How To Talk To Girls And Win Them Over

How To Talk To Girls And Win Them Over

It’s a natural tendency for girls to walk in group making it difficult for some guys to approach a particular one the guy is interested in. Girls flock together just like bird “pardon me if you don’t like that word” and it’s their way of life, they enjoy this with so much gossiping with things that is happening around, or probably discussing the kind of guy they want in their life or the one they don’t want in their life and so many things that to guys are not important. So, how to talk to girls and win them over with such ways of life can be tricky somehow but is not that hard, in fact it’s easy if you can follow these basic 5 pointers I’m going to share with you here today.

How To Talk To Girls And Win Them OverThese five pointers will teach you how to talk to girls and win them over.

1. Make fun your priority: Approaching group of girls and make them like you wouldn’t work if you’re not a fun kind of person or at least focus on fun at that particular time.  It is the basic and the most important part of talking to a group of girls, show them that you got lots of fun within you, make them lively, and excited as long as you can stay and talk with them, long after you leave, they will still be talking about you on how you add much fun to their talk and you’ve immediately created likeness for yourself.

2. Never you try to put them in a spot: Girls don’t like it when guys put them in a spot with some awkward questions, leaving them wriggling on their toes is not the best way to talk to group of girls to win them over. Awkward questions like “I like your shirt” “where do you buy this your top” “I don’t know, most people think I’m boring, do you too think I’m boring?” If you do these, you’ve already spoilt your show with them and they have totally loss interest in you.

3. Don’t do the talking alone: Guys that meet girls in group and want to do the talking alone won’t find it easy to stay a little more when they girls are just looking at you as if you’re talking machine. You need to get every one of them involve in the conversation, put questions that they will be willing to response to them, put talk in their mouth if you know what I mean. It makes all the girls feel more involved, and that’s always a great way to get closer to all of them at once. And if you’re talking about something like music or films even celebrities they love or new social media trend just like what is trending now “My Oga at the Top”, there are bound to be a few healthy arguments and opinions, and all of that will definitely work in your favor.

4. Show enthusiasm, warmness and likeable. Make sure you smile a lot and laugh wholeheartedly when you’re having a chart with a group of girls. If you want to take your funny bone a notch higher, learn to use self-deprecating humor. Girls just like it when a guy make a fool of himself by behaving like a bumbling Hugh Grant when he tries to be witty and fun. And the best part, this kind of humor almost never ever fails with a group of girls.

5. If you get the chance, why not get naughty:  special precaution has to be taken here because if you do it wrongly, that is the end of everything you’ve been trying to build, but if done right, you’ve won the show. If your naughty talk or jokes annoys any of the girls, the whole thing is ruined. Naughty flirting is the easiest way to hysterical laughter and a better impression.

How do you do this? Simple, just use one of the statement made by one of them and twist it to something naughty. You don’t even need to say anything here to be funny. You can just look at her and smile mischievously when she says a line that could be read into something else dirty. When other girls in the group see you smile, their dirty little minds will understand the joke and they’ll laugh, without you even having to say anything!

Now you know how to talk to group of girls and win them over, go out there now and put it into practice, you will be amazes on the outcomes of the result.

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