does not look best, nobody will reject a positive word said about him or her. just do your own and wait for her response, then you’re good to good. Even in church, there is always something to say about anybody.

  2. i met a girl in the coaching and i like her and to start conversation with her i asked for her notebook as i have to complete my work next day i gave her notebook please tell me how to start the conversation with her as she is always surrounded with her friends

    1. You’ve already initiated a conversation with her by asking for her notebook and returning it to her, all you need do now is to take it further by looking for some other things similar to your class work and start another conversation with her.
      When you were asking for her notebook initially, were all her friends not there with her? Use the same method to start talking with her and try to be as friendly as possible.
      There is nothing holding you back except yourself right now. Go ahead and put the fear of starting conversation behind you, you’ll be surprise how easy it will be by the time you start it with her.

  3. What you already have a girl that so much love you but u dnt Alwayz know how to bring up issues to discuss with her or to talk with her

    1. Conquer yourself first, it is fear that can cause you not to be able to bring up issues to discuss with her. Approach her with boldness with smile on your face to reduce tension on your body. Find a common ground on what both of you can really talk about, it may be the new making around, gossip, or anything currently happening around you and before you know it, you will build confidence around her.

  4. I loved a girl(junior) at first look itself…as I and her studying MBBS, I talk to her onetime in phone … seeming she is not interested in me… but previously I talk to her directly …she responded well.. she is quiet, cool,descent… not much talkative.
    ..I recently messaged her” I love u”.. would it have any impact on her??? the main problem is I am not so gud looking… but I loved her greatly… give reply soon pls.

    1. How do you know that you’re not looking great, don’t accept self-defeat else you may find it very hard to see someone that will love you. First love yourself and then others will see that love flowing in you and then love you back.
      Since the girl is interested in you, there is no going back, prove your love to her that’s is real.

  5. Bro, I have a long story to share… I seriously needt your help and advice… Can we discuss this on facebook please?

    1. Ok, send me message through this blog facebook fan page, send it as inbox if you want it to be private.

  6. There’s agirl in my church I love so much…have been admiring for a long time nw but couldn’t talk to her…d day I talked to her..she was so suprise and started forming for me…dat nite she texted me saying I gat d mind and d liver to talk to her….she said she was suprise and from dat day she won’t talk me if I call her she won’t pick my call..she asked me to stop disturbing her……..dosent she like me…what can I do…

    1. I personally don’t think she likes you not even love you. Although some lady are like that, they will want to test you to see how serious you are about being dating them, but if she does not want to hear from you and asking you to stop disturbing her, I think you should look elsewhere. No hard feeling Olumide.

  7. All well said buh the best way to initiate a talk with a girl is to follow what your heart says and not with what you read on the net…….

  8. dat guy is almost in there, since u call her and she didn’t pick up. try wording with her once more but dont be eager to say I love u, let her feel comfortable around u talk much about her, admire her anyday anytime u see her, u will see dat she will begin to like u, now text her messages dat will show dat u really care for her e.g what are u up to, how as been ur day hope not too stressfull, on the other hand u can write funny topics at times. I hope dis help

  9. There is this gal i luv so much, dat i see her pass in front of me evrytime, bt still i cant talk to her, pls i need solution

  10. I like a girl. I came across her profile on instagram. She’s from another city and we don’t even know each other.we don’t have any mutual friends. She’s inactive on other social networking sites. Can u suggest me a way how I can get her attention or approach her?

  11. I love you not only for what you are,
    but for what I am when I am with you.
    I love you not only for what you have made of yourself,
    but for what you are making of me.
    I love you for that part of me you bring out.

  12. am not use to stopping a lady on the way to ask her out.but,after I must have doon my homework about a lady I like seeing her I just let go of all my really disturbing me .what do I do

    1. …then forget about pick up lines, just be natural with whatever you want to say, you can’t be perfect one day, by the time you say your words naturally two to three times, you’ll realize that, it is not a big deal and you don’t need to cram any lines before you can speak to any woman, just say whatever is in your mind, as you’re being nervous, the girl you want to talk to too is being nervous. So the equation cancelled each other.

  13. Bro..u r reli doing a great job here….pls sir i hav a complain..;
    i met a gul on a social network she is a white gul i added her n we became fredz,we talk abt ourselfs,she told me she met a guy 4rm my country at d last summer dat d guy told her abt our culture n tribes…she nw tel me dat she like my culture n dat she wish to knw how to speak our language i told her dat i wil teach her, she gav me her number dat i should whatsapp her…but i love diz gul soO muCH but we hav nt talk anytin lik dat,i told her 2 change her profile pix she did likewish..but my question is dat….did she love me? Or d other guy she met@summer becos i hav nt told her dat i love her….thanks…am waiting 4 ur reply…..

    1. I can’t categorically says she loves you, is it very much possible she’s enjoying being your friend with no string attach. Since both of you do chat, find out from her, her relationship with the guy she met during the last summer, her response will give you some clues that you can act upon.

  14. hello…am a student.,i min uni,. I av a girl wer i sty,her room is d next 2mine wer we rentd.,she glances at me almost everytime weneva am in door she passes d front of ma room(a passage) she will juz glance@ me,.i caught her most often,even if we board d same bus 2sch.,she often asks 4somtinz 4rm me.,am a fresher anyway so i juz lyk package masf i dnt talk much wt dem although ama funny guy,……wat can i do.??does it mins she lyks me

    1. I don’t need to struggle hard to read your message, write it well without all these shortcut. Normally I will not response to it, but make yourself clear so that I can get your question.

  15. Sir, I possess rather look, facecut, great deal of sense of humour, chatting capabilities. STILL I am facing trouble at starting…. can’t get along…. how can I make my girl interested in me… I am used to being tension locked at every first conversation…… plz guide and mail me some tips…..

    1. What you need is to face your fear, I can give you 1001 tips but if you cannot actually go out there and face your fear, they will all be useless. The best advice is to just face it, you don’t need to get it right at first, but by the time you’ve tried it three to five times, you will realize it is something you don’t even need to bother yourself about.

      Make up your mind and approach any girl you want to approach without entertaining any form of fear or whatsoever, she cannot devour you, she can’t slap you, she can’t even spit on your. The funniest things about approach is that, even the girl too might be feeling shivering and when she realize you’re not confident enough, she might want to use you for her confidence.
      Bold up, approach and feel relax, it is that tension that’s killing you and until you learn how to relax when you’re with any girl, you will continue to suffer for it.
      Let me just give you a tip here, go and learn how to approach lady by speaking to sales girls, they are paid to speak to you by the company that employ them, you can use them to boost your confident. Just go out and make use of the opportunity to speak to them and learn how to feel relax with a lady.

  16. I meet a girl in a bus and I collected her number, so how am I going to approach her, already both of us av been talking to each other on phone

    1. If you have been talking on phone, then you don’t have any restriction anymore, just arrange how both of you can meet and discuss about the possibilities of getting to know yourself and getting into relationship with her if all things went on well.

  17. My name is micheal am a shy boy, and i really want to get over this, i want to be free and be able to approach girls, i don’t have a girlfriend because of this, please how and were can i start from, to find a real girlfriend, am a university student, i see many girl that i like but how can i approach them???

    1. Hi Micheal, I was once in your shoe in the past but the truth must be told. You need to overcome this shyness and the best approach anyone can give you to face it squarely. Approach any girl you desire to approach without entertaining any form of fear or intimidation. The girl you want to approach too is possibly feeling shy and you’ll be surprise that you can actually stand your ground and be confident about.

      Don’t mind those girls that will look at your sternly as if you’re about to say something they have not heard before, just pass your message across as you feel. You might just be lucky as some girl understand how you feel and are ready to help you out.

      If you don’t face it now, it will continue to hunt you. Just start it today, before you approach 5 girls, you’ll be gaining lots of confident approaching any girl.

      Another thing I will suggest for you is this, if you’re feeling shy approaching any women, try and go to company and meet the customer service especially ladies. These people are being paid to have a talk with you on the product of the company, use that opportunity to talk to many of them and learn how to be confident before these salesgirls. Ask questions and feel free to express yourself with them, in doing this, you’re gaining more confident speaking with ladies and you can use this same confident to approach any lady you want for a date. It’s a strategy that really works, just give it a try and see how it gonna help you out.

  18. Pls all this issue here refer 2 me,am having a lot of problem on how to approach d girl I love,and I have missed a lot of girl which suppose to be my girl but because of my shyness and my speechless that causes me all this,of which this girls are also in love with me bt they expect me to come to them and tell them my heart,but seems am speechless I lose them all.pls my main problem now is that I have try to gain confidence but what next is that I don’t know hw I will express my feelings,what to say,how to say,how to begin. Just enlight me,teach me pls Mr Anthony

  19. xup admin…I have the confidence to walkup to a girl, say hi nd ask her name…but the problem am realy having is that i gat no tips to kip the conversation going, sumtimes i beat around the bush….#i wil be glad if u can help me figure out sum amazing tipz

    1. There is no amount of tips I’ll give you here that will work if you do not open your mind to make use with what you’ve got. You first need to get comfortable with the girl, you can beat around the bush and the same time try to find out what she loves talking about and make that to get her comfortable talking with you.
      Once she’s comfortable with you, you just let her know your feeling.

  20. sir, i need ur help i had seen a girl on social networking site and it is sure we will meet at an occassion few months after but i have only that day as my chance what can i do to get her attracted towards me ??? she is really very beautiful nd i m in love with her . please help me to prepare for it u can also mail me the tips.

  21. Sir …. They is a white girl in my fb friends . I love the girl with what I see in her posted pic.. But I have not seen the girl in real life… So I don’t know how to start expressing my feelings to her.. And to win her Mind

  22. pls sir why is it that girls Dn’t like. dating short guy or is hw we aproach dat mattef because am not tall but I like dating tall girls pls help out

  23. Pls my junior brother that stay in d united state want to introduce a lady to me . Would you pls help me out in how to start the phone conversation and win her heart permanently

    1. Just clear your mind, speak to her naturally as if you’re speaking to your friend without being under any pressure. With this approach, you’ll get use to her and let her know how you feel about it.

  24. Okay, so this girl, we have a mutual friend, and are both joining the Marine Corps. How can I approach her without ruining a friendship?

  25. sir, i need ur help i had seen a girl on social networking site and it is sure we will meet at an occassion few months after but i have only that day as my chance what can i do to get her attracted towards me ??? she is really very beautiful nd i m in love with her . please help me to prepare for it u can also mail me the tips. I am very much in need of it sir please help me out??

    1. You can’t be in love with someone you’ve not asked out and getting her to say yes to your proposal, if you do that, you’ll only hurt yourself about it, you never if she has someone else that she’s giving much consideration over.
      Make your intention known to her and prove yourself to be the genuine guy she’s been looking for if she has not gotten any other guy in her life.
      Meet her and tell exactly what you want.

      1. sir i m not going to propose her on the same day i jst want a good impression on her so that when i send her a request she readily accepts it and i kno about her she has no boyfriend i need your help to leave a best first impression on her 🙂 rest i will have patience and do my work slowly 🙂

        1. The best impression you can ever give a girl is to be yourself, don’t try to pretend to be another person. All you need is to package yourself well and be conscious of youself and how she responds to your interaction. Don’t be too pushing and don’t try to over-impress her. If you know you don’t have something, don’t try to behave as if you have in your possesion.
          …and lastly, don’t be too serious in your conversation, just make it jovial and fun to be with. You can even tell her captivating stories if you know of any story that will get her attention.

  26. Bro,
    there’s a girl,living in girl’s hostel infront of my house. I think i ha ve a secret crush on her. So, pls give me tips to intract with her. I even dont know her name.

    1. Read this article you’re commenting under very well, you’ll understand how to interact with her.

      Tell her you want to see, she might ask you, hope there’s no problem, tell no problem, is just that you want to see her find out something or see her for something she’s in the best position to give a clue to the thing you want to find out.
      And when she gives you the attention, tell her how you feel about her and what your intention is all about but don’t start telling her you love her. You don’t know her yet and so you cannot love a woman you’ve never met one on one to discuss about love.

  27. Hi,
    I have been in love with a girl for over a year now. When we first started talking we hung out with eachother nearly everyday and sometimes we would walk home together. She has shown signs of liking me such as resting her head on my shoulder or playing with my hair..I would say she stays close to me whenever we are near eachother. However, she only shows these signs rarely. These days I usually only talk to her once or twice or day, and sometimes we completely ignore eachother. I hope that made sense as I kind of in a hurry.. I just need this help..
    Thanks Brother

    1. It’s like this sometimes, I don’t think there’s anything wrong here. When a relationship is just starting, you will be all over each other but as the relationship progresses, you’ll realize it is not about the desire to see her at all time wane but you still love her. But don’t completely ignore your woman, women are attention seeker especially from their men. Just it easy and let your love for each other grow.

  28. this girl was my junior in school, but will are now ex-student i got her number frm my friend she know me, but i dont how to talk to her on phone

  29. she is my junior in school but now we are ex-student i got her number from my friend how can i tell her i love her?

    1. You’ve already have her number, just call her and tell her that, you’ll like to see her to talk about something important. You can just tell a person you love her when you don’t actually know her that well. Forget about her been your class-mate then, you can only like her but you can’t claim to love her, doing that is a child play.

  30. Hey I’m good lookr guy of 21 years I have serious problem here.all girls that I dated with,after brake up they usually say that I’m a boring guy.I don’t know when they see that because when we’re in the relationship they ain’t see now that hurts me a lots because I think they will talking to their friends that how boring I am.And lastly yesterday I approached a girl from the street but we studing at the same campus,so I talked to her about to intro….myself she respondd well but she wasn’t happy even I’m trying to make a smile she was jast a normal girl then we keep walking because I approached her out of the campus I say to her I’d like to socialise with her more she say OK we can go on,when I asked her number she refused with it I don’t know whether she was interested on what I was saying or not so my queastion is can I try again because its was the first time I met her the number I asked for a sake of when I want to go back to her again its will be easy than to reasearch her all the campus.I thnkx

    1. You need to try again, she’s not sure about your intention and you need to prove it that you really mean well. She can’t give you her number until she feel free to do so with you. Give it some tries, I’m sure, you’ll succeed.

  31. There is a girl i somuch admire, but i can’t approach her because she calls me brothe but i might not be her senior

    1. Let her understand exactly what you think, don’t die in silence believing she will understand you one day, it might be late by then.

  32. Daminisce Eleniyan

    Sir, Have seen and met many girls that I liked but because am a stammerer I couldn’t approach them because I felt I would stammer in her front and this makes me feel bad, I don’t know what to do. Pls help me sir.

    1. Don’t allow your fear to deprive you of what you need to do now. No matter how long you try to prolong it, you must still say it they way you want to say it. Any woman that will truly love you, will not say because you stammer, she’s not going to love you.

      What you should learn to do is self-control, control yourself when speaking, don’t feel tense and speak slowly with confidence.
      Just take control of your speech, if you try to speaker faster, you will get to stammer lots of time but you can control the urge to speak faster, you will be surprise on what you can achieve with it.

  33. Hello admin….i met a girl in my street days back, it’s getting dark tho so i try and approach her that same day but she never turn up, she’s asking different question which i got no answers to. I freed her nd let her go that day. Here is it, i now realise i met this girl before ina concert i don’t know what to do now.

    1. If you’re confuse, just free her. I don’t know happened at the concert, you might have done something wrong or good then. But the fact is that, she already knows you and for you not to continue running on something that will give you so much headache, why not look for another girl.

  34. There is this girl i asked out and collected her number and do call her once or twice a week..but there was a day i called her to tell her how i feel about her she told me that she is not interested that she gave me her number for giving sake..pls what should i do?

    1. If you believe you can still get her, continue to press further, but mind you, know when to stop and when to continue pursuing her.
      She might just be pretending to see how you’ll chicken out.

  35. Hello Admin, there is a girl I saw in my friend’s Facebook friends list wish i keen So much interest bout her. The point is that my friend is not ready to introduce to her neither give me her contact meanwhile they were not dating and have sent her a friendship request but she’s yet to grant my request . kindly tell me how to overcome this please.

    1. Are you aware that most girls have too much friend request and inbox messages, that make it impossible to check out the sender especially if not known to them before?

      You will need to press further in your message to her but don’t do it too obvious. For the fact that, she’s on your friend’s list does not mean your friend too will have her contact details, except if they’ve met in real life before or probably have had some form of serious interaction in the past.
      You can still talk to your friend about and find out if he really know her.

      If there’s nothing between them, tell him to help you out by suggesting you to her as friend on Facebook, meanwhile, to achieve that, you will need to cancel your friend request with her, so that your friend can suggest you to her and you might be lucky this time around.

  36. Therez dis extreme beautiful gal i saw a certain day…. I liked her so i approached her nd honestly she was friendly so it wasn’t difficult for us to get along… Bt all of a sudden, she started ignoring me, stopped picking my calls nd also stopped replying my message… Am so confused.. I dnt no wat i did to her..pls cn u say something about it??? Thanks

    1. It happens like that sometimes, just continue trying to get in touch with her and if you can look back at the few time you’ve spent together, so see if there’s something you might be suspecting, that could warrant such treatment, you try to find out and if true, just apologize and from there, you can continue to enjoy your girl till another misunderstanding happens.
      Remember, its relationship, you’re trying to know each other, so, don’t expect everything to just go on smoothly like that.

  37. there’s is a girl I always pass his house to my workplace when ever she saw me she smile at me but i don’t know how to start conversation with her.

  38. Hi!
    …so I met dis spec of mine at a frnds convocation earlier dis month in osun. I kinda got her numbr frm her frnd whose convocation I went for as she asked me to because I guess her peeps where on d tent opposite us n she said she was in a hurry immediately aftr we’d taken a coupl of pics togethr.
    Now we’v spokn n chated on d periphery.
    I’v noticed she doesn’t reply wit respect to mine. she kinda replies if u know wat I mean.
    Now I rili lik n want her for real. She’s just graduated in d same sch n d same time as my frnd.
    Usually i ‘d do dis xpertly but bcus I truly want n lik her,I am nw clueless cus I dnt wana mak any mistakes.
    need ur help. thanks

  39. There is this beatiful girl in my church she is an usher and i’m a keyboardist (we are both student of the same university) we used to glanced at each other but we have not had any conversation. I like her deeply. Sir i need your help on this matter. Thanks in advance

  40. I likes a girl…
    I want to talk to her…but she is not in my school neither in my coaching…. When she goes to her coaching classes she always stay surrounded by her friends…
    Please tell me how can i talk to her?

  41. sir i have a problem, i love a girl, i see her almost everyday but i am not able to talk to her..i have her phone number nd i call her nd asked dat can we be friends nd can we talk…bt c clearly told me no we cant be friend or neither we can talk…plz help me what to do next….??

  42. Hi tony… Have got lil issue here, I am lecturer at a polytechnic and I saw a girl in a different department and I have feelings for her. I need to have a conversation with her bt as u know academic environment aint comfortable. … plus I want to get her contact number directly from her..
    she knows ama staff and always greets me with respect anytime shes passing by. Help me


  44. sir i have a problem, i love a
    girl, i see her almost everyday
    but i am not able to talk to her..i have
    her phone number nd i call her nd
    asked dat can we be friends nd can we
    talk…bt c clearly told me no we cant be
    friend or neither we can talk…plz help
    me what to do next….??

    1. Let her be if she doesn’t want to talk to you.
      Besides, how do you get her phone number if you have not been talking before.
      This may be the reason why she do not want to talk or be your friend.
      It’s like you get her number wrongly. You can let her know how you get her
      number if it’s something you can share with her.
      Your sincerity may just win her for you.


    1. The best thing anyone can tell you is to face your fear.
      No one will help you do that, do it now and you will be glad you take the step.
      Walk up to her and tell her how you feel for her.
      You may not get it right at the first attempt, but you’ll surely make progress with it.

  46. i got her number from the night guard of her hostel. And she knows that i show her my sincerity. And she talk wth me and the next day she told ‘come to the road i wanna she you from balcony’ and after that i called her she talks with me nd the next day. She told me ‘dont call or message me i dont want to be yr friend’ now what i will do next sis…from shuva

  47. i got her number from the
    night guard of her hostel. And
    she knows that i show her my
    sincerity. And she talk wth me and the
    next day she told ‘come to the road i
    wanna she you from balcony’ and
    after that i called her she talks with
    me nd the next day. She told me ‘dont
    call or message me i dont want to be yr
    friend’ now what i will do next sis…
    from shuvam

  48. sir i think, problem and mountain are same think….they come in life, not only in my life in every body’s life…and sir when problem come we should face it not to run away from the problem….i ll keep try…thank u 4 yr help sir

  49. There is this girl in my department i have always liked the girl but anytime i want to approach her for a conversation my mind will just flow away with fear pls how can i get the courage to approach her and this do occur even with other girls i like so much pls i need your advice

    1. Face your fear, no one will do that for you.
      You just have to stand up and face it except you don’t to marry or you want someone to do the talking for you which is not too good.

      Face your fear, you may stumble today but you’ll be gaining confident each time you approach a man.

      If you’re too ashamed to do so, start talking to women/ladies that are sales girls, they are train to talk and you can use them to gain confident, you can joke with them, tease them and learn how to talk with woman.

  50. Sir anthony i greet u.sir there is this girl i met in my new church i alway look at her and she wil look back with a smile,i love her but ther is this great fear in me,pls how can i overcome that fear in me,pls i whant a clear hint 4rom u and i promise to do my best and try it,afterall ther is no harm in trying.thank u sir

    1. The only enemy you have right now is your fear, no matter what I will tell you here, if you cannot overcome that fear, you will not be able to woo any woman.
      The best you can do now is to overcome your fear by facing it.
      Whenever you see a lady you want, don’t think twice about it, just go straight to approach her. You might fail in the initial approach, but trust me, some ladies understand your situation and some can even help you out.

      You cannot be perfect once or twice, but you ability to face your fear and do what you really want to do will help you to master the whole game and you will never fear any woman again.

    2. The only enemy you have right now is your fear, no matter what I will tell you here, if you cannot overcome that fear, you will not be able to woo any woman.
      The best you can do now is to overcome your fear by facing it.
      Whenever you see a lady you want, don’t think twice about it, just go straight to approach her. You might fail in the initial approach, but trust me, some ladies understand your situation and some can even help you out.

      You cannot be perfect once or twice, but you ability to face your fear and do what you really want to do will help you to master the whole game and you will never fear any woman again.

  51. Howdy Anthony,
    I so much like what advice you have established so far in the lifestyle of our men, welldone.
    Moreover, I’m not a novice in times of confronting a lady in an oral expression of my feelings for her.
    Nevertheless, some women are a big “lie tellers” so I’m always very crucial to ask them. So therefore, how can I know when a lady is saying the truth on not?

    1. Her body language will reveal the truth to you if you know how to read body language and again your instinct is another that tells you never to completely trust her or to just give a her trial.

  52. Hi.. adin good day ,,am 27yrs guy,,,,she live beside my work short,, she has every thing that I want..though shyness is part of me,,because I never try this before.. I manage oneday and confront her,,she gave me know respond,,something like i don’t know what to say,,I said OK ,go and think,, I asked her number, she said her phone lost that day,today I went back and remind her,her face is like she was not happy,,no good answer,,what should i do?

    1. You need to continue to present yourself good before her and continue to ask her for the feedback of what you’ve told her before.
      Ensure you show how much you care about her but don’t make it too obvious that she can sense you’re being good because your a positive response from her.

  53. MR Anthony i seriously admire u.pls i need ur contact.i want to buy some of your books please. am begging you in the name of GOD,my facebook name is “kenny beans kenory” jst drop your contact on my inbox and i will give you a call.tnx a lot

  54. i met a girl in the campus, we’re in the same department but i’m a year ahead of her, i greeted her and told her my name and other things, i asked of her name but she refused.All she said is dt she is cummuning with God and told me to join her in prayer, i was surprised though but i didn’t mind i kept quiet while she sing gently,when this is getting longer i told her “in jesus name we pray”. i told her am going and asked of her number and name but she still refused. Right now i got her number frm a friend. what is the next proper step sir?

    1. Don’t go ahead to call her, that will be a betrayal of trust from the friend that gave you her number.
      Look for how you can get in touch with her again, and talk to her one on one again so that you can fully registered in her mind.
      Just be her friend first or get to know as much information you want to know about her.
      She might not like you at your first meeting, and she needs to be sure of who you are, she will not want a lion in sheep clothing.
      So, prove your seriousness to her at least once or twice more and after that, you can ask of her phone call again but if she does not give it to you again, let her understand that, reaching is very important to you.
      This is just to psych her and you can latter tell her what end her phone number and promise to call her even if she do not give the number to you.
      But you must be careful depending of the kind of person she’s.

  55. I love a grl in my department BT I av not express my feeling to her and am sure dat she is aware of dat cos we sum times hangout together.we have discussed so many things about our self and our love life BT what baffle me most is dat she is in a relationship of which she has told me of and she has even introduce me to d guy. The problem nw is shud I go forward and tell her d feeling dat I av feeling for her?won’t it disrupt our relationship ?

    1. Since she’s already in relationship, it won’t be right for you to express your feeling to her any further. If you still want to keep your relationship/friendship with her, don’t bother to tell her how you feel.

  56. am lanre am nt scared of walking to gal bt I dnt knw wat to say to dem I cn u plz give snm cule on our to start my conversation

  57. there was a girl in my area,although her parent was somehow poor before,buh suddenly they became rich and alxo build their house in our area…i have had my feelings for d girl since i was in ss2,but i was scared to approach her.. i tried to have her 2go usaname nd we chat together,we know eachoda more cos we knew eachoda in d area b4..after we are tru wit our secondary sch,i gat a little confident to talk to ha,tellin ha that i like ha..buh i fink it’s too late cos she answer me negatively…i don’t what to do plz hlp me out….

    1. I guess you shouldn’t be running or bothering yourself too much about girls at your level for now. You can have them as friend but think first about your future.
      The truth is that, it is easy to say, you will not impregnate any girl until you’re able to stand on your own, but shit really do happen and if it happens, it can make your goal in life seem unattainable.

      Though, you can still approach her and use her to gain more confidence even if, she’s not going to give you the kind of answer you want to hear from her.

      I wish you well.

  58. I met a girl in my practical lab test . As i look pretty good , so she talked to me because we both were seated together to copy down something (Teacher told us )… she helped me also as i forgot my pen . She asked me my hometown and a bit few questions and i too appreciated her handwritting and gave few jokes. But we couldnt talk later …..NOW THE NEXT EXAM IS ON 8th FEBRUARY . I don’t want to miss that chance and i really fall in love with her . She is the most lovely girl i ever met. Kindly please help me . Please . I will be million times thankful to you .? I have read all your posts and fb stuffs and i really appreciate you Sir . I know you can help me Sir please ??

    1. I don’t know what kind of help you need in this regard.
      You have to tell her how you feel, tell her your mind.
      You shouldn’t be afraid to make your intention known to her, you’re already friends and that break the first barrier between two opposite sex when you want to communicate your feeling.

  59. Hy please am shy type an because of this i can,t approach a girl,. Even if i do i don,t no how to start ohr what to say i need some help

  60. I met a gal in d bank,we did only introduction before she left.I really lyk her.she gave me her number nd I’ve bein callin times,she pick,at times she dnt pick d call.she in bigger than me In everytin.I’ve told her I wnt 2 see her in person again,n she said no problem.I dnt knw wat 2 do wen we meet again.I dnt knw if she lyks or she’s av a boyfriend.wat shld I do wen we meet.

    1. You don’t have to worry about her status for now, since she has not told you anything about it, meet her and get to know more about her.
      If what you get to know about her is favourable to you, you can still arrange for another meeting, or a date and present what’s on your mind to her.

  61. Rafiu ibraheem

    Ello sir…ma name is ibraheem ayobami,pls sir,i av a girl anytime she see me like dis she always smill at me nd i smill back,she plays wit me nd i dnt kno hw 2 talk 2 her cuz if i talk 2 her dat i love her she wil always walkout of me nd i dnt kno wat 2 do anymore,xo i want u 2 elp me nd gv me sum advice nd ideas dat i can use 2 approach me:08179055638

  62. der x a gel i love so much nd i once sent my frnd to talk to her about hw much i felt for her, nd he did nd d reply x dat had heard wat he said nd also gave my frnd her number to gve to me nd i dnt no hw to aproach her nd even talk to her pls i need steps nd guidline bcz am really in fear

  63. hi,I’m Emmanuel.I really appreciate all ur work man.u r really great.thanks for helpx we d actually facx almost all d problems guys here r passx tro.but d achx one is dat I don’t know wat to say wen I meet a girl.words kinda escapes from my mind.n I get scared dat I might say d wrong word n it might just blow it off

    1. Try and say the wrong words, by the time you do it for like 3 to 4 times, you’ll realized you’ve got the confidence to say whatever you want to say to any girl, no matter her level.

      It’s fear that’t crippling your ability to speak with any girl you want, dare the fear on it’s face for once, and you’ll find out that, it’s even easier to talk to girl than you might be thinking of.

  64. Sir thank you, but shyness and the fear of rejection is what has been holding me down. This evening my room mates was making jest of me and i feel very ashamed. How do i overcome it.

    1. The best way to overcome fear is to actually face it.
      If you don’t face it, it will continue to hunt you.

      Once you face it twice or three times, you’ll realize you’ve gained confident over it.
      Just eraze your mind about rejection, think of it as something that’s normal and that every babe cannot accept you.
      Anyone that reject you actually teach you a lesson and when you try to approach another one, you’ll get bolder.

      Face your fear and you’ll be glad you overcome it.

  65. I met a girl on FB some weeks ago, v never seen her before she uploaded some pictures of hers and tag one of my friends on FB. Instantly, she got attracted to me and v been dying to meet her since then. I sent her a friend request and she accepted it on that same day. One thing about me is that m a straight to the point guy cause I don’t like beating around the bush. So I sent her a message on FB telling her everything I feel about her. For like three days, there was no reply but she eventually did. After that we get along and fortunately, she gave me her digits. We chat and call bu I do most of the calling. One thing I don’t understand is she keeps saying that “it’s not possible ” without giving any reason and According to her, she have no boyfriend. We even chatted till some past 11 yester9t So I don’t know what more to do. And m falling for this girl already

    1. She’s not convinced yet, you’ve got more to do by showing you care, and keep building rapport with every time you connect. It’s matter of time, depending on your skill, she will give you the appropriate answer.

  66. What topic do u suggest i should raise the next time we chat or talk. As for me, I think I should try to avoid her for a two to three days before calling her. Definitely, she’s going to call but I just wanna know if She’s gonna miss me

  67. i met a girl in a bus we chatted somehow during the course of the journey. I collected her number, have been talking to her on phone for a while now but haven’t seen her again. But the truth is that i love this girl, should i tell her i love her on phone?

    1. Don’t tell her on phone.

      Arrange for how both of you can meet.

      Telling her on phone will make you look unserious and ashame to face her, which mean, you’re not man enough to face woman.

  68. We both live in d same street and also went to d same school! Buh all we do is being friends not so long I develop some strong feelings toward her some times we both meet and greet each other so I had d chance to get her number! One day she called telling me to borrow her something I was surprised so I told her to come for it and av been writing down some love letter so I gave it to her and she told me what is inside I told her to open it her self, there after av not been seeing her so I called her and told her Dat was she avoiding me because of the letter I gave her she said No that she traveled some days Later I saw her and I decide to call to ask about what I gave her she said she doesn’t reply to such a childish act I told her I didn’t count Dat as childish act Dat I just feel lyk writing her so I tell her I wud c her in person she said she doesn’t want to c me Dat I shud not even call her again I was shocked! Buh I know she love me any time I c her am always afraid pls what can I do should I apologise for being a coward or what? Pls I need an urgent answer she got all I want????I love her so much even obbsesed!!!

    1. You don’t need to apologise for anything, if it’s not going to be, it will not be.
      Next time, don’t try it with letter, tell it to her face.

      You might still get the same result, but it’s something you don’t have to be worried about.
      Many girls do that at the initial stage, but your persistence can win her over.

      If you make any attempt like three times, and she still turn you down, just let her be and never feel sorry for what you’ve done.
      You’re a man, just be like one and move on.
      You’ve learned a lesson and that won’t be repeated next time.

  69. hello..plz dia is dis girl in my church she is among d choir,last week sunday she sat not far frm me cus she didnt cut d whole story short i started looking at her nd she knew wat i was duin dat am lookin at her nd she did dsame tin bby lookin at me also bt wen she see dat i want see her she just quick drop her eyes from me…bt i love dis girl nd i dnt knw wat to do again cus she did dsme tin today also cus i was done first started it….bro pls help mme ooo cus i dont want next sunday to go jst like dat

    1. Just approach her and ask for her friendship, interact with her and before she leaves, try to get her contact. If you’re able to get her phone number, the game don start be that bros.

  70. Kudos to you admin, please I want you to enlighten me on my believe, am a short guy and I believe that ladies always look down on a short guys as if he doesn’t worth them and this believe had make me to loose many girls that I love. please enlighten me on how ladies feel about stature. Thanks in anticipation

    1. My friend, status doesn’t matter to girl, if you’ve got the swag, forget status. If you black like charcool and even short join it, but you’ve got the swag and knows how to make them fall over, laugh and even forget themselves, then you’ll see them coming to you because, with you no dulling moment.

      …and tell, who doesn’t love someone that’ll make them happy and forget about their pains.

      So, whether you’re short or tall does not matter as it concern the matter of the heart.

  71. sir there is a girl whom i like so much….but she is totaly strange to me and the prob is a boy stays with him evrytym she goes to school…How shld i start the conversation???

    1. Can you guess the boy’s age?

      Anyway, the boy presence does not matter. you can still talk to the girl and just ignore the boy or rather let the girl knows you want to have some kind of personal discussion with her and if possible, she can just tell the boy to excuse you guys a little.

  72. i met this girl on facebook, i like her and i sent her a friend request which she accept. after her acceptance, i sent her this sms! “Hi her Name”. From the moment i first saw your profile i was absolutely impressed by the shine of your eyes. Then when i saw your posts i just thought that we have something common. What do you think? Few days latter she replied by saying ” If you want”. Now how do i na tell her what i want through same sms? because i want to be direct.

  73. Sir,i saw a girl’s picture on my friend’s WhatsApp and i like the girl from there,i got the girl’s number from my friend.I’ve been having boring chats with the girl for like one month now like asking her ‘how her day has been’ and she replies ‘yes’ and we don’t say anything more than that,how can i get to start having interesting chats with her and get more of her attention through chats so we can get on well her sir?

  74. there z a girl I like in my area, but d problem is the girl is kind of crazy and hard to get. she has embarrassed alot of guys who try to toast or ask her out….so am also scared not to be embarrassed….so what do I do??

    1. Go toast her, for the fact that she embarrassed guys does not mean she wil embarrass you too.

      If you don’t approach her, you can never know her response to you.

  75. I went to my former area and I see a girl briefly I ask about from my friend he Tel me her name and give me her but d problem dis is dat she always dey inside and busy

  76. I’m 23, not yet ready for marriage right now but i have seen someone i wish to spend the rest of my life with. At the meantime, she is dating someone but i’m afraid i may loose her hand in marriage. Please what should i do? Advice me please

    1. It would be better if you focus on someone else, since she’s already with another person.
      Why should you be given yourself headache over her.

  77. I like a girl. We’ve met before twice at parties, and I really lyk her but when I approached her last things were going fine till I asked for her number and she gave me a look. Then everything went wrong. what should I do?

    1. She just want you to try another time.
      She’s not so sure of you with your game plan, so you need to keep close to her.

      Let her understand that, having her phone number for further communication, even both of you don’t see eye to eye.
      Tell her, you’re not getting it to disturb her and that, you just want both of you to communication beyond that place
      where you met her.

  78. hi,I need an advice from u sir?I meet a pretty girl from a blind date since last year an av been tryin my best tu let her knw hw I feel fr her bt al she say is dat she hate tumuch of calls,it mis DAT am distobin her with my calls,an she said she break up with her x boy friend…and av fallin in luv with her plz wot should I do sir

    1. You’re probably being deceived.

      No serious girl will ever complain that your calls is too much for her.
      It shows that, she has a standing relationship and she does not want you to spoil the relationship for her.

      She just might keep you around for friendship or just in case.

  79. Gudday sir! i met a girl at the bank 3 days ago, while in the bank we were busy staring at each showin her am interested in meetin her. few minutes leta i went up to her but she refused talkin to me.i copy her name &search her on FB, i sent her a frnd request & she accepted dat day. i have been sendin her messages on fb chat she will read but she neva reply me. the means of gettin in touch is just fb chat i don’t have number. what should i write next?

  80. dat day. i have been sendin her messages on fb chat she will read but she neva reply me. the means of gettin in touch is just fb chat i don’t have number

  81. Good day Mr. Anthony… Is it proper for me to meet a girl for the first time and tell her how I feel or take it easy…if easy when or how many days before meeting her

    1. Yes, you can tell her how you feel but you must not tell her you love.

      You can’t love somebody you’re just meeting, she will feel you’re not being real.

    1. Go ahead and toast her, face your fear and you’ll realized that after all, it’s nothing.

      If you fuck up today, you’ll learn a lesson and you’ll improve when next you want to toast another babe.

      If you find it too difficult for you to face your fear, then go get my
      NO Rejection Approach System.

      You’ll learn how to effortlessly turn any woman into your girlfriend.



  82. their is a girl am friending before we have a little quelled that last for 1yr later I make up my mind to go and beg the girl but she refused but any time I sees the girl she will smile

    1. Well, well, she still wants you and you need to tell more, you’re sorry and all of that….

      Women love to prove being right in situation like this, so, just do as if you’re wrong, even if you’re not.

  83. I have see a girl i like in social media, but i don’t know how to go about it,,how to get her contract, i mean message that will convince her.please help me about to get her

  84. Mohammed Yahaya

    this girl she always like calling my name when ever she sees me anywhere if i do something wrong she always like to be angry with me and if i refuse to eat what she buy she will be angry but anytime she talks to me i feel amazing, she talks polite to me but if she is with her friend she use to gosipe at me when ever she see me at school she will be shame to talk to me i don’t know what i did to when ever we are in the school and she always like sitting down on my lap anytime i refuse to talk to her she will ask me what happen and i will say noting what if she behave as if she is needing sex what will i do to this kind of girl to be my lover and have sex with me?

  85. Mohammed Yahaya

    and their is a girl my friend is friending her but she don’t love my friend why? because their is a day i want to fetch water from bore-hole she said i should help her to put her her water inside the wheelt birrow after that she said i should bring my ear let her tell me something then when i am bringing my ear she kissed me on my chicks. their is a day i was going to buy sothing from garage i saw her she look at me she didn’t even smile she frank her facet at me. what am i to do let her need sex with me?

  86. Hello Anthony, I’ve been chatting with this girl on whatsapp and when I asked her where she lives, I was suprise we live in the same street.
    I told her can we meet and she was like…. “she’ll think about it” What do you think is going on in her mind?

    1. Nothing spectacular is going on in her mind.

      It’s just normal for some babe to tell you that, so that, she will not look too easy for you to get talking with her.

      It’s your responsibility to check on her again about it, she might still tell you the same but if you really want to get it going with her, don’t stop.

  87. Nnamdi Alex Isikwei

    Hi bro, A very good friend of my made me fall in love with a girl and i have never see her for one day, he gave me her number and i have been calling her we chat too i have send her my pic and she too, but i do not know what to say ,do or act just to win her love when i see her one on one . Please help me .

    1. Try and see her first.
      Picture is deceptive and can’t be trusted.

      Once you see her and she’s your liken, words will flow, even if it’s just to joke, she will love you more.

  88. hey bro can you help by telling me the best way to ask out a girl from class where my previous date is also and still hung up on me

  89. There is this girl I admire alot who passes my house to work everyday. But she also move with her friends. Because of that I can’t approach her while she is with her friends. What should I do si

  90. I have a friend(a guy) who has a friend(a girl) I don’t really know but really like and i want to be able to get her to like me and kiss me. I need to know how to get her to notice me for me. I think I would like her to be my first kiss.What do i do
    ps; I’m 15 she is 15

  91. there’s this girl that I love, but I don’t know how to chat her on whatsapp for her to believe that I’m for real and her brother is also my friend too he knows that I love her sister… please tell me how to chat with her on whatsapp so that she will believe that I’m for real…

  92. Please, there is this girl I admire I got her number from a friend of mine but we stay distance away from each other in term of destination but I like her and want to date her but the distance and being the fact I haven’t seen her before and talking to her on whatsapp makes things difficult please how can I go about that.

  93. Hello Mr Toni, ther is this girl I have a crush on which I met in d church am just attending, she is in d choir department, and I always find myself staring at her. Please can u tell me how I can go about getting her interested in me

  94. There is a girl I like and I don’t know how to talk to her, she is my friend and also my junior in school. Her brother also is my friend and he is my mate in school, he knows about my like for her sister which he do not like at all. Please how can I talk to this and make her my girlfriend which her brother is not going to know about.

  95. anliough ephraim

    i met a girl on facebook,and ask her 4 friendship and she agree but i don’t believe she love hw can i knw she realy love me? i need ur hp pls

    1. Ephraimmmmmmm

      Just calm down, since you’ve never met before, it gonna take some times before real love develop.
      The outcome will determine how well you go with her with your personality.

      By the way, how did you come to conclusion she does not love you?

      Just take your time to develop your friendship with her, and in that process, everything will be glaring to you, whether to take it further or to just leave it at the friendship level.

  96. Ajibola tobiloba

    Pls i have a girl, we are friend, and am studying computer engineer, and the girl is my boss girlfriend,but their dating is not dat sound, the girl have not say yes for my boss, bt my boss is forcing her,and the girl like to be play with me, she alway call me to come and play with her in her shop,and i also like the girl, pls how can i do it?

    1. How can you do it?

      Brother mine, just do it and do away with her.

      I mean, let her be, if your boss has eyes there, please take off your eyes, look elsewhere.
      Don’t let your boss know about this, it might not end well.

  97. my name is bright and am from bayelsa state, i have issue with talking to a girl. there is girl in my church who always stare at me, but i don’t know how to start a conversation with her, please what can i do, i can only talk to girl that were introduced to me by someone, i need your advice. thank you

    1. Put your fear behind you and face it.

      The ground is never going to swallow you for talking to any girl.

      Since she’s a member of your church, that even make it easier than you may be thinking.

      Get started with her with things around the church and when you’re comfortable with her, you can now take your talk further and engage her.
      Don’t forget to tell her what you feel.

      Start from somewhere.

  98. Sir, thanks for your replies so far.
    There is this girl that just came into our lodge, she rented it. She looks pretty and and I like her. We talked and still talk but there was some days about two that I didn’t see her, do I collected her number from our WhatsApp group and chatted her up. I also called her and we talked. Now, she is back and I really love this girl to be my girlfriend.
    The challenge, I have now is that I want us to talk, I chatted her and told her I want to see her but she said she was tired and sleepy, I called her today but she didn’t answer the call. Could the way I got the number be a problem? Her works start by next month but she is always inside, probably because she is new to the environment. I have considered going to knock her door, but I ain’t comfortable with the idea perhaps she finds me intrusive. I don’t know what to do now. Keep calling? Chatting? Could it be she ain’t interested? Advise me, please.

    1. Hey Mojeed,

      U understand, it can be difficult for a shy guy to approach a lady, but the truth is, you’ve got to sum up courage and approach her, even if you’ll make some mistakes in the way you go about toasting her.

      It is even possible the babe too like you and she’s only waiting for you to just say something and she will not notice any thing you might thought to be a mistake.

      Don’t just go straight telling her you love her and you want both of to start relationship and get married, that will be a sign of you being desperate. Engage her, get to know more about her and let her be interested in anything about you.

      Sometimes, you can jokingly tell her you want to be her boyfriend and watch her reaction.
      You can read my guide – The No Rejection Approach System if you want to move things faster.

      But come to think of it, you said, you’re a hunter, use your hunter instinct to get her na. LOl

      Heaven will not fall if you approach her, the worst response you can get is, she’s not interested and that will free your mind and enable you to hunt for another lady around.

  99. hi sir,there is this lady that came new to my workplace I like her but the problem is that she always kept mute.she doesn’t talk much to the rest of the workers.

  100. I hav ma neghbour i love her but i haven’t told her but i told her to visit me and she told me that she is coming but she didn’t and the following day i told her the same thing and she told me that she is busy yet i would like her to visit me Wat can i do?

  101. There is a girl in my area I never talk with her. Before but when we were Young we do talk but now I want to start conversation between us but I don’t know if the wil snub me

  102. Please I’m 18yrs and I have fall in love with someone..whenever I try to tell her,I feel shy because I don’t have the bold to tell a girl and also I haven’t tell a girl that I like her before.Please help me to do this

    1. Hey Isaac,

      Thanks for your comment.
      The truth is, nobody will help you to talk to the girl you fall in love with.
      Just take the bold step, she’s never going to slap and it will never make you feel less of a man.

      If you can talk to her or have a chat with her, just tell her casually that you love her and continue with your gist with her. You’ll observe nothing’s going to happen thereafter.

      Some girl can even tell you to repeat what you have just said again, ask such a girl that, is it a crime to tell somebody that you love her? This kind of response will shift away the supposed pressure on you onto her.

      Just take the bold step and by the time you do it like 4 to 5 times with different girls, you’ll be bold going forward.

      I hope this help.

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