How to Handle Glitches in a Relationship

Glitches in a relationship are bound to happen and as long as two people have decided to be together, there will surely be issues.

In my number of years on planet earth, I am yet to see anyone who hasn’t had one or more glitches in their relationship.

When glitches arise in your relationship, how best do you handle them?

People have their different ways of handling issues so I would say it all depends on what works best for you.

I often hear couples say words like “I love him so much”, “I can’t leave without her,” but the minute something bad happens, those lovely words turn to something else.

Do you tackle issues head on or are you the type that flees at the mere sight of trouble.

I hope the tips in this article will help you out in any glitch you might be having in your relationship.

If you experience some form of glitch in your relationship, you can try doing the following:

Don’t be too irrational:

One of the ways to handle glitches in a relationship is not to think too much about what caused it. I noticed that whenever people are faced with certain challenges, they always over think.

They do this to try to find out what must have gone wrong; I am not saying it is a bad thing to want to find out answers but it is best if you are not irrational.

This is because when you over think, you tend to give more meaning to it than is expected.

Moreover, being too irrational will give you a lot of headache. So rather making things worse, go about it the subtle way.

Know that glitches must occur:

If you can come to the understanding that there will be glitches in a relationship then you will be prepared for it when it eventually happens.

No relationship is perfect and as such must always go through the fire to prove itself.

No matter how much you love your partner, the two of you will definitely argue and have issues. It is all in the process of being in a relationship.

When glitches occur in your relationship, do not see it as something out of the blues but see it as an opportunity to know your partner better.

Speak your mind:

How to Handle Glitches in a Relationship

Certain issues occur that requires that you keep quiet while there are some that occur that requires that you speak up.

Speaking up is a way of relieving yourself of guilt and tension that may build up within you.

It is also a way of letting your partner know how you really feel about what happened.

There are ways of speaking your mind so the other person does not get offended.

Communication is one key element in any relationship so when situations occur, talk to your partner because it is only then you can feel free within.

Don’t run from them:

A true sign of a coward is the ability to run from challenges. If there are glitches in a relationship, it is certainly not the best time to run from them.

If you do, how will you be able to find solution to what happened? For your relationship to succeed, you must not shy away from glitches but rather try to find out what happened and also try to resolve it so it does not turn into something more drastic.

Be optimistic:


I do not believe that there is any problem on earth that does not have a solution also all problems have expiry dates.

Having this in mind, know and believe that the issue you may be having will definitely come to an end one day depending on how determined you are to solving them.

Glitches in a relationship cannot be avoided but they can be handled and managed properly.

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