6 Ways To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Change Your Life

I can never over-emphasize this: breaking out of your comfort zone could be the single most important decision you could take in your life. Fact is, people who change the world are those who were ready to take giant steps away from what makes them very comfortable.

your comfort zone

And that is what I keep telling friends and family if they are unfortunate enough to seek my advice on certain things. Why don’t you try something you’ve never done before?’ What is the worst that could happen if you tried it?

To truly discover who you are and what you are capable of, stepping out of your comfort zone is the way to go. If you are balking at the idea of trying something strange to your nature, how about having an action plan? Just take baby steps. Do small unusual things to warm up and get used to the idea.

For starters, over the next several days, do the things outlined below, one day at a time and see how your mood changes. You would see how moving out of your comfort zone isn’t such a terrible idea.

Surprise a Stranger

your comfort zone

Most of us go through life avoiding contacts with people we don’t know. These people, though around us all the time are invisible in our minds. We just blank them out mainly due to the fact we find I uncomfortable to relate with them.

The first step in breaking out of your comfort zone is to surprise a stranger on the street, in the church or the mall with any sort of kindness you can come up with on the spur of the moment.

Giving them money is the obvious one. Why not try something like helping an old lady carry her bags for her. Or pay for a stranger’s food at your favourite restaurant.

Shock your Palate

your comfort zone

Like I said earlier, these are baby steps you are taking in learning how to step out of your comfort zone. And what is more appropriate in this journey than trying out different foods.

Many of us abhor certain foods for one reason or the other. We go through life never tasting or eating these foods. Our comfort zone in this case is avoiding them

In this journey of discovering ourselves, going to the kitchen to try out foods we never eat is apt. If you are not into cooking, walk to that exotic restaurant you thought you’d never be found dead in and sample some of the things on offer.

So instead of repetitively eating the same meal each day, you are now stepping out of your meal-time comfort zone to try something new and different.

Relate with somebody new

your comfort zone

It doesn’t have to be a real relationship. The point here is to actually talk at length to people you know but never talk to. Or you can pick any stranger and do the same thing: just talk with them.

If the idea sounds scary to you, that is the point of this personality exercise: doing things we hardly do in our everyday lives.

I know starting a conversation with total strangers can be scary for some of us. You can start off by complimenting their clothes; or the handset they are holding. Everybody loves a compliment.

Your might be surprised to find out it is a lot less daunting to talk with strangers. And who knows, you might just end up meeting your new best friend along the way.

Surprise you family and friends with love

your comfort zone

When was the last time you told members of your family or close friends your loved them? I thought so too. You can’t remember. Friends and families are people we easily take for granted.

Pick a particular day to call your friends and tell them how much you appreciate them and what a difference they have made in your life. You can send it in a text message if you wish.

Do the same thing for family members.

Live your dreams gradually

your comfort zone

Inside, we all have dreams and goals we keep shelving because life is happening to us. We don’t just have the time and when we do have time, the idea of starting can be mentally draining.

First of all, realize that not doing anything means staying glued in your comfort zone. Taking little steps at a time can help you live your dreams.

For instance, if you had the dreams of becoming a writer. You can start out by dedicating an hour each day to writing the book that is lurking inside your head. Don’t rush it, just a few lines everyday would get you started.

Or if you had always wanted to learn a new language, your first act is to enroll in a foreign language class nearby and take it step by step from there.

Technology-free days

your comfort zone

These days your comfort zone is increasingly defined by the apps on your smartphones or the softwares on your computers. Every facet of your life are been dominated by gadgets. It is an epidemic that is showing no sign of abating.

I know some people can’t bear the thought of been without their gadgets for a single day. But since we are learning how to move out of our comfort zone and discover new facets of our personality, one good way to do that is to pick a day and declare it technology-free day.

Just stay away from your gadgets for 24 hours and learn to appreciate the world more. Notice how the world doesn’t come crashing around you because you did not fiddle with your gadgets.

Remember, the whole point of doing these things is to take your life in a different course. To reinvigorate and make a new day something to look forward to. Life is too short to spend it repeating the same things over and over again.

If you have more things to add on how to add zest to our lives, please feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. I apprecaite you for exposing this gracioure fact about life, i never beleive this can work, i meet a girl some were and i use the this tips here and am now living a friendly. Thanks alot for your adviced.

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