9 Sure Test Of Love To Know If Your Partner Really Loves You

In relationships, test of love can be conducted from time to time to know how much your partner really loves you.

Doing this does not mean you doubt your partner’s love or that you are not sure of the relationship, it’s just something you can do to keep your heart at rest.

Those tests are:

Test of patience:

This is one of the test of love that stands the test of time.

If your partner does love you, he or she will be patient with you no matter what.

Both of you are bound to have flaws so knowing how to manage them will keep you going in your relationship.

So if you want to give your partner a test, you can try to find out how long he or she is willing to be patient with you after all one of the attributes of love is patience.

Test of forgiveness:

When you offend your partner, how long does it take him or her to forgive you?

And when he or she forgives, do they forget?

If your partner really loves you, he or she will not hold any grudge against you.

You can test your partner to know if he or she genuinely forgives you or if they bring it up each time you have an argument.

Test of affection:

9 Sure Test of Love to know if your Partner Really Loves You

How often does your partner show you affection?

The rate at which he or she displays affection towards you will prove to you how much you are loved.

Some affections are selfish and time bound so you can test your partner to know when he or she shows you affection as this test of love does not fail.

Is it all the time or on some occasions?

Test of condition:

Is the love between you and your partner materialistic? Is it based on certain conditions?

Some relationships thrive on what partners can benefit from each other.

So test your partner to know if he or she loves you because of what you have.

Test of sincerity:

Can you vouch for your partner that you know everything about him or her?

Is your partner honest with you at all times and hides nothing from you?

This is another test of love you can do to know who your partner really is.

This test can be done by asking questions, probing and being inquisitive.

Test of faithfulness:

How faithful is your partner towards you? Are you the only one he or she has or is there someone else you don’t know about?

Does he or she let you handle their phone or is it kept away from you?

Does he or she freely explain to you whom they talk to on the phone?

Test of compatibility:

Are both of you compatible? Do you complement one another?

So many people manage relationships just so they are not alone.

Do you quarrel all the time and easily find faults with each other?

This test of love is important because it determines how far both of you will go in that relationship.

Test of attraction:

9 Sure Test of Love to know if your Partner Really Loves You

Do you find yourself being attracted to your partner over and over again or does the love sizzle out sometimes?

If you really love your partner, you will keep falling in love with him or her whenever you set your eyes on them.

This type of attraction is constant and never fades away.

Test of security:

Do you feel safe being around your partner?

Does your partner do things to make you feel secure in your relationship?

If you are always scared of your partner and feel insecure then that is not a good sign.

Being with your partner ought to make you feel less afraid of anything in this world.

Are you now ready to conduct these tests?

These test of love should be done occasionally so you know how deep your love is and how strong your relationship is.

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