Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be Loved

Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be Loved

Relationship that lack love and respect can’t be successful; it is a clear statement for all lovers and lovers to be.  The love and respect I’m talking about here is not the ordinary shallow minded kind of love and respect; you will get to understand it as you read along.

Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be LovedGive your man respect and give your woman love, then sit back and see how thriving your relationship will go.  For every successful relationship, being dating, courting, or in marriage, every woman should give their man respect and in turn every man should learn to give their wives love and love deeply.

You will come to understand more about this as I will be going into much detail and let you see how it will make your relationship work wonder. You should however, take note of the fact that love and respect alone is not the ultimate factor for a successful relationship.

Why will lack of love and respect ruin your relationship?

Man Need For Respect

The Sole key to understanding any man is RESPECT. A man doesn’t just deserve respect, he needs to be respected, it is part of his nature as leader, protector and provider. The need for respect is at the core of his self-esteem, and it affects every area of his life. Women (wife) will have to meet her husband’s need for admiration and respect by understanding his value and achievements. She needs to remind him of his capabilities and help him to maintain his self-confidence. A single man needs respect as much as a married man does. He needs sisterly affirmation of female ladies friends and relatives.

According to Emerson Eggerichs, in one of his best-selling author, he posted a question that requires male and female to answer. He did it in form a sampling on people’s opinions, and here is the question he posted. “If you were forced to choose one of the following, which would you prefer to endure…to be left alone and unloved in the world, or to feel inadequate and disrespected by everyone?”

The result shows that 400 Males, 74% of them said that if they were forced to choose, they would prefer feeling alone and unloved rather than feeling disrespected and inadequate. He collected data on a female sample and found that a comparable majority would rather feel disrespected and inadequate than alone and unloved.

This is just one of the many samples and researches many people have trying to understand the aspect of love and respect to man and woman. The conclusion is that, woman need love just as she need air to breath and man need respect just as he too need air to breath

The way man was made is to be respected; it is expected of every woman to give man the respect he need. This not take away respect for woman as well, both man and woman need respect of course but man need it much more than woman need. Woman failure to show this needed respect to husband is many of the reason why marriages end in divorce.

Respect is the one thing a man needs to feel masculine and commendable. Men are not safe with anyone who doesn’t respect them, either male or female, and they will and should avoid disrespectful people at all cost. Respect keeps your lover safe, gives space for your male children to grow up, and teaches your female children to stand proud. Love should be submissive to respect, because in the absence of respect, love rots all emotion. Love is just like water, extremely vital to life, but if love is in a wrong place it drowns anything in it. Respect is what keeps love where it nourishes and grows things, never mind your sexual category or age.

1. Respect man to earn his love;

As a woman, failure to respect your man is an invitation for misunderstanding in your relationship. Man so much value respect not even from the woman in the house alone but he also love to earn respect from his colleagues.

If your man could value respect that much, then, it is the duty of the woman to give him respect and in return earn his love. It is certain that if a woman gives her man respect, the man do reciprocate it with love. Give him respect and in return he will love you more than you could think about now. Click Here to Continue Reading Give Your Man Respect and You Will Be Loved. 

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