10 Witty and Funny Short Slangs Used In Relationships Today

How many people get tired of typing long messages when interacting with their loved ones? I sure do feel like that at times.

If asked I am very sure a lot of people would agree with me that if they had a way to shorten messages they would jump at it.

It would interest you to know that these funny short slangs have been incorporated in daily conversations today.

It is therefore not out of the norm when they are used and it is now seen out of place if anyone doesn’t use them.

Communication has become so interesting these days and it amazes me how so many people have been able to take interaction to a whole new level.

In this article, you will get to know about some commonly used funny short slangs used in communicating.


The first day I saw this I wondered what it meant until someone told me it was “laughing my ass off.”

This is used to express something funny and rather than writing it out in full, these four letters are all you need to make your point. Ain’t it nice?


Funny Short Slangs Used In Relationships Today

This is one of the funny short messages ladies use all the time.

Meaning “O My God,” it is used in different contexts to illustrate astonishment.

So it is not alarming hearing it these days as it is frequently uttered in almost all occasions today.

Instead of using “O No!” or “I can’t believe this,” you just stylishly say “OMG.”


I personally use this a lot to indicate a pause or break when chatting with someone.

It means “be right back” and is also a quick way to express your thought rather than actually explaining why you want to take a pause.

So rather than writing “I need to take a dash” or “i’ll be with you shortly,” all you would say is “BRB.”


Funny Short Slangs Used In Relationships Today

Of all the funny short slangs, I believe this is the most used by all who communicate via chat.

It is used to indicate laughter and something very funny and now understood by all who use it.

So instead of saying “I am laughing” or “this is so funny” or “I can’t stop laughing,” all you have to do is use “LOL” and you’ll be perfectly understood (as long as you are not from the Shakespearian era, LOL!)

Aside being known to mean “laugh out loud,” it could also mean “lots of love.”


This means “as soon as possible” and also used a lot by people when chatting and also when speaking.

It indicates emergency and urgency.


This is mostly used by teenagers and it means “best friends forever.”


This is an intense way of expressing serious laughter and means “rolling on the floor laughing.”


Those in relationships use this most especially to address the one they love.

It simply means “babe or baby” and can be used for both male and female.

So rather than calling your partner by his or her name, you just use this short three letter word and he or she should feel good.


Without being spelt out, I am sure you know what this means.

Used daily by all those who love someone, it means “I love you.”

This short slang cannot be done away with as it is one of the most used slangs in relationships.


This means “I miss you” and is also used by people.

These funny short slangs make communicating less stressful as they make chatting more interesting and fun.

They do come in handy if you know how to apply them in your interactions.

Imagine if every word had a short slang, I can just imagine how conversations will be like.

The flow will be easy, more fun and less stressful.

How many of these funny short slangs do you make use of today?

Do you know more of them? Tell us.

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