8 Signs That Show You Are Compatible With Your Partner

Falling in love can be such a heady feeling. No other feeling in the world comes close to it. But, staying in love for a long time is not so easy and can be hard work, though the work becomes easier if you are compatible with your partner.

you are compatible with your partner

In the rush to explore each other in new affairs, it is easy to ignore the things that would make a relationship impossible to sustain.

That is why sometimes, no matter how hard people try, relationships still crash. And we are left to pick the pieces of a once promising affair strewn all over the relationship landscape.

It is a known fact that getting over a broken affair is harder for those who were in it for long. That is mostly due to the amount of time, emotions, and energy spent in building that relationship.

Breaking up then is akin to crushing a large chunk of what was once a very important part of us.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice if you knew your compatible status with your partner before investing so much of yourself in the affair? You bet it would.

So, below are the signs that show you are compatible with your partner and the relationship is destined to be a long and happy one.

You are compatible with your partner if…..

You never wonder if the love is strong enough

you are compatible with your partner

The one thing we can be sure of is the love we have for our partners. We can only vouch for our own feelings.

But a good sign of compatibility is if you are never in doubt about your partners feelings for you. Sometimes, you know this by their actions. And sometimes, your gut instinct is your guide.

Either ways, you never question their love for you even if you are a natural skeptic. This is one situation where your default nature to take everything with a pinch of salt takes a back seat.

You both share your innermost secrets with each other

you are compatible with your partner

Sharing secrets is one of the biggest signs that indicate you are compatible with your partner.

Our secrets are the things that shape us. They are the stuff that can destroy our credibility in society if it gets out.

If you and your partner are comfortable exchanging secrets, it means both of you are ready to stick with each other through thick and thin.

They are perfect the way they are

you are compatible with your partner

If you accept your partner the way they are and the feeling is reciprocated, then you both have one of the most important ingredients for a sustainable relationship.

Not wishing to change your partner or vice versa means there is deep mutual respect for each other as distinct individuals.

Though there might be little quirks and weird habits, compatibility means you’ll take them like that. However, these quirks and weird habits in your partner are things you’d find totally unacceptable in somebody else.

That is how compatibility in relationship can turn you into a happy hypocrite.

You don’t mind being apart

you are compatible with your partner

In the beginning of relationships, it is usually hard to stay away from our new love.

Time always slows down when they are not with you; while it speeds up when you guys are having fun together. Basically, you feel as if there is never enough time when you are together.

A test of true compatibility is how both of you hold up when you are apart.

Enjoying and encouraging being apart from time to time can give both of you time to do other stuff. This is important as it helps you develop as an individual.

Your awesome personalities can get lost if too much time is spent together. Nobody wants that to happen.

You have similar hobbies and interests

you are compatible with your partner

Sharing similar hobbies and interests means you get to have fun in many ways with your partner.

Hobbies and interests can even boil down to the genre of movies you love watching and the sort of drinks you prefer. Others can include the fact that both of you enjoy the outdoors and adventures.

Sharing similar interests and hobbies can be the single most important sign you are compatible with your partner. Because in the long run, shared interests are the things that would keep the relationship alive and fun.

For guys like me, the question is, does she like watching football, Hollywood movies and reading books? I just adore girls with passion for those three things.

You work out kinks and problems easily

you are compatible with your partner

Every relationship has the potential to degenerate into fights over anything. Sometimes, it is just a bad case of pitching egos just to get our way or make a point.

But if you are compatible with your partner, you would never be afraid of venting your feelings even if it would lead to a nasty fight.

Because in the final analysis, it is not the fights and beefs that matter, it is your ability to resolve them easily and move on.

Fighting is good for compatible couples. It is one way to show passion and expose our real personalities to partners.

Both of you are completely comfortable with each other

you are compatible with your partner

Can you imagine yourself in your old age sitting in a rocking chair with your partner beside you? Are you completely yourself in front of your partner?

If the answer to both questions is a resounding, ‘Yes!’, it clearly shows you are compatible with your partner.

Compatibility in relationships is akin to imagining you are all alone in the world and can do whatever you want because there is nobody to call you to order.

And with your partner around, you would even get encouragement to do the things you love doing. In essence, you partner would always be on the lookout for your best interest with the aim of making you a better person in all aspects of your life.

After all, you are both likely to spend several decades together as a couple, right?

You family and friends are in tune with the relationship

you are compatible with your partner

Though family and friends play little or no role in the initial stages of the relationship, they become very important for the long haul.

Happiness in relationship can depend on how much each partner’s family and friends accept the relationship. It is within the realm of possibility that a disgruntled friend or family member would work hard to damage your affair.

So if both families and mutual friends get along together and there is an acceptance of the relationship, it is largely because they all see that both of you are right for each other.

So, would you say you are compatible with your partner? Unfortunately, there is no unified compatibility test to determine how suitable our partners are.

You just have to live through the experience of an affair before arriving at a conclusion. And of course, it would either end in heartbreak (which is not the end of the world by a long shot) or a long term relationship.

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