Body Language Signs Your Crush Is Not Into You; Don’t Waste Time!

There are several ways to know if somebody you are crushing on is interested in you the same way. One way is to look out for some body language signs.

Body language signs

What if the person you really want to date does not like you, and for one reason or the other, can’t find a way to tell you off politely?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all can read other people’s mind so we know exactly how they feel about us? Fortunately there are also some clear body language signs to look out for to know if your crush does not like you.

I believe strongly that knowing when and how to recognize these body language signs are very important. It is not funny hoping that your efforts at making your crush like you in a very special way is all a waste of time simply because you didn’t know the body language signs to look out for.

If I had my way, a manual on how to recognize body language signs would be made a mandatory read for all singles hoping to get into a relationship sooner or later.

Body language signs that show you are wasting time on your crush

Eye contact

Body language signs

Almost everybody would agree that making eye contact when talking to someone is clear sign the person is paying attention to you.

Conversely, avoiding eye contact by your crush is an obvious sign they are really not interested in what you are saying.

It is just as bad as when you are talking to someone and they are busy fiddling with their phone as they exchange instant messages with friends.

I know some desperate people who persist in talking on and on when their object of interest is clearly not interested in what is being said. Please take your cue, and move gracefully away while your pride is still intact.

Position of the body

Body language signs

When you are with your crush, how is the position of their body relative to yours? Watch out if they are subtly leaning away from you.

What about the direction of their toes, are they pointing away from you? Their sitting posture too is important. Are they perching on the edge of their seats as if ready to take flight.

What about the upper torso? Is it positioned as if they’d rather have you look at their backs instead?

All these are subtle body language signs you’d do well to observe or else you’d easily be taken for a ride.

Awkward conversations

Body language signs

Perhaps, at the beginning you’d think your crush is kind of shy; that is why they find it difficult to have a free-flowing conversation with you.

That could be true up to a point. If after using all the tricks in the books to bring them out of their shell, they still refuse to ¬†talk to you as much as you wished, you better take a step back and consider the fact they don’t like you.

Actually, after being persistent with them without success, you don’t need a seer to tell you the person you really want to date is not interested in you.

This is one of the body language signs ignoring would turn you into at best, an irritating pest. As for the worst your crush would think of you if you persist in talking with them, how about jerk or insane. The list of unsavoury names goes on I tell you.

Keeping their distance

Body language signs

Picture this scenario: you timed it so you sit where you know your crush normally sits. Your crush comes in, saw your sitting there; if the only place they have to sit is next to you, watch the way they’d sit as far away from you as possible.

In the worst case scenario, your crush would rather not sit down or would look to convince some other person to give up their seats for them.

There are different variations of the same situation. The common denominator is that they would always look for an excuse to be as far away from you as possible.

Not paying attention

Body language signs

So you managed to put yourself right beside your crush. Your are now prepared to engage in the wittiest conversation you have been preparing all week for.

Unfortunately, the love of your life is not remotely interested in the awesome things you are saying. Instead they are busy looking elsewhere or paying more attention to some nerd telling them one innocuous thing or the other.

Don’t be too surprised at this behavior. This is one of the most classiest body language signs in the world. You want to find an appropriate exit strategy next or else you’d be making a fool of yourself in front of everybody.

And I don’t think anybody is worth that bother. So find a way to gracefully move away to a quiet corner and lick your wounds like any normal person.

The good thing is,you knew when to quit and stopped wasting your time. Be rest assured, another person that is just as good or even better would come along sooner or later. Trust me.

Do you know of any more body language signs we should look out for this situation? Please, do tell is about them in the comments section below.

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