Sexting Etiquette for Beginners

Sexting is naughty, lewd, and very exciting. We all do it, usually within a relationship, but not always. It’s the modern way of flirting with someone we fancy, but if you are not careful, you can end up in a spot of bother. Ask Anthony Weiner; he knows all about the perils of sexting.Sexting Etiquette for Beginners

The Dangers of Sexting

The difference between phone sex and sexting is that you are more likely to be caught out if you sext. Unless someone goes to the trouble of recording any sexy conversation you have, once the line goes dead, it’s over. Sexting leaves a digital trail behind, in the form of naughty messages and rude pictures. Even if one recipient deletes everything, who’s to say the other person won’t decide to keep a record of the chat and send it to a third party?

The point I am making here is be very careful with whom you engage in sexting with. If you are free and single, you should be OK, but if you have anything to lose, i.e. you are in a relationship with someone else or you would be fired if anything dodgy appeared on the internet, think twice about sexting and stick to raunchy phone sex through the Arousr app instead.

Dick Pics

Dick pics are a staple part of sexting. What usually happens is that a guy is very proud of his tackle, so the minute the conversation begins to get a bit sexy, he snaps a photo and sends it over. How you react at this point is crucial.

Unless you want to get rid of your admirer, do not make any disparaging comments about size, or indeed anything, including saying anything snarky about the bathroom tiles on the wall behind. A man’s ego is inextricably wrapped up in his trousers, so anything you say that could possibly be construed as a criticism, will not be taken lightly.

However, unsolicited dick pics are annoying, so feel free to tell the sender exactly what you think of his privates, and if they are lacking in some way, don’t hold back. It’s also worth letting him know you will be sending the pic on to your friends.

Be Spontaneous!

You have to live in the moment when you indulge in sexting. This is your opportunity to give in to your wildest, filthiest desires. Just because you wouldn’t do any of this stuff in real life, it is fine to talk about it via sexting. It’s also liberating, but if your partner is pushing the conversation in a direction you are not comfortable with, then you need to tell them.

Read Erotica for Inspiration

If you are new to the art of sexting and you don’t have a clue how to write titillating messages, try reading some erotica for inspiration. There is a wealth of pure filth online for sexting virgins. Use someone else’s racy literary ramblings to help you devise suitably saucy sexts.

Sexting is pretty commonplace these days, but if you wouldn’t want anyone to see your private photos, don’t include them in the conversation. You have been warned!

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