How To Toast A Girl You Already Know

There are times I absolutely feel that one of the best life aids that should be given to all young men is a pamphlet (or a huge book) titled, ‘How to toast a girl you already know.‘ Because let’s face it, most of the girls we meet or consider interesting enough to toast are girls we already know.

toast a girl you already know

Therein lies the problem. How do you toast a girl you already know? Some so called experts would tell you it is easier to toast a stranger than a girl you already know. I don’t know where they get that idea from though.

I admit it can be very awkward to want to move things up another level with that girl you see many times a week. You know the sort I am talking about? She could be a friend to your sister; a colleague at the office; or the attractive well-toned babe always using the exercise bike at the gym everyday who is friendly with you.

Fact is, over 90% of the time, the girls we really get attracted to are girls we already know. The problem is, how to seamlessly transit to making her a girlfriend.

And that is where I think that pamphlet on how to toast a girl you already know would be important to many young men.

So in the absence of that pamphlet why not try these tested and guaranteed-to-work strategies on how to toast a girl you already know.

Get her attention

toast a girl you already know

I guess that is the first thing to do if you want to toast a girl you already know. Since you know her already, getting her attention shouldn’t be that difficult unlike if you were a stranger.

On the other hand, this first step might be unnecessary if you are close friends already. However, getting her attention could all boil down to just this: making her aware you want to explore the possibility of dating her.

Before you ask her out

toast a girl you already know

Before you finally walk up to her to ask her out, you might want to do a drastic makeover of your appearance. This must absolutely happen if you are a sloppy dresser.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to go to her decked in your best suit. That would be very awkward and look as if you are trying too hard to impress.

And remember to smell nice too when you finally decide to cross over from the friend zone. At least that should give her the feeling you are trying your best to look nice and clean for her.

Girls do love guys who make an effort for them.

Talk to her

toast a girl you already know

Okay, this is where things might get a little tricky. Sometimes, no matter how confident one is, to toast a girl you already know might live you with a blank brain.

This is because, you know chances are high she’d think you are taking advantage of the fact you know each other already to hit on her.

So you can start off by telling her if she fancies the idea of going to watch a movie together. If the idea doesn’t appeal to her, you can ask her join you for a church program or whatever you can come up with.

The idea is simple: get her out of your mutual comfort zone to a place that is different and new. That way, the idea begins germinate in her head that this could be something different from what you guys do on any given normal day.

On your first ‘date’

toast a girl you already know

Since you already know her, this is where you should have an advantage over a stranger who is basically fishing blindly without the proper aids.

Don’t make the mistake of complimenting her about her looks. That would make her think you are only interested in her as a sex object.

Women love it when men look beyond their physical attributes. So talk to her about things she loves doing especially when she is alone. Ask her about her dreams and aspirations.

These are very safe things to talk to her about. And at the same time, talk like that gently passes on a message that you are really interested in knowing her better.

Look for signs

how to toast a girl

Toasting a girl you already know could be full of what I call ‘misreading of vital indicators.’ That is a fancy way of saying you should be on the lookout for signs that she is interested in dating you.

Does she flirt with you the same way she flirts with other guys in your circle of friends? What about her body language? Does she lean towards you when you talk to her or away from you?

What you are looking for are basically signs that she does some things exclusively with your alone.

But be careful not to use just one sign to jump to a conclusion.

Now you have started the process, understand it might take her a while to get used to the idea of dating you. So patience is the word in finally getting her.

You can help her along the way in making up her mind by no making some dump move like telling her how much you love her too soon in the affair.

In fact, Kate demonstrate the fail-proof method you will ever need and turn any girl to your girlfriend.

Just do the simple things that always work like keep talking to her. Keep listening to what she says. Keep taking her out to nice and interesting places. Just generally letting the world know you two are now an item.

So what do you think about these tips on how to toast a girl you already know? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

And remember to share this with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, we just might get the next big idea on how to toast a girl we already know from them. Cheers.

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21 thoughts on “How To Toast A Girl You Already Know”

  1. Okafor Izuchukwu

    I Love This Cos I Kind Of Feel Something For My Mother’s Best Friend Daughter And I Just Dont Know How To Start A Girlfriend Relationship With Her Cos We Grow Up Togather And I Have Watched Flash And Also Know Barry Love Iris,but He Messed Up Though Things Later Got Better For Them But I Dont Know If Mine Would Go Wrong And Am Scared But This Writeup Could Help

    1. I am glad you think this write up could help. I understand where you are coming from. In a situation like yours, ask yourself this, “What is the worst that could happen if I tell her how I feel?” You would discover the worst isn’t as bad as your fear led you to imagine.

      Trust me when I say fear or been scared, has a way of magnifying consequences. Reality is always not as bad.

  2. this gives me alot of idear.
    because there is one girl i know which she is my nabour, she knew me very well and i knew her very well but we don’t have things incomon and i like her, i don’t no how to tell her to be my girl and me to be her boy, i don’t no how to say it.
    Pleas is there any idear i can take get her?

  3. There is this my my colleague at work dat I do go home with after work and we have become so close that people are suspecting we have something in common but we don’t and I like her and I also don’t want her to see me as if am using our closeness as an advantage over her but I so much love her,,, pls what should I do?

    1. Hi Nwachukwu, have you ever considered she is waiting for you to make the first move as the man? In a situation like this, i always say ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained.’

      Tell her how you feel. Even if she doesn’t agree at first, you have given her something to think about. And don’t worry,you guys would still be great friends no matter what happens.

  4. there was this girl i met one day when i went to night class in school….i went to sit beside her and i ask of her number but she refuse to give but because of the affection i have for i look for her number by all means since then have been calling and texting her on whatsapp but she has not been given me just too confuse and i so much love the girl what can i do pls save me

  5. There is a girl that i love very much and she loves me too after a while she came to me and tell me that the relationship have cut off.How can i do to win her back pls i need help.

  6. Me and dis girl stays together and we are so familiar such that we have slept in the same room together.please I just want her to fall in love with me

    1. What if she has already fallen in love with you, but she doesn’t want to be too forward about it?

      It is also possible, she has friend zone you.

      So what next?

      Open you mouth and tell her how you feel without trying to put up any kind of apologetic tone because you’re not sure of her response.

      Just tell her, the worst response you can get is “I’m not interested” and that will help you free your mind and move on.
      Giving you the opportunity to see other babes around, the ones you never noticed are within your selected criteria.

  7. Their is this girl we camp together during nysc,we were even in red cross today,I like her,we are not posted to the same place but we do talk,even in camp people taught we are dating.the problem is that I don’t know how to tell her I love her

    1. Hey blessing, since both of you are kinda connected, that’s an avenue for you to tell her how you feel about her.
      I know it can be difficult for some people but you just have to be a man and pull the trigger.

      If you cannot tell her directly, tell her something interesting during the camp, once she can relate and flow with you, there’s the opportunity for you to pass your message across to her anyhow you feel.
      Don’t be afraid, nobody is going to laugh at how you say it out, the world will never crumble and the worse is for her to say no or she’s engaged with somebody even if she’s not.

      IF you don’t try at all is the worst, you’ll never learn how to approach any lady and you might just fall into the wrong hand, which are never your choice in the first place.

  8. There is a girl i wanted to toast in my area like that, but i have ask someone to call her for me so that i can toast her but when she come she started going back.
    What should i do now?

  9. Wow am so happy about this but a little sad.
    Am 20 years old guy, i cant face a lady face to face.
    Pls help me

  10. There is a girl i wanted to toast around me we don’t used to see each other every time but her birthday is next week, am planning to met her, please what can I do, i need your assistance please.

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