Get Girls Phone Number Without Stress Using Different Approach

Get Girls Phone Number Without Stress Using Different Approach

How will a girl give you her phone number or what can make her give you her phone number without stress from your side? Maybe I should give you a minute to think about that, or oh! Sorry you are here to learn how to get a girl phone number, right! Good.

Getting girls phone number shouldn’t be a big deal for anybody though I must admit it that, it is not going to be easy especially if you’re just starting to ask girls out or you’re a beginner like my nephew (don’t bother about his name) who’s learning how to woo woman.

You will experience some form of fear that will make you a little jittery at first, but don’t worry is normal, is the part of the ritual every guy goes through. Go ahead and woo her and in the process ask of her number.

Get Girls Phone Number Without Stress So, how do you get girls phone number without stress? There are several ways or approach you can use to get any girl’s phone number, it all depends on your approach and how you see thing.

One thing I will let you know here first is that, if you really want to get girls phone number without stress and be successful with, you should not take it as big deal. Why do I say so, well!

Taking it as big deal with create you more problem and make it harder for you to get her number, this is because, you will almost put all your mind on it as if once you get the phone number, the girl is completely yours.

Now to make it less stress for you when you want to get a girl phone number, this is best approach you need to take.

Approach her even if she a total stranger, once she’s open to conversation with you, just be rest assure, if you do other things right, you will get her phone number.

Start conversation with her, take your mind off the fact that you want to get her number and make yourself interesting to her, try to know her (note if she’s not open to conversation with you, don’t waste your time with her just move to another girl).

Once the conversation begin to flow, try to understand her likes, explore her personality and see if you like her, if you don’t like her, asking for her number will make no sense, if fact, it will show in your body language and I can tell you that she will sense it and refuse to give you her number.

If all is well, at the point where you both enjoy the conversation, ask for her number playfully, make it known to her that she’s a fun girl to talk with and you will like to talk to her another time, you’re almost late or somebody maybe your boss is waiting for you somewhere and look like you’re in a hurry to leave.

She has no other option than to give you her number because she will also love to talk with guys like you who make her laugh and possibly forget about anything that’s worrying her. That’s one method.

Take another one here, instead of asking her at the peak of the conversation, don’t, just end the conversation with a friend is waiting for you and use this approach according to seduction by Kamal, here is what he says

[sws_grey_box box_size=”590″] I end the conversation with my cute new friend FIRST. I tell her that my friends are waiting for me somewhere (any excuse will do, even that your goldfish are hungry).

I let her know that I had a good time with her, I thank her, and I leave… Without Asking For Anything. Yes… Without Asking For Anything… I turn and pretend to be leaving for good and then…

I turn back and said to her: “Actually, I think you’re a pretty interesting girl, we really ought to continue our conversation over a little coffee…

Are you on Facebook?” Unless she’s an australopithecine or a zinjanthropus or whatever, she’ll say yes. At that point, I pull out my little seduction notebook, and ask her to write her address…

And just when she’s about to finish, I ask her: “Oh hey, also write your phone number next to it, with any luck, I might be calling you.”

In the psychology of persuasion, it’s called the principle of commitment. In fact, when a human being engages in an action, it’s very difficult to take a step back under social pressure.

It will therefore be very difficult for her to refuse; she’s already caught in the trap. [/sws_grey_box]

Remember this approach may not work 100% but you’ll be successful with it. Why it may not be 100% is because of some girls experiences with guys, some of them have already closed their mind when it is giving out their number to guys, some guys who seems to be a perfect gentleman then turn to become obsessed with them and some went strange.

Just remember that she’s tied to her phone, so anyone who has her phone number can access her at any time and say anything to her. So, she has herself to protect to avoid such embarrassment from guys, and that justify why you may not be 100% successful in getting girls phone number without stress.

Remember! Getting a girl phone number does not mean you’re already successful with the girl, what you do after will determine that, and to know what you should do after getting her number, read this post I write here; When you get a girl phone number, what next do you do?

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