Keeping the Love Alive

Keeping the Love Alive

Being a family is not like it was in the 50’s, usually both parents work and with our children growing up it seems like we lack the time we need to reaffirm these bonds. Many times, we have to make a choice between work and family. Too often, we have to choose work out of necessity. It can be hard on relationships and people may feel neglected. Luckily, there are things we can do to keep the love alive.
Keeping the Love AliveMany parallels can be drawn between love and food. We all love to eat, aside from it being a major necessity it is a time that we spend together. It may seem a little on the touchy feely side, but cooking together can be a great way to bring a family together. Mom and Dad, even the kids can all partake in this event. You can even consider taking a cooking class, or look into food storage, anything that gets you all in the kitchen.
If you work opposite shifts or tend to have a different schedule and your employer is not flexible, it can be tough to get everyone together. Consider some alternatives to a romantic dinner, if your partner has a lunch hour bring them lunch. Families can spend a weekday in the park, or set a goal to spend some family time playing a board game. Even if it is something as simple as Scrabble or Uno, it will be time you can use to reconnect.
If you just can’t be together close the gap with special mementos that say I love you. You can buy a card or maybe even write a note and include it in a lunch. For children you can send notes of encouragement with them to school, just slip it in their school bag, but be careful that their friends won’t find it! Even if their friends do see the note and your children are embarrassed, the message will get through.
At the end of a long day we are all tired and want to turn off. Our families can become desensitized to the lack of attention and grow apart. When this happens we can expect trouble. It is so important that we get together and show how much we care. In a world where everyone feels unappreciated or unattended, we need to remind ourselves that it is these bonds that matter most. In many cases, we can achieve this with a simple I love you note or thank you!

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  1. I work for overseas clients so I have to work in night shifts. It is like 10.30 pm to 7am. By the time I reach home, my kids usually leave from home to school. It is really difficult to find time to be with them. So I spend my whole weekend with them, still they are really happy with that.

  2. Anthony Adeokun

    It is always good to be with the loved one and make them feel happy, even if time doesn’t permit us, we can always find out few time out of no time and keep our part of the family relationship. Staying with your family throughout the weekend bring joy to their life, and everyone is encourage to always find time out to stay with their family to make the bond of love stay more stronger.
    Thanks you Linda for the comment.

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